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There is a printed circuit board that controls the delay of the motor. It is a common part that goes bad. It is easy to replace and not very expensive. Available at any national parts store.

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Mar 31, 2021

Cadillac Northstar owners to those whose vehicle is overheating .My 99 Deville was overheating turns out it was Catalytic Converter.Dont rely on PCM for code.If the Cat converter gets plugged up the heat will not get past converter it will back up into engine block causing overheating.My deville ran at between 190 & 201 degrees this morning.If you have a misfire the unburnt fuel goes into Converter and causes damage to converter (blockage).Alot of people overlook converter when overheating happens.

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Jul 13, 2019

Tengo un Cadillac Deville de 1998. La secci?n central del panel de instrumentos se apago. A veces prende un rato. Que es lo que tengo que hacer?

I have a Cadillac Deville 1998. The central seccion of The instrument panel gone off. Some times it turn on for some minuts. What can I do to fixe it?

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Jun 08, 2019

Should be hard you have a lot of room, you have a drain coolant unplug houses, remove fans and anything is on your way get it out.

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on May 27, 2019

On this website you find fuse box diagram and description for Cadillac DeVille (1997). Maybe it helps you https://www.carknowledge.info/cadillac-deville-1997-fuse-box-diagram

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Apr 24, 2019

you might have an air lock in the cooling system have it blead out properly

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Sep 30, 2018

The headlamps have a torx bolt to set the headliamps
One on top and one on the side.
The heads are 8 pointed head screws

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Jul 06, 2018

I think you could use this manual method instead.. My nephew use it to repair my car and it's totally perfectly fine now. Here's the website he bought it from. www.reliable-store.com

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Mar 07, 2018

take it back for a warranty check could be a spun bearing problem or a simple oil pressure sensor/sender unit have a oil pressure test done using a mechanical pressure gauge

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Mar 07, 2018

ICM - ignition module problem , driver (transistor ) shorted to ground .

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Mar 04, 2018

what could be the problem ???? The problem is you tried to fix something you have no clue how it works .... Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop. You have no idea of the complexity of these cadillac systems . I know you don't have a $ 5000 dollar factory scan tool or equivalent to diagnose . The sending unit in the fuel tank is a input to the BCM . The BCM sends this info to the instrument cluster over the class 2 serial data network - communication network for the control modules on the vehicle. Fuel Level The body control module (PZM) monitors the fuel level sender input in order to determine the current fuel level. The PZM filters the input and sends a message via the Class 2 serial data line. The IPC receives this message and displays the current fuel level. The fuel level is sent from the PZM to the IPC at changes of 0.5 L (0.02 gal) or on the request of the IPC, with a resolution of 0.04 L (0.01 gal). • For the digital IPC, when the fuel level is above 18.5 gal, the IPC displays an F. For readings between 18.5-2.5 gal, whole gallon/liter numbers are displayed. When the fuel level reaches 3.0 gal the message FUEL LEVEL LOW is displayed on the driver message center. When the fuel level reaches 2.5 gal, the IPC displays an E. When the fuel level is 1.2 gal or below the IPC displays a flashing E. • For the analog IPC, when the fuel level is above 18.5 gal, the fuel gauge pointer is on F. When the fuel level is below 2.5 gal the fuel gauge pointer moves to E. When the fuel level is below 3.0 gal the IPC displays a FUEL LEVEL LOW message. If the updates are not received or a communication error is detected, the IPC performs the following actions: • For the digital IPC, the fuel gauge is dashed. • For the analog IPC, the fuel gauge pointer moves to E. Fuel Gage Inaccurate or Inoperative Circuit Description The IPC monitors the fuel level sent by the PZM through the class 2 serial data line. The IPC software controls one of the following two gauge types: • A digital gauge consisting if a two-digit numeric seven-segment display • An analog gauge consisting of a needle pointer. The IPC interpolates and scales the fuel level information that the IPC receives from the PZM. When you operate the vehicle in diagnostic mode, either in the vehicle diagnostic system or with a scan tool connected, the fuel signal supplied to the IPC is not filtered by the PZM. The unfiltered fuel signal causes the IPC to show real time readings and may be mistaken as an erratic fuel level display. Diagnostic Aids Connect a scan tool to the DLC. Test for any set DTCs if no DTCs are set current. Refer to System Check in Body Control Module (PZM) Diagnosis. Your best bet , take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop.

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Feb 09, 2018

the instrument clusters are a known problem in these vehicles. Look for a rebuilder online. A rebuilt one runs little less than $200

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Jan 27, 2018

it went into a drag. What ????? What Ignition light ??? You mean the starter was dragging from trying to start it to long . Drained the battery ? From the ignition light , i'm think your talking about the anti-theft system . Really can't make heads or tails out of what your trying to say here , Your best bet ,take it to a qualified repair shop . Without test we'd only be guessing .

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Jan 04, 2018

I, myself own a 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville. It has over 150K miles on the odometer and has over time had a myriad of parts replaced, mostly by me. One day, for reasons unknown, the window in the driver's side door decided not to work. Like you, all other windows remained fully operable in both directions. While the switches can fail they are, as a rule, quite reliable for long periods of time. When trying, for some time, to get the window to operate, without success, I thought, let me think about this. Upon reflection, I decided that although switch failure is possible the odds of both sets of contacts, raise and lower, failing simultaneously are small. The next possibility is that the window regulator which is what the manufacturer calls the mechanism, has developed a motor problem. These are DC motors and I don't know whether they have a wound field ar a permanent magnet field. Assuming a wound field it is possible that the last time the window moved under power the motor stopped with a brush either stuck or in contact with a "dead spot" on the commutator. Assuming the latter and with the window fully up I opened the door, pressed the switch to lower the window and while holding the switch in the down position I simultaneously slammed the door. Voila!!! The window went down and became fully operable once more. It has been operating as designed ever since; about 8 months now. Give it a try. Window regulator assemblies are dear and the motor is NOT available as a separate part. Good Luck!!

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Dec 02, 2017

The check engine light doesn't have to come on with a bad crank sensor ,your vehicle has two , one for lower rpm an one for higher speeds . A&B The two crankshaft sensors are located on the front bank (BANK 2) of the engine block between cylinders 4 and 6. Crankshaft position A sensor is located in the upper crankcase and crankshaft position B sensor is located in the lower crankcase. Both sensors extend into the crankcase and are sealed to the engine block with O-rings. The crankshaft position sensors are not adjustable.

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Nov 18, 2017

Your starter selonoid is going bad when it is heating up it doesn't work. Replace the complete starter.

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Oct 07, 2017

When this happens have a can of spray starting fluid on hand, spray it into the engine air intake, if the engine starts you may have a failing electric fuel pump

1997 Cadillac... • Answered on Oct 05, 2017

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