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Check the ground connections for the speakers.

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 22, 2019

make sure that the inside of the rim is tight on the hub and not sitting off it
loose/ incorrect wheel stud nuts will also cause the noise

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 12, 2017

open glove box read operator manual(radio 1,2,3,4,?)
is this RADIO time of day
or to time cam ?
or how to time spark.?

"time ' means nothing,really lacking other nouns'

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 09, 2017

ill not bet or guess. we do a thing called TESTING.
which engine, ????
it ran for 3 seconds, so it had fuel for 3 seconds
so fuel pressure is not 0
get full tune up this decade.
at leas spark plugs and filters? hark
the ASD has a 2-3 second rule(PCM rules)
if you had scanned it, then youd already know
which of the 8 rules were violated
that be fact
in truth,it can be bad spark
or lost fuel pressure,lost not 0

the car can come new with SKIS
those security keys
did it?
if yes, the SKIS immo lamp MUST out.
or it will never start

its the not scanning it first that fails you!!!!
if say the communications network fails to let
the PCM and SKIS talk guess what happens

borrow the tool
rent one
have the mobile guy come and scan it in your driveway
tow car to shop
getting the fuel pressure connected up right by you
will fail, I bet. my only bet.
takes special fittings.+


the older jeeps
have SKIS lamp that is a kEY with red circle bar
means key failure

the DTC key jive test can bet tricky and does not do all codes, sorry;

this paragraph does all jeeps, for sure wrangler


2000 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 05, 2017

no TCM ,means its a hyrdamatic box. (old skool. old ways)
it has no vacuum modulator, if you read the free FSM posted here 300 times you'd see there is none.
is uses a governor. to shift. and TV cable to delay shifts.
there is no magic limphome here.
here is the free book again 301th time.

see chapter 21, trans. TJ 2000 jeep
see choices? 30/32RH
the 2 boxes match your unstated engine.

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 13, 2017

huh what is etc? is it hard to type facts for free expert help>???
09 JK , I own a 08, stick. 3.8L V6. right?
you never said mileage, why?, mines at 60k,
P0302, is that hard to say , that it one only just 1 code,and
you reset it, and it COMES BACK, you never said so...
(to reset it push reset on the scan tool)
or learn which fuse to pull, I have real FSM in hand. can answer that. (its marked OID) in the TIPM fuse box, pull m3 fuse
for say 5minutes, all codes are forgotten now. 3.8L JK

that (my had to guess) code means, this.
weak combustion on #2 only. (slow piston acceleration is a fact)
so if all 5 others burn right how can just #2 fail only.
well its NOT FUEL MIX is it.
leaving only these.
1: sparkplugs gapped wrong, did you set them or guess?
to SPEC<, is the answer.
2: spark plug wire #2 to coil pack lug 2, is this new?
we work cheap to expensive ok./?
3: weak compression on #2. check that WOT?
wide open throttle (about) but never at idle position.
4: injector issues. #2 only (swap injector or learn how to do balance tests and leak down test on them, out of BOOKs
not internet bs rumors.

there it is...
the order above is by complexity and cost.

throw in bad coil but no miles stated so ,i guess low?
do not mix coil wires, or it will misfire. it has only 1 way to do it.

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Dec 16, 2016

Could be a short in one of the bulb sockets or the wiring.

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 04, 2015

There should be a not on the activator piston rod on the Master Cylinder inside the firewall with a lock nut. You could possibly have the same at the Slave Cylinder.

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 24, 2015

fuses blow for a short circuit
preventing Infinite current and a fire. (battery can do upto 1000 amps)

a TECH uses his ammeter to see the short.
then unplugs all loads on the feed. bingo it the X device is shorted.
if lucky and not a harness short.
we finds that with the same tool.. ask how..... if frisky.....

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 21, 2015

We pretty much don't have those as separate items any more. It's in the alternator.

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 17, 2015

Put a volt meter across the battery terminals while the vehicle is running. You should read no less than 12.5 volts at idle with no accessories running and no less than that with accessories all on. Normal volts should be around 13.5. Aside from slight fluctuations, the voltage reading should not steadily drop, regardless of how long it is running. I doubt if you have a system drain if it's shutting down while driving...the alternator would compensate for that. Some charging systems incorporate the voltage regulator into the computer. If the alternator checked good by itself but the tests I recommended show otherwise, likely your problem is with the computer.
If the engine does not need to be jump started after it shuts off, you may be looking entirely in the wrong place...but you didn't mention that part!!

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Jul 01, 2015

that means 1 of 2 things'
wrong size fuse, you never stated amps. or the color of the ATC fuse.
the correct fuse blows with any short, ending possible fire.

sounds like you have gross electical issues.
even bad battery terminals. clean them.
try a fresh charged battery
use a voltmeter and measure voltage yet.
at the battery and those things that fail?
that speaker noise is alternator whining noise, caused buy shorted diodes in same.
you do know alternator can fail in many a way.
regulates wrong
open diodes, and 1/3 loss of power
shorted diodes turns alternator in to a huge noise generator
over charges battery
to name a few and bad bearings,

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Jun 28, 2015

as they are hydulic you should not have to adjust them,if they are rattling,it's usually due to poor oil change history,try engine flush and you may have to remove sump afterwoods if the gunk blocks up the oil pickup,filters block and unfiltered oil then circulates throughout engine and makes lifters noisy,to check hyd lifters you need a "bleed down bar"to compress lifter and measure gap between rocker and valve,if it does have adjustable rockers then it's done with engine idleing with rocker cover off ,back off nut till it rattles,thentighen it down till it stops and then 1/4 more turn

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 03, 2015

Here is a link showing you the routing as well as how to do it and the tools you need.

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 03, 2015

there was an issue with these vehicles where the A/C thermostat was incorrecty wired,check to see if this car was ever part of a recall to fix this problem

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 03, 2015

fuse/fusible link or relay issue

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 03, 2015

not sure what you mean by zero, an amp guage will vary according to load and charging, it is normal for it to settle down to center quickly

2000 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 11, 2015

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