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I dont know if yours is a 4 or 6 cyl. On the back of the motor by the firewall there is a 175 amp mega fuse inline on the positive cable comming from the battery. On the 4 cyl it is below the air box center of the back of the motor. On the 6 cyl, it is below the coil pack on the center back of the motor. Be sure to disconnect the negitave battery cable before you attempt this. There is a 3 inch long cover you pop off and you will see it. It takes a 10mm socket to unbolt it. Remove the fuse and ohm it out, if there is no continuity, you have a bad fuse, replace it. I have had 3 people replace their bats and alts ($350 in parts) just to find out it still had the problem. An $8 fuse. Good luck and hope this helps..

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ford owners .com register and download your owners manual for free the go to roadside emergencies your fuse boxes are there cabin and power distribution with relays and fuse values

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Vehicles with power windows
  1. Connect the window operating switch electrical connector.
Vehicles with manual windows
  1. Install the window regulator handle.
All Vehicles
  1. Remove the window glass retaining bolts.
    • Align the retaining bolts with the access holes.
Vehicles with power windows
  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
All Vehicles
  1. Raise and support the glass in the fully closed position (power window shown).
  1. Detach the window motor and regulator (power window shown).
    1. Remove the regulator assembly bolts and allow the assembly to rest in the bottom of the door.
    1. Remove the regulator motor (three bolts), or manual regulator winder (two bolts) and allow the assembly to rest in the bottom of the door.
Vehicles with power windows
  1. Disconnect the regulator motor electrical connector.
Vehicles with manual windows
  1. Disconnect the window regulator handle.
All Vehicles
  1. Remove the window regulator (power window shown).
Vehicles with power windows
  1. Remove the motor mounting plate nut (power window only).
  1. Remove the motor mounting bushes.

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Try out this link to get a solution. also offers live chat for help
all the best!!!

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It's on the block but check by spraying fuel into the throttle body if it starts there's a fuel issue like the pump relay fuse if it doesn't start your idle air control valve or throttle position sensor maybe bad it's rare for the crank sensor but it's a 98 so 20 years old it could be but the other sensors mentioned are more common the crank sensor is a magnetic pulse but the sensors for idle and position have contacts inside that can become worn-out and break contact resulting in a no start condition

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PATS system doesn't disable the ignition , fuel or it will stop the engine from cranking. Disables the starter . No spark , look at crankshaft position sensor .

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You need the transmission control and engine control module scanned for fault codes

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You can try going to Lowe's and getting a tube of dry slide, it it graphite lock and key lubricant, and you just put it in the lock, really simple, this usually solves sticking key problems.
Hope this helps....GOD BLESS....Randy...

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Don't worry I'm sure you will get the solution of your problem, just check the link I attached https://www.reliable-store.com/products/1998-ford-contour-workshop-repair-service-manual-pdf-download

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Turn your flashers on left or right and then and your brights on and see if that fixes the problem

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i think only solution to solve the problem is repair manual which will guide you to solve the problem easily and to get the manual go to the given link from where you can get the manual very easily http://toolsnyou.com/

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That is a good question to ask. Unfortunately, no it can't .
In 1998 there were 2 different type of PATS systems used on the v6 . One was a type E (after build date 2/2/98) which incorporated it into the POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM for short from here on) and the early type called a type A , which used a stand-alone PATS module that communicated with the PCM via the SCP network connection.
Without a valid key, this will not run.
Do you have another key? Sometimes the key itself is the problem. Failing that, the best bet is to get the vehicle into a shop that has the factory tool for that system . If the PATS system is ok, they can clear the keys memorized by the PATS system. If it's a type A they can program 1 new key and you'll be in business again. If it's a type E, you're going to have to buy 2 keys (requires a minimum of 2 memorized keys to start).
I hope that answers your question.

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get the help from repair manual and to the manual go to the given link http://toolsnyou.com/

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I think you're right with the air pocket. Feel around the hoses when the engine is running and at temperature (obviously, be careful)- the cold one will give you the clue...

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Not sure what's doing this, but it could be the headlight relay. Pull out the headlight switch and have a look at it - they had a tendency to burn the terminals and short. Ford had a recall on these - I don't know if they are still honoring it.

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Buy yourself a new serpentine belt - its slipping on the alternator and the battery isn't getting enough charge.

If yours is an automatic the damage to the shifter may be preventing the car from starting - If the car thinks that it is in any gear other than P, it may not start.

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You don't need a repair manual if you know the basic's of automotive repair . You just need wiring diagrams an fuse box layouts . You can find those here free http://www.bbbind.com/free_tsb.html Enter vehicle info. year , make , model ,engine ! Under system click on electrical distribution .Then under subsystem click on fuse panel . Click the search button then the first blue link . This shows relay positions in the under hood fuse box. The PCM power relay supply's B+ voltage to the fuel pump relay , PCM - engine computer ,mass air flow sensor an someother thing's .

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Are the fuel injectors being controlled by the PCM - engine computer ! Spray some carb. cleaner into the engine through the throttle plate. If it starts there is a fuel delivery problem . Security light lit on the dash ? Anti-theft system .

1998 Ford... | Answered on Jun 20, 2017 | 61 views

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