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whats happening does it start and can you drive it

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Mar 07, 2021

check whether is there any charging relay in the fuse box.

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Nov 15, 2019

Absolutely no,please check your coolant bottle and make sure it has antifreeze in green/yellow so we know that you are not leaking it into the engine if the liquid is antifreeze is it in all cylinders or just one ? Or is it water? This needs to be done today and if it's water and your coolant bottle is filled with antifreeze then we can rule out a leak from your engine and look for missing fender splash guards/ or broken wiper cowl by the windshield or a missing lower engine cover water can be getting in from carwashes/rain so you have to do a little looking around or get someone to help you ////either way your engine should be misfiring running rough and check engine light is on ////when you say oily water do you mean just water with a slick on it(outside water getting in) sort of how salad dressing looks or is it a mustard looking color?(engine leaking antifreeze)if it's just a slick get someone to pull the spark plugs use a sweat sick and a long screw driver to clean the plug Chambers where the plug screws in use carb/fuel injection cleaner on all wet cylinders and leave the plugs out so it can dry up inside the cylinders for about 2hours the cleaner will mix with and help dry up the water examine the spark plugs and the wires boots or coil on plug boots to make sure they are not burned through and dry if burned replace them after this process is complete start the engine and observe the running condition for about a half hour if no water is present then we know it's coming from rain,carwashes and something is missing letting the water in go to rock auto.com and look up your car (body section inner fender splash shields)(engine section cover)for pictures so you can see what your looking for if you are running your engine with water and you find water after cleaning depending on what cylinders it's in possible cracked head///blown out head gasket if the water is in the combustion Chambers under the plugs but not on top where the plugs screw in ///either a cracked block or head gasket is the car steaming smoke from the exhaust if so then big problems if not the you are still leaking water into the system a loose hose clamp bad thermostat gasket or a broken hose or pipe leading to the heater core please write done everything you have done for me and post back with precise info and I will do the best I can to help you obviously I'm not there so you have to think carefully about what you say in your post do not be vague because we will never be able to get to the problems cause good luck Stephen

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Jul 06, 2019

The doors in this car are monitored for closure by a central module called the BCM, it senses the that the door is closed through a switch called the Door Ajar sensor, it is a tiny micro switch that is a twist in design that is attached to the door latch inside the door. There are 4 door ajar switches if you have a 4 door, one inside each door. Each door ajar switch takes about 1 hour to replace and then you are not sure you got the right one, the most common would be of course the drivers door switch. The switch is about $20.00. Your choice here is to have the Ford dealer scan electronically and see which door ajar switch is the one that is keeping the warning light on, or just start with removing the drivers door panel and replace that one 1st and hope that is it.

Here are the general instructions for removing a Focus door panel to access the door ajar switch.

A. Removing the Door Panel

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable before starting work

2. Roll the windows to approximately 1/2 open, and so the crank handle is in the Down

Position. With either the Crank Spring Removal Tool, or a flat Screwdriver, remove

the spring, located in a slot on the back of the crank.

3. Remove the cover plate for the remote-control mirror, which is held in place by 3

spring clips. Remove by gently pulling the front corner of the cover out, and then slide

the cover back.

4. Remove the door Pull-handle cover, by inserting a screwdriver into the access hole on

the bottom of the handle, and using the screwdriver as a lever, pop off the handle cover.

5. Remove the button covering a retaining screw in the interior door latch backing plate.

6. Remove the 8 Torx™ retaining screws around the perimeter of the door panel, and the

single Torx™ retaining screw in the interior door latch.

7. Remove the 2 hex bolts in the door handle.

8. Gently lift the panel upwards, to disengage the window weather-strip molding.

9. Remove the Door Latch Trim Panel, be sure to unplug the Power Lock Switch, and

remember how the wire was run.

10. Remove the interior door latch, by gently pulling out on the front corner, which is held

in by a plastic compression spring.

11. Remove the Foam Arm Rest bolster, by unclipping the 4 plastic compression clips and

the clip fasteners..

12. Remove the 4 Door Speaker screws, and disconnect the speaker.

13. Gently remove the closed cell Foam Cover from the doorframe, by pulling out, while

cutting the rubber cement around the cover. Remove all but the front edge of the cover.
This cover tears very easily, so use extreme care. The switch is located on the door latch inside the door, it just "twists" in and out. See picture below of the door ajar switch.


2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Jun 05, 2019

washer jets are clear but after the cold weather no water coming out and pump making no noise is pump knackered if so how do u get at it and is it a quick fix

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on May 19, 2019

SERIAL NO.284397330931 5M5T-18C815-BG SAM MODEL NO.14790931

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Feb 08, 2019

Since you took the remote to the dealer and they said it was good try this: 1) The old car battery reset trick I know this sounds absurd, but it works sometimes and is worth trying. If you exhausted all of the options above, disconnect bot terminals on your car battery for 10 minutes. Then reconnect them and try your key fob. This has worked for many people and I have no idea why. If you do, please comment below to explain. Has the remote ever worked? If not, then are you sure you have the correct part number for the remote? This is what you need: https://www.keylessentryremotefob.com/product-p/oem-ford-4b-focus.htm

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Jul 13, 2018

engine tightening torques
Main bearings Renew bolts/nuts No
Main bearings Stage 1 43 Nm
Main bearings Stage 2 85 Nm
Big end bearings Renew bolts/nuts Yes
Big end bearings Stage 1 15 Nm
Big end bearings Stage 2 90°

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Apr 22, 2018

Ford owners manual. Com and download the manual then go to roadside emergencies and your fuse box diagrams are in there and the fuse values

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Mar 06, 2018

Here is the owners manual for the car, the fuse diagram will be located in it.
copy and paste address above into your browser and hit Enter.

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Mar 05, 2018

Year, make, model, engine and if it’s a 4x4 should would help

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Feb 27, 2018

check the wiper arm fixing nuts and have not come loose espescially if they have been frozen to the screen and you have switched them on the power of the motor will undo the nuts and the arms will not move lift the plastic cover off the arms and tighten the nuts with the wiper motor parked ie switched off if thats not the fix then the linkage has come adrift under the screen scuttle

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Dec 18, 2017

Go to ford owners .Com and download your manual then go to roadside emergencies and you will see both your passenger and power distribution box diagrams and with fuse values store it on your phone and computer this is priceless in the middle of the night better then just telling you what and where and you'll thank me for it maybe 2 years from now when your stuck somewhere also vehicle info which is must needed capacities alarm key fob programming etc.Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who read this and this turkeys got to run I hear shots in the distance HA!HA! Good luck stephen

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Nov 21, 2017

Faulty intake air temperature (IAT) sensor Read more at: https://www.obd-codes.com/p0128 Copyright OBD-Codes.com

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Nov 10, 2017

I'd check for proper fuel pressure, my info says 35--65 psi. If your somewhere in the middle, it should be fine. Once you build pressure, turn off the key, see if the pressure holds for a bit. If it drops like a rock, you have a fuel pressure leak. Possibly a fuel injector? Can you check fuel trims to see if system is adding or subtracting fuel?

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Nov 04, 2017

code p 2263 refers to turbocharger (TC) boost pressure/supercharger (SC) boost pressure ---performance problems ===cause--- mechanical fault check for leaking interchange hoses , interchanger split or turbo failure

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Oct 26, 2017

Check battery cable connections to battery, chassis, engine, and relay box.

2004 Ford Focus • Answered on Oct 03, 2017

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