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Doesn't that jeep have an on board anti theft system that shuts of power to the startee and the fuel injectors. Im pretty sure it does thats where to start sometimes just turn the key to the on position for 30 sec. To 60 sec then crank the engine if that doesnt work turn off at least 10 sec try again tirn to on position without cranking motor for at least 30 sec then try cranking

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Sep 20, 2017

sounds like coolant and that vehicle overheated or now has a leak ---and replacing plugs usually doesnt correct an overheating problem and if told had bad thermostat [ which will cause overheating ] i would have system tested for leaks then look into thermostat as a problem to your overheating problem

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Aug 23, 2017

you have wheel bearing going out. only a local mechanic can help

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Aug 18, 2017

can be debris --or c/v axle or hub

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Aug 11, 2017

may be a thermostat working intermitently , water pump the same or overheating, keep a look out for anything that is unusual

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Jun 03, 2017

why skip RR lamp? what does IT DO? be like 1st 1st look.
dim, out, fast?

the rapid is talking to you
it means current is wrong,
shorted, or open lines. to the right.
its the wiring
if the bulbs are like 1157 brass base bulbs
why not replace them first , they can short inside,
asking online for guessing is silly, why listen to 10 examples for this.
but is cut wires.
shorted wires.
keep i mind the blinker asks funny for both opens and shorts
its a feature, that.
low current or too much.

the acid test is connect 2 TEST bulbs in parallel to the multi-function switch output right side,
blinks ok now, bingo bad lamps or bad wiring, from there to the right side.

if the hazard fails you never said????
if rigth front is dim or dead the bulb is blown or shorted
if new bulb there , then the wires are shorted.
to it.
the only help on line worth squat is how to test and use your meter.
you can, check for voltage
you can check continuity on that line (its just 1 wire)
and check for shorts on that wire to ground (lamps pulled right side to do that, lamps read 0 ohms cold)
look for collision damage RF? behind lamp sockets?
be first.
in my book.
looking is always first. sure.

I have your SM book open now, chapter 8w-50
the haz/blink module has just 2 pins, left and right out.
pin 3 on the module runs front and rear blinks, (a fact to know)
RF is BR/RD, brown -red stripe?
all comments USA on USA forum. USA car.

the right side lamp (sidemaker) only blinks turns if parks ARE oFF

Id try 2 new blinker lamps front and 1 rear.
that be first. or test the lamp on a battery , and no not get burned fingers hot wring a shorted lamp.

wish i knew
what rear did
and what both did on HAZ
out, dim or to fast.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 23, 2017

If you smell coolant, there probably is a leak somewhere.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 12, 2017

You didn't supply the engine size,so I include both options.


2003 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 01, 2017

Cheryl my best advice is, either buy a repair workshop manual in either book form or a download pdf version- that is specific to the year, make, and model of you car.
Chilton's, Haynes, or Motor's are excellent resources that offer step-by-step instructions with illustrations.
The attached video is not specific to you car, but at least it will give you some idea of what's involved. https://youtu.be/zotQRu3TyfY

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 20, 2017

NO engine stated,(USA?)
KJ jeep

posted not 300 times
ever like search and RTM read the book
or must we ,spoon it out.
here is the direct spoon fill
see chapter ignition

no engine stated
no job stated,
no symtoms.
the PCm,firing order is fixed. only you must connect coil packs rifght, the PCM does all this.
chapter 8I (8 india)
2.4L ,1,3,4,2. (like all non boxer engines 4)
do not scramble the coil pack
3.7L has 6 COP coils, NO way can you mix those, right?

my guess, is you jerked the wires off the coil pack 2.4
and are now lost.

24-fdsfza3hox0m3leqh32vfgzi-5-1.jpg wasted park front #1cylinder fires with 2
3 with 4.

next time replace wires 1 by 1.
and win.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 12, 2017

I have seen this when the engine shifts in the engine bay. When an engine gets out of place the transmission linkage or cable is pulled short changing how the transmission will work.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 07, 2017

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 25, 2013
why post to 2013? ELIAS? why not start your own post.
and not mix, engine sensors with HVAC blower heaters. hark.
the OP never once stated cars drive line.
and matters 100%
my guess is a jeep liberty with 3.7L and 2.4L 4 banger.
the answers vary by engines.
so if 161, is set the heater in bank 2 is bad, rear OXY sensor.
O2 Sensor Heater Circuit (Bank 2 Sensor 2)
the pcm measures the heater current flow
when it reads zero the sensor is bad or the wire is cut.(or rusty)

guess 2, is that late poster thinks
P0161 codes are HVAC codes
no it is not.
P0 codes are USA federal base codes.
and are for smog not dash HVAC heaters.
nice guess but dead wrong.

in most cases the 02 sensors is just bad.
the heater inside it just burns open.
all do that , every one... not one lasts
the life of engine, ever.

here ill read it to you, the SM. for 3.7L V6
gas engine, USA book and car....

Trouble Code: P0161 (3.7L V6 VIN K Auto)
O2 (B2 S2) Slow Response

Number of Trips to Set Code: 1

CCM Details

Trouble Code Conditions:
ECT Sensor less than 147?F and BTS signal within 27?F of the ECT Sensor (cold engine), engine started, system voltage over 10.5v, engine running at idle speed for over 12 seconds, and the PCM detected the O2 signal was more than 3.0v for 30-90 seconds.

Possible Causes:

ASD relay output (power) circuit to the heater is open

O2 heater ground circuit is open or O2 signal circuit open

O2 heater element has high resistance, is open or shorted

PCM has failed

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 02, 2017

is asking a real question hard for you?
do I have one, yes
where is it, its in the heater blower box. HVAC under dash.
can it just come out in 1 hours work, no. (a lost weekend labor)
now to test it.?
how to know if it works?or not. Just it. the core,
how to know other things that fail, that make it seem bad, but is not bad. (ask)
we cant guess questions, not asked.
why does it leak.?
why do damper matter?
why do i need a working blower?
why must engine get hot first. to make heat.

i can do questions all day,
why not just post the symptoms first.

my guess is you are not asking, it's you asking for others, an dont now all facts.
am i right, (im right in these cases 1/2 the time.
about as accurate as dead watch, correct 2 times a day)

guess, 2, you have no heat.
and some dweeb on the net, told you core.

2003 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 02, 2017

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