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i am suggesting you a link from where you will get the the diagrame http://toolsnyou.com/

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Jan 10, 2018

Sparkplugs are not the only cause for a misfire... there could be any number of things. - The cause of misfire should be fairly easy to pinpoint if the problem is present all the time. A quick look at the spark plugs can tell a lot. Signs of arcing on ignition coil, distributor cap or rotor can also point to a faulty part. Basics, such as the compression, timing and fuel pressure need to be checked. - A faulty on-plug ignition coil is typically identified by swapping the coils between the cylinders and checking if the misfire moved with the coil or stayed at the same cylinder. If a bad ignition coil is replaced, it's good idea to change all the spark plugs as well. - The engine might need to be checked for vacuum leaks. The short term fuel trim (STFT) and long term fuel trim (LTFT) need to be checked with a scan tool to see if the air/fuel mixture is not too lean. Often a bad mass air flow sensor causes the engine to run lean causing misfire. - Pressure testing of the cooling system might be needed to check for a leaking head gasket. - Valve adjustment may need to be checked, as valves that are out of adjustment can cause misfiring at a cold start, which is, a fairly common issue in Honda engines. - When the misfiring happens only at idle, the EGR valve and purge valve need to be checked, as either one could be stuck open. - Faulty mechanical valve train components like worn camshaft lobes or stretched timing chain can also cause the engine to misfire; they too might need to be inspected carefully. - Sometimes a broken or damaged tooth at the crankshaft or camshaft sensor gear can be the source of misfiring; checking the sensor signal with an oscilloscope can help if crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor are suspected.

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Oct 24, 2017

There are a total of six fuses that control exterior lights and dash lights. Check all of these Fuses: 10, 21, 3, 7, 13, 33 Does the high mount stop light work when you apply the brakes?

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Jul 19, 2017

check for a problem neutral switch and wires may find that switch is loose and grounding out the wire connections or plug

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on May 04, 2017

the missing tooth will be of no consequence as the rest ot the teeth in contact with the chain will always be correct code p 0306 refers to cylinder 6 misfire detected ====causes ---engine mechanical fault ( could be a loose valve seat insert)---wiring---ignition/ fuel system---injector (blocked tip position it somewhere else and see if the fault moves to the new position)--- ECT/MAF sensor ---ECM a timing chain problem will not show as a particular cylinder as it drives for all cylinders

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Apr 23, 2017

The alternator isn't charging , check B+ voltage hook-ups on the alternator . The heavy gage wire on the back of the alternator should have B+ voltage , vehicle not running . The fuel pump has nothing to do with it > terminal 3 at the connector should also have B+ voltage , So should terminal 1 . Charge the battery an get the vehicle running , put a volt meter on the battery post's , if there is about 13 to 14 volts running it is not charging ! How to Test an Alternator Diagnose Charging Issues

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Apr 19, 2017

remove oil pan then pick up screen then oil pump crank engine before you start it to build up oil press

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Jan 22, 2017

it would be best and wiser to replace the fuel filter with the filter that is recommended for the vehicle. No sense in having an accident to save a couple of bucks!! I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/jeremy_d728a59f986299fa

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Oct 08, 2016

Timing belt being off one tooth will not cause this problem but rather loss of power and hard starting all the time,in the cold it will not start, the engine will spin but wont fire is this correct?There are many things that can cause this, a little testing will be needed, the first thing that comes to mind with the ford and cold weather is the coolant temp sensor, it give computer a false reading and can cause hard starting or even no start, a scan tool would be helpful to see what temp it is give computer.The best way to narrow this down to to check for spark when it wont start, a weak coil in cold weather will cause this problem or bad coil wire to cap, but if you can see if it has spark and let me know,another test is to check fuel pressure, to see if it is getting fuel, and the fuelpump relay,Let me know if it has spark or fuel when is does not start, good day

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on May 20, 2016

Have a set of ac gauges put on the truck to make sure the pressures are correct,to see if there is a restriction,and if it is low on freon.

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on May 02, 2016

ONLY use the identical item as the original equipment.( Don't waste your time looking at other products). If you use a different unit you will have significant issues.

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Dec 03, 2015

check the volts runing threw ur battery to the starter.check in several spots cables could be bad from inside.had that problem before.

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Sep 24, 2015

Sounds like a fuel pump, I would have a shop check it out. Mine did the same thing when the fuel pump went out on my 01 Sierra. Good Luck

2002 Ford Ranger... • Answered on Apr 22, 2015

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