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This is what I have for your horn wiring diagram. The relay has two sides, the switch side,right side in diagram, and the control side, left side in diagram. The control side needs voltage and ground to energize relay, top wire is voltage and bottom wire is ground on that side. My guess is problem with wiring in steering column--clockspring or horn switch. If you unplug relay, use jumper wire on switch side cavities, the horn should sound, if so, the problem is on the control side of relay. Just my opinion.

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You're right - nothing to do with the alternator. Question is, why would those accessories be active with the ignition switch OFF? Perhaps some problem with fuses being active that shouldn't be when the ignition is off.

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With a manual tranny, check the clutch pedal position sensor/switch. It should be activated by the clutch pedal arm. So follow the clutch pedal arm up under the dash to find it.
You need to lower steering column to get at the ignition switch. I'm not talking about the key cylinder.
Any testing make sure the tranny is out of gear and functional parking brake is set. I guess you have already done some testing? Is there a security system?
If you need wiring diagram, holler.

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Click on the link.
I know you didn't want to remove it, but.
I don't know if you could get at it through the glove box cavity? As far as loosening the instrument panel, I'd have to look at it.

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sorry but its going to be a big job. you need to remove the gearbox to open up and get to the seals. you could try and use an additive in the gear box, its like oil seal for engine you can get it for engines gear boxes and difs and power steering. it sometimes goes by seek and seal, in older vehicles its quite good. you will need to replace the oil it will need to be done twice to clean it all out so it can get a good seal.. i.e change oil run engine get the gearbox to move for 20 min then change the oil as its warm not hot so let it cool down for 10-20 min then drain. put the seek and seal in and top up with oil and run as normal, check after a few days to see if its worked. usual does.

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Blown fuse is more than likely the culprit.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Aug 10, 2016 | 57 views

if it is junk why would you contaminate the chev with the parts
I would imagine not many parts would be compatible

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The coils are fired by the ECM, check all the wires to the ECM from the coils and make sure the signal is getting through and you don't have a wiring issue at the engine firewall connector on the driver side firewall.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Jun 28, 2016 | 1,037 views

it is on right side of firewall if not there sometimes they put it close to battery area,if you look up on internet there is a web site that shows the diagnosis for the relay if you need to do that to verify its bad also check your fuel cut of switch inside cab known as inertia switch,mike

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Jan 18, 2016 | 1,148 views

Yes indeed.

You want to get the vehicle drive shaft (torque tube) checked for any loose end play... paying particular attention to the "U-joint" area.

As bad as you are describing it it sounds like you are really close to dropping your drive shaft...

DO NOT work on this yourself if you are not TOTALLY familiar with good jacks... jack stands... wheel chocks and have a level work area available... also keep in mind that while your TRUCK may be in PARK... that is only as stable as your drive-shaft.

Don't get between your truck and a hard place until you get that DRIVE-SHAFT fixed...

Another hot tip... if you are going to the trouble of removing the drive shaft... replacing both "U-joints" would save money and time in the long run.

Be safe... work safe!


UN-Edited response via comment line:
Oh yes indeed.

It appears that the Ranger can come in many different configurations... but the rules of home trouble shooting are to go after the cheap and obvious probabilities FIRST, (loose lug nuts) then on to the rear-end... CV-joints (if you have them)... wheel bearings... finally back up into the transmission.

Seriously... look that drive-shaft over:

Have an assistant hold one wheel while you move your rear wheel... while you are watching the drive-line... the offending u-joint should reveal itself by showing some free-play.

These should be very tight...

Perhaps then when you look more closely you will see the HORRIBLE (chocolate) brown color of oxidized iron... ALWAYS an imminent sign of DANGER anywhere on your vehicle.

The u-joints can be pretty bad... and the vehicle still run... but once that drive-shaft drops your parts costs will escalate vigorously (assuming everybody survives (my drive-shaft didn't... but mine did NOT warn me (silent failure)).

Please do have a look at the URL I posted with my first reply.

Be safe!

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Dec 27, 2015 | 282 views

Replace the wiper motor. they get corroded and do funny things. If you want, pop off the plastic covers and look at the tabs inside. If they are not corroded in half, they can be cleaned and tweeked a bit to give you many more years of use.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on May 20, 2015 | 104 views

Check to see if the trans codes match from the VIN or the Ford manufactures plate on the drivers side door jam on both trucks.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Mar 05, 2015 | 657 views

95 Ford Ranger Auto Alarm Wiring Diagram.

You need to re-check your ignition wiring. Here is the wiring for the alarm.

Battery Constant 12v+ Positive Wire (+): Yellow
Battery Constant 12v+ Positive Wire Location: Ignition Switch Harness

Starter Positive Wire (+): Red/Light Blue
Starter Positive Wire Location: Ignition Switch Harness

Ignition Positive Wire (+): Light Green/Purple
Ignition Positive Wire Location: Ignition Switch Harness

Second Ignition Positive Wire (+): Black/Light Green
Second Ignition Positive Wire Location: Ignition Switch Harness

Accessory Positive Wire (+): Gray/Yellow
Accessory Positive Wire Location: Ignition Switch Harness

Parking Light Positive Wire (+): White/Black Or Brown
Parking Light Positive Wire Location: At Headlight Switch Or Low In Drivers Kick Panel

Power Door Lock Negative Wire (-): Pink/Yellow (Type B)
Power Door Lock Negative Wire Location: In Either Kick Panel

Power Door Unlock Negative Wire (-): Pink/Light Green (Type B)
Power Door Unlock Negative Wire Location: In Either Kick Panel

Door Trigger Positive Wire (+): Black/Light Blue
Door Trigger Positive Wire Location: In Drivers Kick Panel

Domelight Supervision Wire: Use Door Trigger (Requires Relay)
Domelight Supervision Wire Location: N/A

Horn Negative Wire (-): Yellow/Light Green
Horn Negative Wire Location: At Steering Column Harness

Tachometer Wire Negative Wire (-): Any Wire With A Tan Stripe Or A Yellow Stripe
Tachometer Wire Negative Wire Location: At Ignition Coil

Brake Light Positive Wire (+): Light Green
Brake Light Positive Wire Location: At Switch Above Brake Pedal

Factory Alarm Disarm Wire (-): Dark Green/Purple
Factory Alarm Disarm Wire Location: Low In Drivers Kick Panel

Factory Anti-Theft System: N/A
Factory Anti-Theft System Location: N/A

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If fuel pump is seized, you should be able to disconnect the hot wire from the pump, turn on the key and fuse stays in tact. My bet is on seized pump pulling too much current causing the fuse to blow.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Dec 27, 2014 | 66 views

run fault codes and check for o2 sensor problems and misfiring.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Aug 01, 2014 | 53 views

Is it an Automatic or Standard transmission? Your description of the problem is very confusing. An automatic does not have a throwout bearing. The clutches or disks on an automatic are not for the average Joe to mess with. Please let us know what you're working with.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Jun 26, 2014 | 108 views

Do you have int wipers? If so check the int module its under the dash right side of the steering column I believe. Specifically check the solder joints.

1995 Ford Ranger... | Answered on Apr 19, 2015 | 1,656 views

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