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By power washing it you probably have water in the electrics and the electronics!! Take the Jeep to a good auto electrician and he might be able to tell you where the problem is. At least then you'll know where to start looking.
THIS is what happens when you pressure wash modern engines!!

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test compressor unit to make the clutch magnet is to make sure its engaging. Youtube it or google it and you'll be surprised what you find. It can be a DIY if your handy that way. And a lot less expensive as there are replacement parts for these.

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Trouble shooting required:
What voltage is do you get with a multi meter at the battery terminals when the vehicle is running. (looking to see the alternator is putting out the required voltage)

What voltage when it is not running & during cranking. (testing the quality of the battery)

Does the battery go flat overnight? What if you disconnect the battery overnight? (Looking to see if something is draining the battery when the vehicle is not running)

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162 is the O2 sensor and 123 is Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch "A" Circuit High

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If your saying the blower runs intermittently, I'd start testing at the blower motor when problem is ongoing, if good voltage and ground with no blower action, suspect the blower motor. Did you use a test light to check voltage at fuses, as you can see, one fuse goes hot with the key on, the other fuse is hot all the time. The top wire in diagram for blower motor is voltage, the bottom wire is ground.
Any motor that uses brushes and the brushes are worn badly, the motor may run intermittently.
blower motor-oj0xa20ymx22hml3q4c1tsye-3-0.jpg

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my guess he means , what thermal wire code to use.
they are color coded.
the fuse is bottom M1/M2 location of the PDC right"?
the problem is the OP failed to show exact wire.
my guess this is PDC question, (where are your hands/?)
fuse link A11? gas engine, right, USA?
A11 code 10 DG (dark green)
to the generator?
caused by shorted ALT or changing it with battery connected
yes, they blow.
the they have not just one engine, nor one alternator
but 124 amps the alt on 4L , with automatic. 4speed.

these are the rules. SAE.ORG

What size replacement fusible link should be used ?
The automotive service industry recommends using the same gauge and length as the blown fusible link after the cause of failure is corrected.
guide lines,
A 14-gauge wire would be protected by an 18-gauge fusible link. A 6-gauge wire would be protected by a 10-gauge link, and so on. Odd number wire gauge sizes like 19, 15, 13 and 11 are counted when sizing a link. The length of a fusible link should not exceed 9".

is the old link, still readable.
see the color
measure its size,. these tow question are first.

my jeep FSM shows it as 10 gage harness size. (M1/M2 gen slot)
so, 8 gauge thermal link is my guess. per SAE.
why not go to jeep and buy it?

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A new battery is a lot less expensive than a big tow bill, for sure. . that is how I would approach the problem

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factory service manual 2000. I posted the book free here 300 times.
as they say RTM , read the manual>?
Ill quote the pages for you .

NOTE: When replacing a head restraint sleeve, the
retaining tabs on the sleeve will be damaged during
the removal process. Check the availability of
replacement parts before servicing.

(1) Raise head restraint to the full up position.
(2) Turn head restraint lock thumbwheel to release
head restraint and pull head restraint upward to
remove from seat back.
(3) Insert head restraint sleeve extractor (special
tool 6773) (Fig. 1) and (Fig. 2) into the seat back.
(4) The retaining tabs are positioned on each side
of the sleeve, when inserting the extractor, ensure
that the flat of the collar is facing the side of the
seatback (Fig. 3).
(5) Using a small hammer, tap extractor downward
to release sleeve retaining tab.
(6) Remove extractor tool from sleeve, rotate tool
180 degrees (Fig. 4) and repeat steps 3 and 4.
(7) Remove extractor tool from sleeve and remove
sleeve from seat back."


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done so , far far from home, many times, hoses ruptured.
i think you meant the heater core hoses leaked
so I bypassed them with new hose.
some do this on warm tropical islands and run like that for ever
in fact , my first car a 1964 dodge, it was on option (heat)
there are exceptions, on some cars, as the hose feeds the thermostat base in this very odd way, (rice cars)
but not this car.

this the 4.0L ?

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Check battery leads making sure there secure if loose this would cause this problem

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If everything is okay before and after each icidence I would suspect a fuel supply problem. Are filter and pipes all clear of detritus? Does it happen in corners, whilst accelerating or decelerating? Does it happen whilst cruising? When engine is hot or cold. Which engine do you have. Please add detail and resubmit the query

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Jeep XJ it is.
the Cluster is a computer. brain,
a stand alone display.
fuse 16 in PDC (cluster memory fuse)
and fuse 9 in JB . runs it. JB is cab fuse box.

so what works in the cluster, all things, but not speed or tacho.
engine runs ok
scan tool show no DTC errors.?
all warning lights in cluster work? at self test key?????

if the PCM can not comm, to the cluster, the cluster
can not show tach or speed, can't , and cant update odometer either
does the odometer roll moving>? i bet not

the cluster is a stand alone unit, with puter brain (processor)
fuel guage work?

if the scan tool shows U codes or C codes and comm errors
that must be addressed first. (cause)
you cant fix cars, with out a $5 scan tool, cant. why not buy one
and use it?
ask how, 1000's of choices here... and more.

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or the FSM covers that.
the module is in steering head.
the wiper motor relay is inside it. (seen in schematic)

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How do you know it "loads up with gas"

If you are having trouble restarting the car, consider doing a test of fuel pressure. If its low/zero it could be a) leaking fuel pump (known problem, there is a kit to fix) or b) leaking injector. If you suspect b, go ahead and replace all of them. Jeep will run like new...Well, change timing chain as well - its not that timing chain breaks, its that it gets too much slack and the computer gets confused.

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You didn't say what kind of car this is, but a P0443 code is typically a Ford code. The evap solenoid is located on the passenger side, near the firewall where the A/C filter dryer is. A vacuuum hose is connected from the solenoid to another switch called a flow sensor and then to the fuel rail.

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On ebay or a Jeep dealer.

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Not a dana 44 I bet. Dana 30 or 35, perhaps. If you google rear axle identification your should find a chart which reveals all.

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