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there's a website reliable-store
all heavy equipment repair issu es servicing, loading, wiring, engine problems everything is covered here its a must try

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there's a website reliable-store
all heavy equipment repair issues servi cing, loading, wiring, engine problems everything is covered here its a must try

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Hi there's this website something like reliable-store and it is very amazing for manual for repairing servicing anything
someone on fixya recommended it to me and I thank him even today
They have full manuals and it's verrrrry cheap and mine
I got free in offers
3rd time I bought it, I also had an issue with the file so the girl replaced it in 30 mins
there is one website more but i don't remember its name it was 2 years back bitman something link this
Try these out brother

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There is most likely a fuse, i don't have a Cherokee manual handy for that model year but i know on the Liberty of the same year there is a fuse for the UConnect in the interior fuse box. If you have your manual in the glove box check the glossary for fuses and there is a diagram showing what each fuse is with a number and an explanation of what each fuse runs in a chart. If the fuse is ok it might just need to be reset, pulling the battery negative cable and waiting 10-15 mins and then reconnect will usually clear up any issues and reboot everything, just be aware that if you have antitheft lock on the stereo that you disable that before pulling the battery cable otherwise the radio will be locked after reconnecting the battery cable. You can also try just pulling the fuse that supplies power to the Uconnect and leave that out for a bit.

However, i kinda doubt its a fuse, because usually the Uconnect and stereo are on the same fuse, so if everything else is working that might not be it but its worth checking before taking it to a dealership.

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i assume your mechanic meant control arm bushings

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Low fluid. They didn't give you a dipstick for it either...

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control module malfunction most likely . Jeep , chrysler ,dodge vehicles have known issues with the TIPM - totally integrated power module . Chrysler Pacifica TIPM Electrical Problems
Defective TIPM Is Causing Dangerous Power Problems in Chrysler Vehicles

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if the fuse is ok maybe a loose conection.
check with a multimeter to see if there is power on the red wire that goes to the radio

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You either have a short or blown fuse

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no engine stated (answer "IN box, not ON" shooting from hip...
and no matching transmission stated, there are 2,
one is Mercedes. called Nag1,
my guess asking for Hubby or BF?
and he looks for it and cant find it, i bet or wants me to look so he dont have to?

the vin code on your car will tell you which transmission is there
and the tag on its side, tells the same thing.
no symptoms stated
no scanned DTC errors posted.
just easter egg hunts.
the free book WK is there. read it? USA only are you> ??????

ever heard of jeep online
here it is. posted 100s of times. in fact your exact question vast times here.
see that, page see it ask you what you have.
nobody here can guess. MB is NAG1, same box.
5-45rfe is different.

the NAG1 2 speed sensors are here id 1 and 12
guess where this is?, , deep in side the box.

nag1-pn-u2bjsddgzpu32txdukv002sq-4-0.jpg why post DTC errors.?

the 5-45rfe box is 2 outside sensors. see here clearly.

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I hate to word it like this but it may of been a quirk of some kind, now. if it aint broke, don't fix it

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find a shop that can hear?
we cant,
we can list 4000 causes of noise.
my dice only have 12 sides, and is too much work. now.

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why not read the manual for it.
be first.
there is one,, get it.
the rules are complex.
and getting more each year,.
there is 2 times fail rule
doors ajar
not in gear rule.
CEL can not be glowing, or it will not work.
there can be no errors, or it will fail.
and yes has get out of car rule, method

why put this on any car,, ? why risk having it fail
when with out it , car runs perfect.
why do that?

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google find ASE shop by zip.
find a non lazy bums,
there are correct if it can be seen to fail
they sure can fix ,working can they.
like telling the doctor , im sick only when not visiting you.

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06 WK, in usa? WK is USA car, is yours? we cant guess
where you are or what JEEP you have,

why put this junk on ANY car,
after all if it takes 3 weeks for the magic man to fix the magic hacks
what good is a DEAD CAR.?!
and you did it to your self. all for nothing,
it does nothing.! (and causes extra engine wear, a FACT)
remove it.
or buy the scan tool and learn to diagnose it.

is the SKIM lamp flashing? or stuck on,

the official jeep upgrades are very strict here.
(lawsuits happen here in many ways.. .of you ponder it)

car not locked and all door switches closed, (alarm happy)
ECU /PCM shows no errors, no DTC errors. if yes, RS = dead.
there is the failed to start count rules. strike 3? IIRC, count#
and more, read the service manual it covers all ways it can fail.
its a huge list. (no transmission errors of any kind allowed)
and is mandatory by law, to prevent thrift and to not have car drive away by self.. (many have)

good luck
if I had it , it be in the trash, long ago.

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now all cars there cost 2x normal
there is no free, lunch.
use scan tool
if the ASD relay drops out, it stalls
so if it is, the PCM then tells you why it dropped out the
relay on purpose
the car is 11 years old what is all this warranty bs.?

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Sounds like the batteries might be dead in one of the sensors inside wheels.. Also try to put air in all of the tires.. It should reset itself..

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cloud of smoke.
you let the smoke out because rule one was not done
remove neg, battery lug first
cars have powerfeeds all over that are hot, key off.
like head lights that is how they work key off
and the clusters, on jeeps have brain, that store data in memory.
this memory is hot all the time. (mine has 3 power feeds in my cluster)
so you you shorted this line , you did in fact burn something up.
that smoke was destruction.
why is a dealer all you know, there are like 100,000 shops in usa not a dealer, check out find ASE shop by ZIP
hark./ all highly trained.

did you scan the pcm to see what errors you have.
or test fuse? yes, test them.
fuses that bad , are bad, (boom)
fuse that seem ok, can be bad, called HAIR line crackes, some are deeply hidden in the fuse. we test them
did you run the cluster self test stated in the free manual>?

posted WK fsm
300 + times
here it is one more time

RTM read the manual first then leap. and win.

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Fan location , in back of the radiator .

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