1984 Ford LTD - Answered Questions & Fixed issues

Not possible to diagnose over the Internet. Could just be low trans fluid or trans problem.

I’m happy to help further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/donald_f2ed37026a3ac881

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on May 14, 2016 | 23 views

9 foot pounds. In inch pounds would be 108 in/lbs.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on May 23, 2015 | 35 views

Check fuses...may be tied together on one fuse or have seperate fuses

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Sep 21, 2014 | 69 views

Fuse 16 should be a 20 amp fuse.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Sep 21, 2014 | 71 views

Should be one... under steering column.456f6382-7d8d-49f5-ac4e-188dba685f60.gif

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Sep 21, 2014 | 229 views

When was the last tune up? There is a few things that come to mind. possible low fuel pressure, dirty fuel injector, throttle body could need cleaning, dirty fuel filter, water in the fuel, spark plugs need to be replaced or re gapped. I need more information to try to be more helpful.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on May 18, 2014 | 194 views

I think you mean "idle".
If you have not already, remove the battery cables and clean the battery posts.
Let me know if it still does not crank.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Apr 07, 2013 | 69 views

You should be able to look that up on the auto parts stores' websites.
Just key in your year make model and engine size.
The stores usually have books that have the pictures too.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Aug 24, 2012 | 169 views

The fuse block is usually located under the drivers side dashboard...many require you remove the under dash panel to see it. You can go online to find an owners manual for your 84 LTD...if you plan on keeping this car, the manual is most helpful. Also the service manual should still be available through Ford, or online...you probably son't need the service manual unless you are exposed to many repairs. Hope this helps.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on May 24, 2012 | 591 views

hammer and chisel is only way now ,try hammering an old socket over the locking wheel nut,also some motor factors sell a special kit for this job but they are only sold to the trade for obvious reasons so ask in a local tyre shop as they may have some

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on May 01, 2011 | 122 views

I had one do the same thing same year and everything ended up being the engine computer but first test the ignition module you can take it off and have it tested at most of your local parts stores it is located on the distributor and you will need a special tool to remove it which can also be purchased through your local parts store for a few bucks just tell them you need a ford ignition module and they should know right what you need good luck hope this helps

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Jan 19, 2011 | 130 views

For a while in the early days of pollution control there used to be an air pump which forced air into the side of the catalytic converter in order to lower the percentage of bad stuff in the total output of the exhaust. Perhaps that is what you are looking at. Most were disconnected almost immediately but no later than the first replacement of the converter.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Nov 22, 2010 | 161 views

butterfly stuck? jets bad? or carb is shot maybe need to rebuild it does the throttle move

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Apr 30, 2010 | 72 views

I likely have the pic you need. But first, what are you working on? You have a 84? 83? Crown? Did you put this motor in? What is it out of?

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Apr 06, 2010 | 86 views

For 1984 Ford LTD 3.8 liter V-6 VIN "3" TBI check...


Hope this help (remember comment and rated this.)

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Apr 04, 2010 | 344 views

Here's the diagram you asked for...


1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Apr 04, 2010 | 153 views

5.0 fuel injected.774cbfa.gif

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Apr 03, 2010 | 133 views

135624 with no 1 at the front of the car.hope that helps.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Apr 03, 2010 | 116 views

I'd be severely worried if you didn't have coolant in your engine!

I presume that you meant you are finding coolant in the oil or that there's lots of steam coming from the exhaust even after the engine has warmed up.

If so, then there is no temporary fix. Putting the job off will at best ruin the cylinder head and at worst completely wreck the engine, so basically the longer it's left, the higher the costs.

There is only one fix and it's a full head gasket replacement and top end overhaul. If you have been filling the cooling system with water only and there is no antifreeze/corrosion preventer in the coolant then the engine block may already be ruined, but I've rarely encountered that situation except when working on engines which have had years of abuse and poor servicing.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Feb 25, 2010 | 202 views

I would start by checking the oil, if the oil is milky on the dipstick it most likely has a blown head gasket. Then make sure the exhaust is normal. Does it smell bitter sweet or is it a white cloud? if it does it is a head gasket issue.

Heater not working could be thermostat or plugged heater core. I would place my money on the thermostat if the rest of it checks out.

Keep your head about you and you might be able to get this car cheap over a simple $8 part.

1984 Ford LTD | Answered on Feb 10, 2010 | 57 views

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