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Should be near the fuse box under the instrument cluster.

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered Yesterday

Get a repair manual on how to do the Timing chain...... should cover the balance shaft too

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Apr 17, 2021

Only on Ford products

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Feb 22, 2021

TIMING CHAIN, REPLACE Caution: With the timing chain removed, avoid turning the camshaft or crankshaft. If movement is required, exercise extreme caution to avoid valve damage caused by piston contact. 1. Disconnect and isolate battery ground cable. 2. Drain coolant into suitable container. 3. Remove accessory drive belt. 4. Remove front cover as follows: a. Remove coolant reservoir or surge tank. b. Attach engine support tool Nos. J-28467-360 and J-28467-400, or equivalents, onto alternator stud-ended bolt. c. Remove front cover upper mounting screws. d. Remove engine mount and bracket adapter. Discard adapter bolts. e. Raise and support vehicle with jack stands. f. Remove righthand front wheel and tire assembly, then the righthand splash shield. g. Hold balancer in position using harmonic balancer GM tool No. J-38122, or equivalent, remove mounting bolt and balancer using puller GM tool No. J-24420-C, or equivalent. h. Remove front cover lower mounting bolt. i. Lower vehicle. j. Remove front cover and gaskets. 5. Rotate crankshaft in clockwise direction until camshaft sprocket timing dowel pin holes line up with timing chain housing holes, Fig. 1. 6. Remove timing chain guides. 7. Raise and support vehicle with jack stands. 8. Ensure timing chain slack is above tensioner, then remove tensioner, Fig. 2. 9. Disconnect timing chain from tensioner shoe grooves and remove shoe using suitable screwdriver under timing chain while pulling shoe outward. 10. If removing tensioner shoe is difficult, proceed as follows: a. Lower vehicle. b. Hold intake camshaft sprocket in position with camshaft sprocket wrench GM tool No. J-39579, or equivalent. c. Remove sprocket bolt and washer. d. Remove washer and install bolt into camshaft by hand. e. Position suitable three-jaw puller into intake camshaft sprocket relief holes and remove sprocket. Do not pry on camshaft sprocket as damage to sprocket or timing chain housing may result. 11. Remove mounting bolts and tensioner. Caution: Tensioner is spring loaded. 12. Mark timing chain and crankshaft sprocket for installation. 13. Remove timing chain. 14. Apply adhesive sealant compound GM part No. 12345493, or equivalent, on camshaft sprocket bolt. 15. Hold camshaft sprocket in position with camshaft sprocket GM tool No. J-39579, or equivalent, then tighten mounting bolt and washer. 16. Position camshafts using camshaft sprocket timing alignment pin tools No. J-36800, or equivalent, through camshaft sprockets' into timing chain housing holes, Fig. 1. 17. If camshafts are out of position and must be rotated more than 1/8 turn, proceed as follows: a. Rotate crankshaft clockwise to 90° off TDC. b. Position camshafts and install dowels. c. Rotate crankshaft counterclockwise back to TDC. Caution: Rotating crankshaft clockwise to TDC will damage valves and pistons. 18. Place timing chain over exhaust camshaft sprocket, coolant pump or idler sprocket and crankshaft sprocket. 19. Remove intake camshaft timing pin and attach camshaft sprocket GM tool No. J-39579, or equivalent. 20. Rotate intake camshaft sprocket counterclockwise with tool until timing chain can be installed over sprocket. 21. Release tool. Timing chain tension between camshaft sprockets should tighten. 22. Timing pin should easily fit through intake camshaft sprocket timing hole into timing chain housing timing hole. If timing pin does not fit easily, repeat procedure. 23. With timing pins installed, raise and support vehicle with jack stands. 24. With timing chain slack between intake camshaft sprocket and crankshaft sprocket, timing marks on crankshaft and engine block should be aligned. If crankshaft timing marks are not aligned, move timing chain one tooth forward or rearward to remove slack, then align marks. 25. Load tensioner to zero position by forming keeper out of heavy gauge wire. 26. Apply slight force on tensioner blade to compress plunger. 27. Insert small screwdriver into reset access hole and pry ratchet pawl away from ratchet teeth while forcing plunger completely in hole. 28. Install keeper between access hole and blade. 29. Install tensioner to chain housing and inspect plunger installation again. Ensure long end is toward crankshaft. 30. Lower vehicle enough to remove alignment dowel pins. 31. Rotate crankshaft two revolutions clockwise. 32. Align crankshaft keyway with cylinder block alignment mark and insert timing pins through camshaft sprockets into timing chain housing timing holes. 33. Timing pins should slide easily through timing holes. If timing pins cannot be easily inserted, repeat procedure to properly time engine. 34. Install timing chain guides and front cover. Torque front cover bolts to 108 inch lbs. 35. Torque engine mount bracket adapter bolts to 81 ft. lbs., then tighten an additional 90° turn. 36. Install accessory drive belt. 37. Inspect cooling system and fill to proper level with recommended coolant, as required. 38. Fill engine crankcase to proper level with recommended engine oil. 39. Connect battery ground cable. 40. Start engine and confirm proper operation, and ensure there are no leaks. 41. Clear DTC(s) using a suitably programmed scan tool. 42. These engines do not require a specified bleed procedure. After filling cooling system, run engine to operating temperature with radiator/pressure cap off. Air will then be automatically bled through opening. Hope that helps.

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Dec 10, 2020

i have a 97 cavalier and i have 5 wires that connect to the starter but i dont know where 1 of them goes

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Dec 22, 2019

If you changed the switch you will have to go to the dealer and get the key coded. Ignition keys are coded to the specific computer and the key has to come from the dealer who knows the codes. This is what I had to do on my Camero. If this does not help call your Chevy dealer and ask them if they can code the right key.

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Oct 21, 2019

I dont have a video but is real simple. A fuel injector is located at the head like a spart plug. You will need to remove some of the air filter housing and /or some of the speed pedal links depending of the model or kind of engine your cavalier have. The idea is to get access to a support that keep the injectors in place, to remove this long support you have to unscrew 2 torq bolt. After removing this plate to extract the injector just disconect the electronic connector and pull out the injector. Notice the angle of the injector before removing. I recomend to buy the kit of seal of the 4 injectors. good luck

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on May 18, 2019

Take motor mount lose an jack up the engine . Use a floor jack with a piece of wood on it an place under the oil pan an jack it up or lower

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Feb 18, 2019

It's a fused circuit, so check the fuse, probably under hood, labeled injector. A shorted injector can shut down the injector drive circuit, so pull off all injector connectors, make sure fuse is good, then check for power to the injectors. Injector circuit should nave hot wire anytime key is on. Has constant voltage to injectors. When the computer internally grounds the injector ground wire, the injector will pulse.

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 23, 2019

Havtools. Its easy but some ugutta take enginestuf off..n u cud breakthings doin it fast. Old containor mite just need fixn. A svc manual reallyhelps. If tu difficult jyst use a spray bottl in car

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jul 31, 2018

Get this manual online at www.reliable-store.com and get complete guide on whether to repair or not, service it, and how to repair etc, along with wiring diagrams, electrical diagrams, torque specs, error codes, everything.

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Mar 13, 2018

I think you should go for manual first after that it would be easy for you to solve your problem. I had visited this site past 2 months before for my vehicle and find it quite helpful may be you will also get something useful here Best Manuals

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 26, 2018

What engine 2.2 or 2.4 ? Important: On vehicles equipped with the 2.4L engine, open the coolant air bleed valve. The coolant air bleed valve is located on the top of the thermostat bypass pipe/heater pipe assembly. Close the valve once a continuous stream of coolant is expelled from the valve. Does the cooling fan come on ? Notice: When adding coolant, it is important that you use GM Goodwrench DEX-COOL™ coolant. If coolant other than DEX-COOL™ is added to the system, the engine coolant will require change sooner: at 50 000 km (30,000 miles) or 24 months. Close the radiator drain ****. Remove the drain hose. If previously removed, install the engine block drain plugs. When installing the drain plugs, use pipe sealer GM P/N 12346004. Important: On vehicles equipped with the 2.4L engine, open the coolant air bleed valve. The coolant air bleed valve is located on the top of the thermostat bypass pipe/heater pipe assembly. Close the valve once a continuous stream of coolant is expelled from the valve. Fill the surge tank to the base of the filler neck. Start the engine with the pressure cap off. Let the engine run until the upper radiator hose starts to get hot. If the coolant level in the surge tank is low, add the proper mix of coolant until the level reaches the full cold line. Important: After servicing the cooling system, and if the vehicle is equipped with an intermittent low coolant light, an occasional low coolant light may be encountered during some extreme driving maneuvers. This complaint should be eliminated by removing the surge tank cap and adding coolant to a level just at or above the full cold line when the system is cold. Install the cap onto the tank with hand tight pressure.

2001 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 08, 2018

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