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the online, parts pages dont show screws. so...............
and is a OPTION kit.
so it must pry off.?
you can see it at jeep parts
look here and see it.

only the FSM covers how to remove a lamp , to such details.
buy one. or try alldata.com
rear fog options are, weak on documentation.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 06, 2014

most 2004-2007 Cherokees v6 and v8 models only had a strainer on the fuel pump jeep does make a replacement fuels line assembly with a fuel filter

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 04, 2014

what engine.
hot or cold engine , or both?
does the cut out catch up.?
does it have full engine power up a hill wide open throttle. (key test)
on cuts, out tip-in throttle ?
dash CEL lamp off running.
scan PCM , no DTCs stored? (errors)
ever do the 60k mile tune up , (sparks and filters?)
i have 10 more quesitons, id see in 5min testing car. but .... here are some.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 02, 2014

FSM 101 or the parts list. shows this.
the parts list show 2 types.
one in the main lamp. ID 7 in drawing
then the optional bumper fog kit, rear.
so bumper. but since its and option, its not that well covered.
not in fsm i bet. did you look.?
so here is my best guess.
the kit shows NO SCREWS.
so just pry's off
see it here.


or im wrong and you must gain inside access
to trip the plastic locking lever on lamp.
as you see the lens is not SOLD.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 01, 2014

I-6 4.0L or V8? 4.7L???????

thats not a good sign. not at all. NoT road worthy, at all.

pray tell. the brake pedal cancels Cruise , right.>?

sounds like Toyota Disease.?

floor mats hitting throttle pedal?

let me tell you that newer cars can kill cruise for 18 reasons.

but the older the car , the less reasons.

some do , only with brake switch cancel or neutral selection (man killer cars.)

you never posted what engine option is there, or transmission.

on the newer cars, if the TBW , throttle by wire fails.

cruise is rendered Inop.

and goes to limphome. (low speeds and cruise is dead..)

here is the FSM. see chapter called fueling....


btw all my early jeeps had this issue. with bad TPS.

1988 to 1999

my 08 , no.

all MAP based speed densty fuel systems at risk (by its nature)

to have excessive RPM.

any air leaks.

or throttle jammed open.

or vacuum leaks,

on the new cars its has a new check to see that that dont happen.

RPM - and manifold vacuum, do not match TPS angle.

in gringo that means the engine actions dont match your right foot.

i then drops , cruise, and then goes to limphome mode on all newer cars. my wrangler this happened beginning for 07, but its 3.8L V6.

the mech, would first makes sure the engine runs perfect

by driving. it , and then using a scan tool (rent one) and see if there

are any DTC error any where. a FULL SCAN.

first see page 50 , (FSM) fueling, figure 37]

see that, see those cables,

you need to find out of any of those are sticking.

as you can see the Cruise control has its own CABLE

so both it , the control actuator or the cable can stick.

these need careful, checking per the FSM.

sadly my FSM above has bugs (its not really mine, just my link)

has an error in the speedcontrol chapter, you can see it.

alldata.com has all this, log in and read.

the key to finding this, is.

does the brake pedal cancel it.


if no. then the Cruise acuator or something else has jammmed

open the throttle. ( or any gross air leak to engine induction)


2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 29, 2014

double posted, sorry, no double answers.
back up one post and read.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 28, 2014

very old post... choices?? i will try to help others fix ALARMS.
Jeep WK. 2005 to 2010
what id do? , is never set it. or defeat it. (ask)( the oper,guide tells this)

but if it MUST work than it must be fixed.
the dealer would use a scan tool , see no errors and replace something exensive, then it fails again. the endless story of alarms.
in your case he'd install the TSB fix first.
He'd use a DRBIII scan tool to find the offending input.
The BCM (body puter ) gets the sensor inputs belowL

The BCM receives the ajar switch signals on the following circuits.
  • Circuit G75 provides left front door ajar switch signal
  • Circuit G74 provides right front door ajar switch signal
  • Circuit G77 provides left rear door ajar switch signal
  • Circuit G76 provides right rear door ajar switch signal
  • Circuit G78 provides liftgate ajar and liftglass ajar signals.
the hardest problems are always intermittants.
Intermittent alarms and stalling engines, tops list.
finding it? , with out sleeping in the car is a big problem.

also there is TSB on this.
Swing gate open alarm.

the hard part, is finding out which inputs is (was) failing.
in my car i can find it with a scan tool .
newer cars store the failed input in the PCM memory. as a DTC.

In my shop I have a CAN-BUSS monitoring tool that allows me
to see live AJAR messages and logs them to the laptop, HDD.
for later analysis. (ok the lift gate failed at 3am, bingo)
my 2008 logs, DTCS like this.
B1820-HOOD AJAR INPUT CIRCUIT HIGH (and all others)
i have a scan tool that can see that , called a innova 3160
a $200 tool,
I have 2 ways to find intermittent in my newer jeep

2006; WK?
FSM quotes with comments.
1. Perform VTSS Verification Test
  • Open the driver door and roll down the window.
  • Remove the ignition key (but keep in hand).
  • Lock the doors with RKE transmitter or power door lock switch.
  • Ensure all doors, tailgate, and tailgate flip-up glass are closed.
  • If the VTSS Indicator Lamp flashes rapidly and after approximately 16 seconds changes to a slower flash, the system is operational. However, If the indicator fails to flash as described, there is a problem with the system.
  • comment: gee, attempt to rattle all doors, and see if VTSS sees a failure. all doors, lift gate and hood, (if car has hood switch)
the FSM shows the B1xx and B2xxx codes for alarms.
only a scan tool can do that. mine can,
you can also rent cheap CAN-BUS scan tools, from most good
that should cover most alarming issues.
but here is one better for older jeeps.
see matrix table for coverage by body type.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 27, 2014

what help? how to turn a screw?

i want to do it DIY?

i need someone to do it.?

who can do it.?

ask a real question.?

here is one.

I wish to DIY my XXX

what are the steps( answer the FSM)

what parts need replacing , see FSM and find bad parts.

what tools do i need? (FSM)

who sells them , answer;? the dealer.

here they are,

in all there glory


2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 25, 2014

Check the radio fuse to see if it was blown when you changed the battery. there is no rest for a radio that I am aware of for this situation.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 07, 2014

my first question, why? sorry, but must be.... 06' Chickodee.
1: the service list skips this , did you notice that?
2: all my other cars we did this, so..... we sure did,,,,,,,
3: my fuel pressure is low.? (best answer today)
4: I just want to, let me, sure ,we will watch . (a bath in gas?)

there are like a zillion posts like this online, , endless really
but ill try to answer the why.
the Answer as usual., is EPA bs.
that is correct, their endless mandates.
Car and trucks (light) were forced to dead head systems.
from old LOOP systems. (edicts)
('the physics is that cool fuel dont evaporate and choke us to death mantra")
to do this EPA bs, they had to move all parts into the TANK.
pump ,filter, fuel pressure regulator (all parts) and one line
called a dead head, (or loop-less if sounds better)

omg, look here, one large PDF for these years, 145mb. 7000 pages.!!!!
(ive posted this link 100 times,)

check out chapter 14.
PDF page 5036 shows your answer.
cut & paste
Fuel Filters
Two fuel filters are used. One is located at the bottom of the fuel pump module. The other is located inside the
module. A separate frame mounted fuel filter is not used with any engine.
Both fuel filters are designed for extended service. They do not require normal scheduled maintenance. Filters
should only be replaced if a diagnostic procedure indicates to do so
, unquote.

my post will help all owners of all cars that dont understand EPA
mandates. it effects all cars made in USA< not just this car.

short answer.

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 05, 2014

use a scan tool?
got DTCs? errors.?

motto: scan first , wonder 2nd.
is chugging misfire?

2006 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 26, 2014

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