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Probably the stepper motors that drive the gauges . GM had bad stepper motors 2003 to 2006 . Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTm2oDx-_GM&t=271s

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Jan 09, 2021

These are the radio wiring colors on the 2003 GMC Sierra: • Car Radio illumination wire: Brown • Radio ground wire: White/Black • Stereo Amp trigger wire: Pink • Stereo dimmer wire: Gray • Left front speaker + wire: Tan • Left front speaer - wire: Gray • Right front speaker - wire: Dark green • Right front speaker + wire: Light green • Left rear speaker - wire: Yellow • Left rear speaker + wire: Brown • Right rear speaker - wire: Light blue • Right rear speaker + wire: Dark blue

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on May 18, 2020

Que quiere decir servicio control marcha

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Apr 29, 2020

This scenario could be something as simple as just the exhaust vibrating at a certain time or engine speed and vehicle speed not matching at a point and then the exhaust vibrates against the underside of the floorboard because it is so close to the floor.

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Sep 01, 2019

it means there is a problem with the air suspension.

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Apr 22, 2019

Are you pressing the lock button to cause this, has your security system or any other electronics systems been serviced or accessed at all in any way start there. Check into the keyless entry and remote system. If gnus helps please click the green button to let me know and have a great day!

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Jan 14, 2019

Sure, you’ll need an aftermarket stereo to take advantage of this. Is it worth that to you? If so it’s only $200 or so for a super nice head unit capable of this ad of today, that includes a back up camera too.

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Jan 14, 2019

WAIT!!!!!! 2 Options- Easy Way or Hard Way, I'll post pitiful the easy way! See pictures below but read the hard way too as it's not nearly as hard as people say, just do your research first but option 2 in the pictures I've attached to this answer is so much easier and just as effective! 1,) If you have broken exhaust manifold bolts(same for headers if you have them) there's no reason to worry about head removal or anything remotely close to TDC. That won't apply to this project. You'll have to remove the front wheels & inner fenders which are plastic. This allows easy access to the exhaust bolts. You must drill them out and I suggest a Ez-Out tool or broken bolt extractor, a left handed drill bit could be helpful too. Either way you go, no need to do all of that extra work for nothing. TDC is relevant when setting a vehicle's timing, yours wouldn't be affected by removing the cylinder heads anyway. Just do it with the motor intact and in the vehicle, see one of the many YouTube videos on this- it's not bad at all! Let me know if I've been helpful by vibking the Green Button and have a great day! 2.) See Attached Pics and then amazon through the link provided to learn more, the customer reviews are particularly helpful! 8fd2b687-ef03-4c39-8a98-2bb05f43fff9-20xqwraduu1zl5hbmo5p2ubo-5-0.jpeg cd6b13f5-02ec-4298-8074-bb9d13bb8923-20xqwraduu1zl5hbmo5p2ubo-5-2.jpeg 56b5eb6a-ebad-404e-880c-b1db95c7cd95-20xqwraduu1zl5hbmo5p2ubo-5-5.jpeg 1af7ef72-6244-4920-bcc1-db4466a756f0-20xqwraduu1zl5hbmo5p2ubo-5-9.jpeg


2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Jan 14, 2019

Do you have a check engine light 4L60E check fuses before working on your chevy transmission https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbaj0dOG2vg GMC Yukon Denali: he cant shift into park..shifter https://www.justanswer.com/gm/3z762-gmc-yukon-denali-can-t-shift-park-shifter.html I put my truck into drive or reverse n it will not move at all what is causeing this to happen https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-t14601_ds575443 Shift but won't go into gear just revs https://www.transmissionrepaircostguide.com/topic/shift-but-wont-go-into-gear-just-revs/ I have had vehicles where the speed sensor, MAF, MAP and throttle body did not let them shift as they should but the vehicle did shift. I have put several links above. Just to make sure if you have check engine light find out the code. Make sure you check transmission fluid with engine on and in park, emergency brake on at normal operating temperature. ( May sound bad but I have had to tell people above 30 about this and they said it was the first they heard of it). I will say the thing which stands out to me is check shifter cable. Check fuses. I did see a link which suggested brakes locked up but I assume the truck is not even trying to move. GMC Yukon (2003 - 2004) - fuse box diagram https://www.autogenius.info/gmc-yukon-2003-2004-fuse-box-diagram/

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Nov 17, 2018

I need to know how and why it was towed. Any and all AWD vehicles must be towed on a flatbed. If two wheels are left to spin on the ground. The drivetrain system will be damaged. If the vehicle was towed on a flatbed. I would need to see if the tow truck driver improperly installed their restraint chains and damaged something underneath. There is no way to provide you with an estimate. Unfortunately the vehicle needs to be towed to a capable repair shop or Dealer for diagnostics and estimate.

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Sep 25, 2018

This is an unrelated and additional issue that must be diagnosed. The first was a blend door actuator.

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Dec 22, 2017

If Autozone didn't get a code, then it's storing a B, U, or "C" code. Their code readers only read "P" codes. GM has issued at least 3 service bulletins on this issue, ranging from a chaffed wiring harness to wheel speed sensor issues. Find all the ABS and Service Traction articles here Yukon Archives Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Dec 04, 2017

Your best bet ,take it to a qualified repair shop ! P0351, ignition coil A primary/secondary circuit-------what does this operate The electrical circuit for the coil for cylinder # 1 , could be the wiring , coil or the driver (transistor)inside the PCM - engine computer . Replacing the PCM would need to be programmed , DEALER ONLY . Just replacing parts isn't going to fix this . Doing the diagnostic's for the code . Codes don't tell you a part is bad or needs to be replaced . All codes have a diagnostic test procedure that has to be followed to find the cause of the code setting . Don't know where you came up with B0050 & B0455 Has nothing to do with traction control . These codes would start with C . tune up right? No . trk won't go ??????? C0445 This has to do with the rear wheel steering system ! The steering wheel position sensor (SWPS) provides one analog signal and 3 digital signals. The digital signals, Phase A, Phase B and marker pulse, are direct inputs to the rear wheel steering control module. The analog signal is input to the BCM and is sent via a class 2 message to the rear wheel steering control module. Battery voltage is supplied to the sensor from the cruise fuse to operate the digital portion of the sensor. A 12-volt reference is provided by the rear wheel steering control module to the Phase A, Phase B, and marker pulse circuits of the SWPS. The module monitors each circuit as it is either remains high or is pulled low by the SWPS. The scan tool displays the Phase A and Phase B data parameters as either HIGH or LOW when the steering wheel is being rotated. Each change from HIGH to LOW, or LOW to HIGH, represents one degree of steering wheel rotation. When observing the Phase A and Phase B data with the scan tool, the parameters will not always display the same value at the same time. The marker pulse is a digital pulse signal that is displayed as HIGH by the scan tool with the steering wheel angle between +10 degrees and -10 degrees. At greater than 10 degrees steering wheel angle in either direction, the marker pulse data will be displayed as LOW. The BCM provides the 5-volt reference and low reference for the analog portion of the SWPS. The BCM reads the SWPS analog signal in voltage, which is typically 2.5-volt with the steering wheel on center. The voltage ranges from 0.25-volt at approximately 1 full turn left to 4.75-volt at approximately 1 full turn right. The voltage will then remain at that level for the remainder of steering wheel travel. This voltage can be monitored in BCM data display. The rear wheel steering control module receives the analog signal via a class 2 message from the BCM. When monitoring the rear wheel steering data, this information is displayed in the Steering Wheel Angle (TBC) Data parameter, and is shown in degrees. The range of the display is +/- 225 degrees, with negative numbers representing steering input to the left, and positive numbers representing input to the right. This does not mean the sensor is bad !!!!!!!!!! Take it to a qualified repair shop before you make it non fixable . Quadrasteer™ is a 4-wheel steering system that dramatically enhances low speed maneuverability, high speed stability, and towing capability. The system is an electrically powered rear wheel steering system comprised of the following components: You have no idea what your messing with . Rear Wheel Steering Control Module: The rear wheel steering control module controls all functions of the rear wheel steering system . The module has a dedicated power feed line from the under hood fuse holder. The fuse is a 125 amp mega fuse . The wiring is routed to the rear of the vehicle. The rear wheel steering control module is located above the rear mounted spare tire. The rear wheel steering control module uses the inputs listed above to determine when and how far to turn the rear wheels. The rear wheel steering control module also uses the hall switches in the steering gear motor , shorting relay , and motor control relay to monitor and control the direction and speed the motor operates. The rear wheel control module also controls the duty cycle of the phase leads to the motor . The motor control relay is part of the rear wheel steering control module and is not serviceable . The rear wheel steering control module uses both a class 2 and a discrete vehicle speed sensor signal . The system will not function without a discrete vehicle speed sensor signal . The rear wheel steering control module uses the 2 vehicle speed sensor signals for comparison purposes . The TBC sends a class 2 message for the analog portion of the signals from the steering wheel position sensor. The rear wheel steering control module uses inputs from the steering wheel position sensor to determine steering wheel position and rate of change. The rear wheel position sensor signals provide the rear wheel steering control module with rear wheel position data. The rear wheel steering control module will send out a class 2 message to the IPC to turn on and off the amber Service 4-Wheel Steering System Indicator. The rear wheel steering control module controls the indicators in the mode switch on the dash .

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Oct 15, 2017

It's the power wire to the computer! I’m happy to help further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/robert_24775b73ca70da93

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Oct 10, 2017

What color wire's ? There is a relay which is controlled by the ESC module (computer ) Electronic suspension control module . The relay supply's B+ power to the compressor . Free wiring diagrams here http://www.bbbind.com/free_tsb.html Enter vehicle info. Year , make , model and engine size. Under system click on suspension then under subsystem suspension controls will pop up on it's own . Click the search button then the blue link's . System can set DTC'S - diagnostic trouble code's . Has hight sensors , control module ,relay etc.....

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Sep 27, 2017

The cluster is powered by the radio fuse. Is the radio working? 0996b43f80245229-j1axptdruxmkgupulmd503d3-5-0.gif

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Aug 19, 2017

The stability system is software programmed into the ABS - antilock brake control module also the PCM - engine computer . service engine light DTC'S - diagnostic trouble codes stored . Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop or the dealer . You don't have the diagnostic equipment or knowledge to tackle this type of problem .

2003 GMC Yukon... • Answered on Jul 24, 2017

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