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Check the head light switch.

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 22, 2019

Sounds like an intermittent miss. Possible worn plug, bad wire, or an injector that is shorting out. Check to see if any codes are set. This will help you narrow the problem to a certain cylinder.

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 19, 2019

fix the clutch hydraulic system
check fluid level in reservoir
bleed the clutch system
fit a new clutch master cylinder

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Dec 12, 2017

normal for an engine to start at elevated rpm and then die back as it takes a few seconds for the ECM doing it's sensor checks and idle back to the correct idle speed
check the idle rpm with an external rpm counter as most in dash units are inaccurate at rpm lower than 1000
as for the temperature
If you have a climate control module, it uses a mixture of heater and ac to maintain the temperature that you have set
so check it for operation

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 13, 2017

yes. check the relay and the wiring from lighter and from steering column see see if any wires are frayed or damaged.

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 22, 2017

NEVER NEVER USE BELT DRESSING. It's sticky and attracts grit that destroys your pulleys. Screeching is almost always caused by a worn belt tensioner. Read these posts


2002 Jeep... | Answered on Aug 16, 2017

great question, wana Read the shop manual for free, ?
it answers all this, its a rolling encrypted secret code.
bad idea
says it all, YOU DID.
now the system sees you hacking,
and bricks it.
there is only 1 fix. dealer time. or a shop with same tools.

they must be all married or they self brick
its also law here in use, DOT bs, rules.
not jeeps fault < GOV BS.

page 8e-1 , on, read. in jeep SM.

When a PCM (JTEC) and the SKIM are replaced
at the same time, perform the following steps in
(1) Program the new PCM (JTEC).
(2) Program the new SKIM.
(3) Replace all ignition keys and program them to
the new SKIM.
The SKIS Secret Key is an ID code that is unique
to each SKIM. This code is programmed and stored
in the SKIM, the PCM, and the ignition key transponder
chip(s). When replacing the PCM, it is necessary
to program the secret key into the new PCM
using the DRBIIIt scan tool. Perform the following
steps to program the secret key into the PCM.
(1) Turn the ignition switch to the On position
(transmission in Park/Neutral).
(2) Use the DRBIIIt and select THEFT ALARM,
(4) Enter secured access mode by entering the
vehicle four-digit PIN.
(5) Select ENTER to update PCM VIN.
NOTE: If three attempts are made to enter secured
access mode using an incorrect PIN, secured
access mode will be locked out for one hour. To
exit this lockout mode, turn the ignition switch to
the ON position for one hour, then enter the correct
PIN. (Ensure all accessories are turned off. Also
monitor the battery state and connect a battery
charger if necessary).
(6) Press ENTER to transfer the secret key (the
SKIM will send the secret key to the PCM).

(7) Press PAGE BACK to get to the Select System
menu and select ENGINE, MISCELLANEOUS, and
(8) The DRBIIIt will ask, “Is odometer reading
between XX and XX?” Select the YES or NO button
on the DRBIIIt. If NO is selected, the DRBIIIt will
read, “Enter Odometer Reading (From I.P. odometer)”.
Enter the odometer reading from the instrument
cluster and press ENTER.
(1) Turn the ignition switch to the On position
(transmission in Park/Neutral).
(2) Use the DRBIIIt and select THEFT ALARM,
(4) Program the vehicle four-digit PIN into SKIM.
(5) Select COUNTRY CODE and enter the correct
NOTE: Be sure to enter the correct country code. If
the incorrect country code is programmed into
SKIM, it cannot be changed and the SKIM must be
(6) Select YES to update VIN (the SKIM will learn
the VIN from the PCM).
(7) Press ENTER to transfer the secret key (the
PCM will send the secret key to the SKIM).
(8) Program ignition keys to the SKIM.
NOTE: If the PCM and the SKIM are replaced at the
same time, all vehicle ignition keys will need to be
replaced and programmed to the new SKIM.
(1) Turn the ignition switch to the On position
(transmission in Park/Neutral).
(2) Use the DRBIIIt and select THEFT ALARM,
(4) Enter secured access mode by entering the
vehicle four-digit PIN.
NOTE: A maximum of eight keys can be learned to
each SKIM. Once a key is learned to a SKIM it (the
key) cannot be transferred to another vehicle.
(5) Obtain ignition keys to be programmed from
the customer (8 keys maximum).
(6) Using the DRBIIIt, erase all ignition keys by
(7) Program all of the ignition keys.
If ignition key programming is unsuccessful, the
DRBIIIt will display one of the following messages:
² Programming Not Attempted - The DRBIIIt
attempts to read the programmed key status and
there are no keys programmed into SKIM memory.
² Programming Key Failed (Possible Used
Key From Wrong Vehicle) - SKIM is unable to program
an ignition key transponder due to one of the
² The ignition key transponder is faulty.
² The ignition key transponder is or has been
already programmed to another vehicle.
² 8 Keys Already Learned, Programming Not
Done - The SKIM transponder ID memory is full.
² Learned Key In Ignition - The ID for the ignition
key transponder currently in the ignition lock
cylinder is already programmed in SKIM memory.
end quote.

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 10, 2017

There is a safety switch on the brake pedal and if it fails you cannot move the gear shift lever. Check under the dash on the brake pedal shaft for the switch and make sure it is not loose, disconnected, damaged or failed.

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Aug 19, 2016


2002 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 19, 2016

2002 jeep wrangle will not have a factory installed cabin air filter available.

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/jeremy_d728a59f986299fa

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 26, 2016

ok , if you open the book called FSM(its free, despite above)
what do you see, lots
whole chapter on cluster.
and better a chapter 8w (wiring)
just sold my wrangler 02 and upgraded to 08, (a bad idea) xxxxxxx
step by step.
click TJ here ,then o2 (see link below)
posted this answer 100+ times here...
first my guess fuse blown or bad ground
do the park lamps glow in cluster? (bet yes)
only warnings out, and parks glow in park mode?????????
page 2
fuse PDC 24 blown
fuse FB 10 blown (fuses can look ok, and not be good ,a fact)
ground g201 cut? ( see link below )

this is a computer based cluster, and all data is sent to it via
a network, (unlike cars of old) PCI network.

we scan it first. a the OBD2 port, PCM
and if you see errors on the PCI NETWORK ,BINGO


the cluster has a self test mode, (ask) but does not prove
it can talk to the PCM etc.
the non computer warnings (i call them direct drive )are"

  1. ABS
  2. brake warn, and hand brake lamp
  3. park lamps (aka, illum)
  4. Turns (look ma, no blasted computer here)

now you know how the IP cluster basics work

the free book, unlike spam bs above. is here
posted over 100 times,


instrument cluster page....

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 31, 2016

to answers 100% accurately id have to drive it.

but here in net bunny land, cant do that!
but can ask you to post full symptoms.

(trans or clutch issues)
question 1: can you start car in any gear. clutch held to floor, even reverse )
Q2: once started, can you always shift to reverse (the tricky one, gin?) and not grinding and no complaints,balking?
yes then your transmission fluid is low.
or worse.
is the clutch MC full? and does not drop day by dead week by week???

q4: new clutch
all 5 parts? or more?
PP pressure plate
throw out bearing
flywheel pilot bearing (oops?)
new slave cylinder? ,mc set

the slave and mc are a fixed pair in 2002.FSM C6-p9
and on my 2008

the slave and MC are one part and pre filled.
there is no bleeding steps only top offs.

if the clutch drags,(seems it does)
put in a new MS/SLAVE first.
avoid the 10hr labor. if a new clutch, 4wd.ad4f429a-1dc7-4f8b-aa26-1116f5bce673.jpg

I have lots more to ask.
trouble putting
so you are driving
and shifting and moving
and 1>2 shifts are what, grinds, or balks.

can you start engine in any gear (clutch to floor)

can you shift any gear parked ,running, and clutch to floor and not moving. including REVERSE ?
if all are good, cept the 1>2 upshift
that means the clutch is not dragging.
and the #2 synchro ring is worn.
or running the wrong trans fluids.

the newer transmissions are very tricky here.
some are very upset with wrong lube. (or too low or is not black as tar)
or mixing 2 brands, or using synthetic and its so slippery the syncrho fails, (cured many like this)

if all this is true, and clutch don't drag (ever)
then get the car to jeep and have them drain it and fill it with the correct lube and win.

now answer 3:
it might be just the shift linkage messed up
if the 1>2 change balks. (not grind)
on mine boxes i can hear the synchro's spin up.
i can feel them engage, if i cant feel that
then the linkage is bad.

the word trouble does not say what that means.
define trouble putting....

find a shop, a Service tech, that owns a m/T box.
and win.
Some with a/t are clueless...
ive blown more clutches racing than many ever drove.
IMO, and remember it COST YOU NOTHING to ask. (I'm retired early, gin!)

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Aug 22, 2015

first off it only gets out 1/3 of the fluid by hand.
you know that fact right? putting fresh atf over mostly old is a wasted effort. right, unless done 3 time in row>?

.i guess you lost the operators guided, or cant google search this?

a full flush and filter works best. any ASE shop can do it.
TJ jeep

FSM page 274 32RH
(8) Lower vehicle and refill transmission with
Mopart ATF +4, Type 9602, fluid.

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 04, 2015

It should be behind the glove box door.

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 11, 2015

wow 3 post. read the 1 one, for an answer.
do we get 4 posts,(record is 10)

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 13, 2014

nice doulbe post. read the other one,

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 13, 2014

all features dead? only the eject and insert works
radio dead, AM and FM?
does dial light up, and show that search stations scans and stops
on a station, (regardless of sound or not) if not ? all that is dea check fuses.
if fuse are good, its a bad head end.

time to upgrade to media center, no?

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 13, 2014

Put the key in the ignition and turn it on and off (3) times without starting the jeep, leaving it in the on position count the (1) flashing indicator Light, Eg: (5) flashes, Then there will be a pause, then it may flash (3) times, this is a code #53. Keep your Eye on them and write them down. If you should miss (1) Repeat as many times as needed, Info: A #55 means there are no codes!!

2002 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 18, 2014

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