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Replace the key Im the forman for a jeep dealership. The dealer should have told you that in the first place. there is no reason the key would unprogram itself unless the chip is intermitently shorting out. If you have another key start it if it stay running u know the key is at fault. hope this helps u out.

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doubtful the shocks would be the source of any creaking/squeaks. Most creaking and squeak noises are usually a result of worn/dry bushings. I would inspect all swaybar/control arm bushings for dryness and deteriation. Spraying wd40 on all rubber bushings in the rear may cause the noise to subside for a while until you are able to isolate the exactr source

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Oil pressure sensor bad, oil pump weak,

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well , the ECU runs the alternator. (DG wire "dark green")
the alternator field is controlled 100% by PCM reg , inside PCM.
so..... if the running engine has 13.3, to 15vdc the alt is working
if lower, its not. (rpm on engine 800 or more)

not scanning the PCM a the CEL glow, you missed the boat.
why not scan it. see why the PCM is upset (DTC errors stored)

see the 2 lower pins below , those go to PCM.
in theory if the field in the old BAD ALT, was shorted.
that could in fact, burn up the PCM regulator.
shorting outputs of PCM , does that in most cases.
im the poor sod that fixes PCM's.so....


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Take it to dealer something inside broken

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no , removing fuses (left out) never caused stock jeeps to run.
nice guess though.
you need to read your operators guide.
it shows you how to read the cluster lights and see why
car will not start.
is the SKIM , immoblizer active (light glows, saying the key is wrong)
did you try both key fobs, (car had 2 new) never ever run cars with IMMO with one key or you WILL be stranded.. now or soon, or later.
pick one. what does it matter when, why stack deck against self?

sorry if you r manual is missing that too is a deck stack event.
Or google search all day for one
or post photo of dash cluster key on, in color.

keep in mind we are blind here, and we can see what your are doing either.

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Check for burned out left rear turn signal.Turn on hazard lights and walk around car to see what's wrking.

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ah the fun parts, all that HL delay and stuff. malarkey i call it.
it's all programmable. (and defeated in mine, i like it so much, not)

some are user settable others not , and varies by year, not so nice of jeep to do that... but did.
the operators guide, lost that?., covers this,.
if you have it guide and it does not cover your exact delay issue.
then that means only the dealer can change that.

easy huh?
( my head lights only come on when i command it and off the same)
that way if the battery is weak, I'M IN CONTROL. dig?
my key entry is silent too. that way, i can enter car , not attracting attention, nor inane flashing lights telling bad elements where i am.
security, works better silent and blind.

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Look in the socket. Make sure the contacts are nice and
shinny. The lead in the socket can get oxidized over time.

Second thing to check is the fuse box. There is a fuse for brake lights.

Hope it helps out.

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Apr 27, 2015 | 52 views

Relays are in the engine compartment, labels on the lid. The smaller fuses are by the driver's left foot (above, hidden by the dash with more relays about them. Its a royal PITA to get to.

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i have this same problem with my jeep. i am going to change the shift solenoid out.

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A code P0132 may mean that one or more of the following has happened: The oxygen sensor heater circuit is shorted out The wiring to the sensor is broken / frayed (less likely)

Possible that the wire is bad some where , was that on my wife's car

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No symptoms posted. just how to turn a bolt. ok.
id not attempt to force it out, unless new one in pocket
right? if you break it you are DIP, dead in pavement.

if the scan tool says its good, why do that. really?
P0336? or P0340/1? why not just say the DTC does,
the ECU reports even 1 drop in 10, so did it?
most are good, but getting parts off rusty engines can be very very hard.
which engine is there, why post with out first declaring engine.
3 engines they had. 4.0L , 4.7L and diesel..

try pen oil? penetrating oil, yet? soak wait, soak wait,pray, repeat.?
WJ jeep
CKP (old SAE name CPS)
using correct name allows searching in the FSM book more easy.
the crANK SENSOR. p1690"S Use real scan tool?

the 4L is on bell housing top. seen below.
the 4.7 liter is above. the starter.

or the 4.7L? (its totally different)

part #1 is CKP and take out bolt, and the wiggle it out.
25610401-xehzdwn5iwh3l3ng4yvsd5t5-1-1.jpg if diesel , say so.

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Bummer deal! All that you spoke of is good to check. Have you thought of removing residues that cause those parts a problem. Learn how with this little bit of educational reading and you may solve many problems their suggested way. Hope this helps. http://www.auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com/Tune-up-Products.html

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double posted , back up one post and read.
its answered, to nth degree too.
try to add to one post and not create 2, please.

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Oct 10, 2016 | 333 views

RTM yet? read the fsm?

see body section? READ it first then ask questions. best of best.


2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 18, 2015 | 670 views

its busted, get it services?
or read the FSM on how?
Factory (OEM) service manual.?

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 18, 2015 | 77 views

which engine? size>?
sounds like you forgot to say systems before, sensor guess.
or stated backwards?

the car is 2000
connect the scan tool, see all those DTC ERRORS.
that be first.
what does no idle mean? too low , too fast, or stalls.

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I think you mean alarm? I would look at the ac to make sure it has enough freon, the ac won't come on if the pressure is below a certain threshold. Also if you mean alarm won't come on too it might be a loose cable on the battery. I'd clean the posts and rewire it again.

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 06, 2015 | 81 views

no symptoms to tell?
just how to reset the nebulous OD.?
of the transmission has issues.
check fuses first
then scan it, if the scan tool show errors, called DTC errors
then push the reset button on said tool and see if they come
back , if they do they are REAL , time to fix it.
get it serviced.

2000 Jeep Grand... | Answered on Mar 06, 2015 | 339 views

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