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Generally, this is do-able as long as you are using all of the electronic systems that go along with the new motor/tranny swap. The donor vehicle needs to be the same or newer for emissions purposes as well as it must run as clean or cleaner than the target vehicle. (I see yours is so shouldn't be a worry). If your state has emissions testing, check with your DMV about the local rules on emission requirements when swapping drive trains. Lastly, you will want to make sure the chassis is the same between these years as if they are not, things may not be a simple bolt-in job. Good luck.,

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 02, 2017

Refer to You Tube ?

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 29, 2016

Try You tube ?

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 28, 2016

well, like all cars .
get it dry, first. my guess air bags at seat connectors will fail. too.
1: check fuses next.
2: then scan it. connect the scan tool and addresses all DTC errors.
if you dont have a shop, with tools tow it to one with that.
any ASE shop , check it and tell you how bad it is, and cures.
flooded cars are not easy to fix and love to REPEAT fail.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 25, 2016

An internal computer problem. Read only memory. This is the factory defaults. These can't be erased by a tech. But can be by a system fault. You can get the computer online for about $160. Plug and play. Dealers 2 to 3 times this.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 08, 2016

When you buy plugs the parts store should have this info.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Jul 12, 2016

if it is dual zone it could be a gate not working properly or could be low in ac juice

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Jun 25, 2016

Have you tried a auto parts store, Advance Auto, Auto zone ETC. God-Bless!

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Jun 05, 2016

Only the dealer can show you that. Have them print a page out for you, they will not charge you if you ask nicely.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 08, 2016

Not likely both sensors fail same time look for a fuse or relay that has failed!

Reset codes and see if error returns if so and fuse is good check relay circuit.

Hope this helps?

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 03, 2016

No it is not a fuse, one fuse runs all the windows.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 02, 2016

well the depends on what is whining.
ever heard of $5 stethoscope.
listen to all accessory devices,? find true noisy part.
even the idler and tensioner can make nose.
as can PS/ Alt, and water pump and A/c.
all those moving parts. do so carefully
or ask any mech to do it for you.
if not this, then the belt is making noises.
that be lots of reasons, its bad being 1 or is too tight. or too loose.
no engine stated so, getting accurate answers here, be hard. no?
my 3.7L has spring tensioner,
and if the spring fails, belt makes noise as it slips
it can also JAM
so we check all that.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 25, 2016

so only park tail left is out. you never said only!
way was brake mentioned??????
did you scan it first, id bet not. and is key. on all modern cars.
and test all fuse. lacking any FSM book (schematic)
one is forced to test all fuses. we use a voltmeter.
12v fuse 12v is a good fuse.
12v and 0v is bad
easy no?

one some cars (yours), you turn on parks (1st click)
and all 4 corners of car glow, bingo for park and license lights.
the park switch goes to the BCM BRAIN(input ports)
It SEEs that demand. and then closes the park relay. with fuses
bam all parks glow or some , left and right.
for sure i dont know lacking YOUR book

my point?
well if you didnt scan , how can you fix it beyond fuse
any relay guessing>?
im not sure which book is best. call them?

my public library has mitchels there,so.... look?
here ,ill log in to mine and see.
ok it is BCM system
fuse 23 and 9 are are park JB fuses. left is 23
the relay is in the JB,JB means fuse junction box.
can i assume youve found all fuse boxes in cab and engine bay
that be like first... find them all.
so now i know the BCM is ok and relay park is closed
and for sure working,
so my guess, is fuse 23 has hair line cracks.
we test all fuses that look good, no guessing.

26077528-zyepf1uh0mmhutbcrb1teoad-2-0.jpg easy peasy jeepineesey

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 01, 2016

Water Pump Replacement Cost for Jeep Grand Cherokee ...

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Replacing a Water Pump Cost - CostHelper.com

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Dec 01, 2015

Do you know if you are losing spark or fuel pressure when it stops running ? Could be a relay or a large number of causes.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 18, 2015

if you drive in 4wd, on dry pavement , that is normal
normal for bad usage....
that is because, you did that and now the drive line winds up
and causes it to stick in 4wd, thus the light.
if not really stuck in 4wd then the switch is bad.
if not on dirt or ice stay out of 4wd. (part time)
and that wont happen.

ok say its on ice, then you have real problem,
but you never said what your driving on. ice ,dirt or pavement.

part time facts
the bind is bad news. not just switches stuck.


2003 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 07, 2015

yes, per operators guide the fuel light does come on, when fuel is low, (early) so lets skip that.
next is leaks.
the car can leak condensate from the A/C system all the time.
running it, or parked for up to 1hr after. (depends on gravity)
that water is CLEAR pure water. (totally normal even in defrost)

if the water is green or matches same color as the engine coolant tank, then that is bad, that is coolant leaks and will cause engine overheat and damage. to engine.

now we get to stream... that is very very bad. (tops list)
never drive a car that makes STEAM. (unless a Stanley steamer)
noises related to the above is the engine crying for help just before
its self-destructing..., (lasting damage )
why not get the car serviced, and not ask the blind and deaf to help.????
we can not see all , touch all and hear it.
and that matters. in the world of diagnosis,

short answer, why not get car serviced.....
the operators guide, has that like on 10 pages.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 12, 2015

its fall. and 100s of posts every year on this, and nobody can read the manual.
nor can i guess if you bought Command Trac or select track
nor if driving on ICE or dirt.
you have command track, and must never be driving on ice free pavement, same as ww2 jeep that or CJs

this is called wind up, read the operators guide,
it tells you never to do that... in the guide,
there is no center differential in your car. zero.
so one tire must be on ice or dirt (sand/grass, gravel or ice)
see why

if you ignore this damage can happen see some now.
posted 100 times this.
you bought the wrong jeep, it seems. to me.....

called WINDED up. and puts huge forces on that poor chain,


stop and RTM.
as you turn the car, the tires roll at different speeds, so do the front and rear axles.
this force is huge.
and the driveline can not handle that.
on the SELECT trac, (not 4Low) there is a clutch
that slips or a real center differential.
but not on your car.

the first symptoms are bucking and jerking in turns
and noise (all bad) and gear lever sticks.
when fully wound up the gear dogs JAM hard.
i have a jeep TSB
that states
ok you wound it up.
jack up one tire. and shift back to 2H.
(yes, the least damaging way to correct this)
and damage on gear boxes is accumulative.

the false illusion is driving straight, in 4H
and its seems ok, (sure all 4 tires turning same speed sure...)
but not in turns.
but you tell me how you can drive all day going
straight. and what is the point of that>??>

google how to use part time 4wheel drive.
learn how it works and how not.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 12, 2015

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