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You need to have a fault scan to see exactly what triggered light. Autozone, Advance, etc parts stores can do that for you free.

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Jan 15, 2012

The chassis number is usually the last 6 on the VIN, it is also located on a data plate inside the drivers door in most cases, on a data plate under the hood riveted on the body. The engine number is usually pressed into the block itself under the intake manifold. You can get this from the VIN as well as it is usually the series of numbers at the end with no letters in it. If your talking about the engine type code you can get that from the VIN as well but you have to take two 2 digit code from the VIN and reference that to get the actual type that was installed.

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Sep 15, 2011


Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Aug 24, 2011

cost more to fix than its worth ,its a new speedo head or BCM and will cost around 300 euros just for th head without fitting and programming

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on May 17, 2011

Probably a bad axle or cv shaft. Check and ensure the rubber boots are still on and get it replaced soon before it leaves you stranded.

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Mar 30, 2011

Hi, the problem you are having and the warning you are getting with the lights is telling us its saying device error, now this is caused by one of several problems, now the first problem you can try and solve yourself and the second you wont be able to do but ill explain anyway.
the first thing you should do is go to a computer hardware store and purchase a laser cleaning cd, now these cd's have loads of little brushes and when you play this into your cd player it spins round and cleans all the dust and grime off the laser and doing this may get it working again.

now the problem you are having relates to either a dirty laser eye, or the laser has moved to far up the track it runs on to read the cd and it may have got stuck or the last problem you could have is that the laser has reached the end of its life and may need replacing or adjusting of it has pots that can be adjusted.

anyway try the cleaning first then try putting a cd in and see if it will read it and remove the warning. how ever as your getting this warning its usually telling us either their is a cd stuck in the drive or the laser has stopped working or has jammed, if it was just down to a dirty laser it usually gives you a different warning, how ever cleaning it can solve the problem so try that first as you can do that yourself.

if the cleaning dont work by a can of compressed air from the computer hardware store and give it a good spray inside the slot for the cd and then try it, if it still dont work then this tells us either the laser has moved to far up the track it runs on or the laser itself has reached the end of its life and either needs replacing or adjusting if it has these pots that can be adjusted, how ever here is the problem, you cant but the lasers for these devices when they made them they never made them to be repaired they where made as throw away devices after their life has run out, this is a stupid idea as most can be repaired by replacing the laser or the circuit board that controls the laser so it is a huge waste having to throw these out so the chance of getting the laser replaced is very slim if not impossible.

the only plus side you may have is that some lasers can be adjusted using a multimeter and a screw drive but the problem is to do this the unit needs taking out and stripping down to get to the laser and even then not all lasers have these pots that can be adjusted to read the cd again, what happens is over time the laser gets weaker and weaker so you can usually tweak these pots if you know what your doing and you can bring the power back up and this can give you another 12 to 18months of use but without taking it out the car and stripping it down their is no way of knowing if it is adjustable or not.

the only real option you have is if the cleaning dont work is to get the unit replaced and either sell yours for spares or just scrap it, i know its a huge waste and most can be repaired if only you could by the parts but they never made extra parts so the only way of getting it repaired is to match a laser up out of another player or even by a damaged one and swap the laser over, this to would cost money to do as the new laser will need adjusting to work with the control board in your car.

i hope i have given you some ideas to be getting on with and im ever so sorry their is no easy fix or button to press to get it working again but if the cleaning dont solve the problem then the chances are replacing the unit as a whole would be a lot cheaper than paying sum 1 to replace the laser or adjust it for you and thats even if it can be adjusted.

let me know how you get on or if you need further assistance ok

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Feb 25, 2011

Usually the headlight bulb has a plug that twists off.

What year is this vehicle?

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Jan 24, 2011

This is electronic (controll) problem on the engine. Have to control your car on the diagnostic.

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Dec 26, 2010

screw on the outside of the door /door jam ,rubber boot over it ,take it out then pull door handle outwards and backwards at the same time and it comes out

Audi Q7 Cars &... | Answered on Dec 17, 2010

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