20 Most Recent 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Page 3 Questions & Answers

there are 2 class failures (btw all are common,)
charge system dead, car stalls say on way to work
or battery does, as you sleep or what at work.
2 totally different failure modes,
i guess it the while you sleep the battery goes from 12.6vdc
to way less as you sleep... but you never said. really.

its called phantom drain
key off power drain
to find this it take 2 tools
your hands
and and ammeter. (a $20 DMM meter even works here)
the wiring system is complex on WKs, huge.
and is a huge TREE structure, seems daunting at flirt blush
but all you do is find which fuses kills the illegalll drain and work from there.
test one is at the battery terminal main wire.
YUP got drain here, OMG its a full 1 amp too.... yup....
look for lamps stuck on first, (IN THE DARK!) first.


2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 13, 2017

Note the diagram? What about your security system? Make sure battery has a full charge and battery connections all good. If you unplug starter relay and use jumper sire between terminal 30 and 87, the starter should crank. If you try this make sure tranny is in park or neutral and parking brake is set. I don't know exactly what testing you have done? I'm just trying to see if starter motor will crank the engine? Even so, if it does crank that doesn't mean it will start and run.
The pcm grounds the starter relay, that is why I asked about security system.
jeep starter 1-wgiz55sr3xvjcrppwnppn3yn-2-0.jpg

jeep starter 2-wgiz55sr3xvjcrppwnppn3yn-2-2.jpg

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 10, 2017

Before the PCM - engine computer energizes the starter motor relay it has to see a couple of inputs . First , the park neutral safety switch an correct signal from anti-theft system . Would need to have a factory scan tool to check these inputs to the PCM , this is the best way to diagnose . Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 10, 2017

You can try doing a re-calibration of the cluster. To do that.....
Begin the test with the ignition switch in the OFF position. 2. Depress the odometer/trip odometer switch button. 3. While still holding the odometer/trip odometer switch button depressed, turn the ignition switch to the ON position, but do not start the engine. 4. Release the odometer/trip odometer switch button. 5. The instrument cluster will simultaneously begin to illuminate all of the operational segments in the VFD units, and perform a bulb check of each operational LED indicator. The VFD segments and LED indicators remain illuminated as each gauge needle is swept to several calibration points and back. If a VFD segment or an LED indicator fails to illuminate, or if a gauge needle fails to sweep through the calibration points and back during this test, the instrument cluster must be replaced. 6. The actuator test is now completed. The instrument cluster will automatically exit the self-diagnostic mode and return to normal operation at the completion of the test.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 04, 2017

You can tell if the battery is weak while it is cranking. If that is the case then battery need to recharged. When a car is not running regularly, it doesn't have the charge from the alternator so it becomes weak. If there is no sign of weakness in cranking then the problem is not from the battery, but it is from lacking of two basic things: ignition and / or fuel. Need to find out what is the root cause. Good luck.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 26, 2017

Does your Jeep have memory seats ? Power seats have a circuit breaker not a fuse .One circuit breaker powers driver and passanger seat's . Did you look under the seat for unconnected wire's , anything blocking the seat . circuit breaker #2 20 amp . Check for battery voltage at the switch . Black with red stripe wire .

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 20, 2017

Disconnect the battery cables from the battery an touch both cable together for ten min. How To Clear Your PCM Memory On Fords After Repairs

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jan 24, 2017

ive seen this happen and seen 50 causes
what i the point if guessing 50 answers.
on 2 major paths of failure
wont crank
wont start but cranks ok,
is this a diesel>?
OP never said what engine is there.
wk jeep usa
wg jeep europe. 3.0 L Mercedes Benz CRD
really we are clueless to guess, what is under that hood
nor if it cranks
nor if the IMMO lamp is off
nor if fuses are good.
if gas, engine , tuned up in the last decade?

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jan 16, 2017

Assuming the water is getting hot, (you could touch the hoses to make sure), then it is the controls, the vacuum the controls use, the vacuum servo that operates the valve, or the valve itself.
It is easiest to start with the last, because you can watch it move from the engine compartment, as someone else turns the temp switch high and low.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jan 10, 2017

  1. Disconnect and remove the negative battery.
    CAUTION After disconnecting the negative battery cable, wait 2 minutes for the driver-s/passenger-s air bag system capacitor to discharge before attempting to do any work around the steering column or instrument.
  2. Drain the cooling system into a clean container for reuse.
  3. Remove the instrument panel by performing the following procedure:
    1. Turn the steering wheel in the straight-ahead position.
    2. Remove the knee blocker from the instrument panel.
    3. Remove the steering column; do not remove the air bag module, the steering wheel or switches from the steering column.
    4. From under the driver-s side of the instrument panel, disconnect the following items:

      Instrument panel wiring harness connector from the 100-way wiring harness connector at the left side of the inner panel. Side window demister hose at the heater/air conditioning housing demister/defroster duct on the driver-s side.
    5. Remove the glove box.
    6. Reaching through the glove box opening, disconnect the following items:

      Two halves of the heater/air conditioning system vacuum harness connector. Instrument panel wiring harness connector from the heater/air conditioning system wiring harness connector. Instrument panel wiring harness connector from the passenger-s side air bag module wiring harness connector. Side window demister hose at the heater/air conditioning housing demister/defroster duct (passenger-s side). Two halves of the radio antenna coaxial cable connector. Two instrument panel wiring harness connectors from the passenger air bag ON/OFF switch wiring harness connector. Passenger-s side air bag ON/OFF switch wiring harness from the retainer clip on the plenum bracket that supports the heater/air conditioning housing just inboard of the fuse block module. Two lower passenger-s side air bag module bracket-to-dash panel nuts.
    7. Remove the upper cover from the instrument panel.
    8. Remove the 3 instrument panel-to-door hinge pillar screws.
    9. Remove the 4 upper instrument panel-to-dash nuts.
    10. Using an assistant, remove the instrument panel from the vehicle.

  4. If equipped with air conditioning, discharge and recover the air conditioning system refrigerant.
  5. Disconnect the refrigerant lines from the evaporator. Plug the refrigerant openings to prevent evaporation.
  6. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core tubes.
  7. Disconnect the heater/air conditioning system vacuum supply line connector from the T-fitting near the heater core tubes.
  8. In the engine compartment, remove the 5 heater/air conditioning housing-to-chassis nuts. If necessary, loosen the battery hold-downs and reposition the battery for access.
  9. Remove the cowl plenum drain tube from the heater/air conditioning housing stud; it-s located behind the cylinder head on the cowl.
  10. From the bottom of the heater/air conditioning housing, remove the floor duct.
  11. On the passenger side, remove the heater/air conditioning housing-to-plenum bracket screw.
  12. Pull the heater/air conditioning housing down far enough to clear the defrost/demist and fresh air ducts, then, rearward far enough to clear the mounting studs and the evaporator drain tube to clear the dash panel holes.
  13. Remove the heater/air conditioning housing assembly from the vehicle.
  14. Remove the heater/air conditioning housing upper case.
  15. Lift the heater core from the lower half of the heater/air conditioning housing.a35714c.gif


2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Dec 13, 2016

post, 2, why not just add comments to the first and not nag.

again, the book is here
and if car is USA car, (IS IT) then open hood
look up, see that big sticker there, and a vacuum map.
the book covers whole car,every inch of it.
for sure vac.
if something wrong, that needs diagnosis, with that we need lots of facts and tests. we have no idea what you did, to it.


2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Dec 12, 2016

hello mark
what jeep, in what country.
what engine,
vacuum of what, all engine vacuum all smog or just HVAC vacuum controls.
or EVAP systems.
try to ask a specific area, or tell reason for asking (win/win) there.
if in the USA, the vacuum of the engine is on the hood sticker
open hood look up? see that?
its also in the SM
and posted here, over 300 times now, on usa spec. WK

click WK here.
see that ,? its real the real deal, a real jeep free book.
posted vast times now...... endless.
search much.?


btw you will have to read all chapter to get that answer

or load it up, and click Adobe search, for VACUUM
yes, its even searchable.... amazing as that is...

now lets read page 3, in the SM
on usa cars that page says (by law) (under hood, look up)under.

The VECI label(s) contain the following:
² Engine family and displacement
² Evaporative family
² Emission control system schematic
² Certification application
² Spark plug and gap
The label also contains an engine vacuum schematic.
There are unique labels for vehicles built for sale in
the state of California and the country of Canada.
Canadian labels are written in both the English and
French languages. These labels are permanently
attached and cannot be removed without defacing
information and destroying label.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Dec 09, 2016

running warm , what does that mean?
tell us why you think its too warm.
this is called engine overheating, there are 20 reasons.
but there is(link) short list of symptoms, even water on the passengers toes. (core leaks) (on floor board well)
when cold is the RAD full of coolant?????? (look here 1st AND DONT DRIVE IT)
rad cap new,?
then fresh thermostat, (they last 7 years, says the president of a factory that makeS them),
so when it gets old the wax pellet inside goes wonky.
some are slow to warm and others will not open fully and that causes it to be too hot. (others stick full open and run cold)
3 failure modes !!!
the thermostat regulates the temperature, at about 180F.
I use and IR gun (a tool) to see real temps.
here is a nice list of 27 , evidences.


with simple tests and simple clues, for each.
first gather all evidence, then do tests based on what you saw.
saves time, and lots of cash.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 30, 2016

the operators guide covers that
lost that, posted this like 300 times.
search much, nah.
get it before it falls off the list next year, or get to buy one from fleabay scaplers.


2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 28, 2016

If you want to DiY, get an OBD code reader that'l connect to a smartphone. I use one with my two Mopars and it's great for pulling diagnostic codes (and recording GPS tracks). The brakes, electronic 4WD and traction control (wavy lines) are all critical safety systems; if you don't pull the codes yourself then get it to a good mechanic as soon as you can.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Nov 05, 2016

REDUX, poster thinks its to long for complex cars.
what joke?, it's complex to you, sure,.
and guess what seem "over your mechanics" pay grade too. LOL !!!!!
first off your post lacks all key facts on car.
ill tick them off:
1: got 4wd axle up front,???????????
2: working with no scan tool,if yes where are your scan data?
3: working with no FSM book I sent you one for free.
4: IS CAR THE nag1 TRANS, OR 545RFE.?????
THEY ARE NOT THE SAME, SURE IN A SIMPLE BLOCK DIAGRAM, KINDA SAME. but are not, the NAG is a Mercedes box. and has its own TCM. (like and add on it is) the run diffent monitors and error codes.
so..... no joy guessing this... ever.
you do now the side if the box has a tag and tells you what you bought right?
5: are you in USA or Europe. if you drove in to a shop here wed know that, right? (omg, its usa VIN)
6: what is your VIN number, ?
7: does the shift box, match front axle, seems not but you are vague here.
8: what does "go out if gear" mean?
a: flares. (aka false neutrals, "DISCONNECTED"
b; down shifts to 1st when it should not?
C; goes to limphome mode, oops look at scan tool it tells you if it did.! errors to the max, sure.
d: upshifts to wrong gear overloading engine.

9: did you sCAN THE PCM while driving to see what errors you get when it messes up.??? bingo.?
10: does the transmission ever do any thing right under any conditions, pretend helper cant drive your car,... win/win.

to be fair, a hacked car is not easy for any one.
done many, I learned at tender age , not to assume anything, once the wild humans muck things up.
expect anything and make the day more easy.
redux 1. shorter but
the only real short answers are.
get car fixed at the dealer (fat wallet fix)
or any real ASE shop.
short and sweet. and I'm sure is old hat to you.

read : fsm pages. on...
"During the road test, was there no 2nd gear and no 4th gear, but 3rd gear (limp-in) was OK?"
more on 545
"The hydraulic control system design (without electronic assist) provides the transmission with PARK, REVERSE,
NEUTRAL, SECOND, and THIRD gears, based solely on driver shift lever selection. This design allows the vehicle
to be driven (in “limp-in” mode) in the event of a electronic control system failure, or a situation that the Transmission
Control Module (TCM) recognizes as potentially damaging to the transmission.
The TCM also performs certain self-diagnostic functions and provides comprehensive information (sensor data,
DTC’s, etc.) which is helpful in proper diagnosis and repair. This information can be viewed with the DRBT scan

i bet you dont even consider limp-in modes.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 25, 2016

I have no idea at all what emerg. dash lamps means?
try to be more clear WHAT glows. exactly, or flashes,...
do the out size blinker, haz lamps blink.?
do any outside lamps stick on?
does car run,?
or is it just the park lamps stuck on,? dash illumination back ground lamps and or outside park lamps on.????
yes there are relays that can stick on, but I have no clear set of symptoms.
______________as a guide to the complexity---------
ILL GUESS HAZards stuck on.... lacking clear questions.
are you in USA, with a USA car, and not say in UK?
all cars are problems, all machines, are.
and 100x that on complex machines like ours.
Americans love complex cars, the complain when it takes a NASA engineer to fix it. sigh... (my fav. quote from buddy ASE)
You told what don't work (not really) and failed to say what does work
is the car running, and drives even at night, ok,'? sigh.
infamous. sure all failures are infamous, not one is fun. sure.
have you cycled the flasher switch off/ on/off say 3 times for luck?

with all electrics, here is all solutions.
1: check fuse first. the ones that look ok, can be bad.(called hair line cracks, that humans cant see,or just out view deeper)
2: we then make sure the battery charged, 12.6v or more rested.
after all the electronics will not run right , with too low battery.
if the head lights are bright and car runs, down road the battery mostly ok,. (but not said)
3: so we arrive at SCAN it, posted this 10000 times. and not one ever did. it. and guess what It will report VAST numbers of errors if you just look. even tell you things stuck on.

lets review the system
the emg lights must work with car engine bad. and keys missing.
its a law that. so there is a computer here that monitors that
switch 24/7 to see if you push it.
I have a 2010 so have all books on WK car.
so can you if you read this free page.
What is that brain(computer, or processor in a box.) its called the.
MIP , module Integrated Power, and others...
The Hazard switch sends a signal to the SCM when it is turned on.
this is the Steering control Module.
This module is attached to the CAN net work bus.
this SCM sees the switch close and sends a command out onto the network telling all other computers to go to haz mode.
the cluster HEARS this command and flashes HAZ lamps in same.
does iT?
the the MIP hears this command and flashes all out side blinker bulbs.

if any computer in this chain of events sees errors of any kind
I bet it does.
it sets codes, called DTC and any shop , any obd2 scan tool
on earth can read them. you only need to SCAN it.
scan it, scan it ,

next time post photos of lamps that fail. or act oddly.
be the first ever to do that, and be amazing....

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 17, 2016

older post this is Full time system.
you shifted to neutral in the transfer case, NV140/245

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 08, 2016

cluster dead, and warnings in the cluster are dead.
so does car drive perfectly in the day?
yes.' now.
if all things work but one thing, we check fuses first.
all cars for 100 years same deal.

crackle from radio. ok.

this is the 05 GC and wiring is very complex. I have 2010.
surely you can tell what works an not.
and matters big time.
I say get it serviced, like the 99.9% do.
unless you can post full set of symptoms.

2005 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 08, 2016

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