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Well the check gauge light is telling you to check your gauges, because of the low oil pressure. It could be a sending unit problem, or the oil pressure really could be dangerously low. Should be at least 25psi at idle.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 18, 2015

there ya go, the check gauges comes on because the engine does not have oil pressure or it could be the oil pressure sender that is bad.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 18, 2015

Hi Peter, I'm Al the owner of Big As Auto Repair

Peter, alarms are extremely hard to fix without diagnosing them first, I want promise anything but I surely try to help you. First, have you tried turning the key in each of the door locks to see if one of them resets the alarm. 2nd, try by-passing the hood switch, that is one of the most popular problems with alarms. Question: Is this an After Market Alarm or an OEM Alarm. For further assistance go to my website. Have an awesome day Peter. Auto Repair

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 16, 2015

FIND, as in book or a scan tool?
FIND , has vast meanings.
find them , look them up, then see the code , what it does
what tests to do , given any DTC code?

here read this chapter.25

chapter emission controls.

or google , USA (how does OBD2 work)

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 15, 2015

The best support site I have found for Dodge is here, Allpar Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Jeep and related cars minivans and trucks Look in the tech sections and you may find the answer or you can type in a question. Contrary to what one user posted, I have no affiliation with this website beyond having used it myself. Allpar Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Jeep and related cars minivans and trucks

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 14, 2015

so find out which vent is dead,?
before 5 gallon LYSOL flush an a week long GAG !
make sure first never to use RECRIC, when wanting to defog.
and is the A/C running in dash defrost mode (compressor main shaft spins)

if a vent is dead, its a bad damper valve, (not saying a part, a function)
the book is free, you can read it, HVAC. see venting and dampers.
its very simple in concept, a fan, a damper and dry air. hot.
the heater core makes heat the non recirc, damage gives you fresh air, the A/C makes that air dry. and the dampers the supply all vents work work.
so make sure the controls are set right,
then see if the upper vents all blow, with hand waved on them.
see? that is easy, and not reporting a dead vent ,makes help harder.
the FSM is on line, ill look for you.
but first HVAC 101
  1. does blower work on high?
  2. does the recirc turn to fresh are,and you get fresh air with blower off moving, at all top vents. y/n
  3. do you have full heat? 180F + engine heat (scan tool shows this as ECT)
  4. do all vents top work , blower on?
  5. is the A/C compressor working in A/c mode (cold) and Defrost?
  6. more... below.
Rule one, dont work in dash until air bags are DEFEATED (injury) (pull battery neg lug, and wait 1hour)

got fsm page open, ill state some facts needed to fix this.

first ill prove the dash system does not need total dismantle
for all jobs. Does NOT.
Air /mix blend door
Single Zone/Dual Zone Driver's Side(FSM)
  1. Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the instrument panel silencer from the driver side of the instrument panel.
  3. Remove the three screws that secure the blend door actuator to the driver side of the HVAC air distribution housing .
  4. Remove the blend door actuator from the air distribution housing and disconnect the HVAC wire harness connector from the actuator.
  5. Remove the blend door actuator from the vehicle.

next page, is blend door 2, type.
has vacuum servos.
we move the controls and make sure all servo vacuum motors

this car has driver side and passenger side seperate blend doors.
so,,, we are getting close here>
if the defroster fails,(seems not) then that is electric motor drive
and very hard to test . (if not door jam)

in any case, we need to know what part is failing,
if the passenger blend is dead.
seen below,
we then must find out why
1: just stuck.
2: servo actuator failure
3: controls to #2 above bad, or connections to each.

login to alldata.com see HVAC chapter, read how it works and the tests.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 12, 2015

Check hoses going to heater core. Do both get hot? If so, problem may be a "blend" door failing to actuate due to vacuum leaks or bad actuator. If neither get hot, change thermostat.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 09, 2015

You always try the solenoid first. Then, reset the ODBC and see if the code re-appears. If that doesn't work, them you move on to more expensive repairs. Always try the cheapest route first.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 09, 2015

All of the suggestions are great. Resetting the computer by disconnecting the battery should work. If it doesn't, you may need the antenna that fits around the ignition key slot replaced. This item sends a signal to the chip in the key and receives its "resonance" to identify the key as being valid. If this antenna is burned out, the computer can't read the key.
If you want to reset the security system (if so equipped) look here:


2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 07, 2015

Can be several things. First is the normal maintenance performed? (plugs and air filter). If so, i would first look at fuel pressure at the fuel rail. Should be around 49 PSI (+-5 PSI). If low, change first the fuel filter/pressure regulator. If still low, then probably the fuel pump is getting bad.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 06, 2015

no power to what,
electric power
or rotational power to wheels/tires.

is this and engine question , transmission, or electrical question.

post full symptoms hot or cold engine.
the good, the bad or the ugly, all of it.
pretend the web bunny is BLIND and WIN !

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 05, 2015

double posted ,why?
alldata.com has it 24/7, log in and read for ANY car.
posted 100s of time now, but nobody ever searches.

or the free one.
posted 100s of times too.
here it is.
see WJ here?, click wiring,


2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 05, 2015

You don´t have a spare key? Maybe a new key needs to be made.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 03, 2015

Many times when the old battery was dead and a new one put in, the PCM has to relearn its settings. Push the accelerator a bit and see if it wants to idle around 1500rpm. Let it run for a few minutes like this and then release the accelerator.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 03, 2015

You should be more specific. There is an intake temperature sensor and an intake manifold pressure sensor (MAP)

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 03, 2015

Many times its caused by a bad crank position sensor. Sometimes they throw a fault code, but sometimes they don´t. So first check if there is any fault code set in the PCM with a scanner or using the key dance: ignition switch three times off/run and leave in run at the third time. odometer will show DONE when all ok, or a fault code(s).

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Feb 03, 2015

When you do get it fixed, use it or lose it. Not using your pkg brk will seize the linkage up.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jan 28, 2015

Is it out of gas? Try spraying starting fluid into the throttle body and see if it starts then. If so, you have a fuel delivery problem. If not, you have an electrical problem (no spark).

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jan 24, 2015

the engine must run, and run at 800 rpm with full vacuum for the
brake booster work, in drivers ed, in 1965 they taught us to
stop car with engine stalled and steering weak, for sure some panic. and folks die (back then 10k tuneups are ignored and stalls are every day thing, even my 64 GTO stalled if the silly chock stuck , yes, carbs do suck LOL)
but now no one knows this (i taught my wife, grin !)l
no engine stated,!
engine stalls are caused by 50 or more bad parts, (1 of 50 or2)
its no use guessing. we never guess, we have TOOLS.
with tools and the list of BASICS,we find the cause.
what is the method, (read ASE BOOKS?)

generic, no engine stated. USA cars, USA fueling and spark.
test #1 can you prevent the stall with a fast right foot
yes, but its easy or hard to do> ? KEY answers. wow important;

Physics or Basics 101 (ASE) each is a simple test and tool. ask.
  1. lost 12vdc power to spark or EFI systems(volt meter?)
  2. lost compression 1 or more cylinders, (gauge tools)
  3. lost spark or timing way off on 1 or more cylinders.
  4. #3b, never ever done a real tuneup this decade?
  5. bad fueling,
  6. lost idle air, ISC stuck closed or dead.
  7. failure to use the full scan tool and see all DTC errors at stall.!!!!!!!

i will not do fueling, it take me 2hr to do with one tool
and is covered i all injector books, how to test fueling systems
(pressure , leak down and balance, key tests , over 12 tests)

now the fast right foot trick if it passes easy, see #6
eg.lost idle air.
can i presume 1/2 attains,180F coolant temp?> scan tool data?
if not, BINGO>? I look at all live data, and find cause of bad readings first. like not attaining closed loop, or LTFT way off.
all sensors read right. with the tool.

or do you want just a guess
ok do the tuneup.

2001 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Jan 22, 2015

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