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The big question is it overheating because of coolant loss (a leak or leaks) or is the overheating caused by a jammed thermostat, blocked radiator or the cooling fan not working.
This is the confusing chicken-and-egg situation that often faces the diagnostician, especially as when checked the coolant level is likely to be low in both cases and overheating can create coolant leaks...
Furthermore when an older engine overheats a lot or boils it can begin a chain of events that causes great expense and inconvenience over an extended period of time...

In your case it would seem the coolant is low because of a leak and that is what caused the overheating. Clearly you need to trace the leak and I can be of little help in the matter other than to suggest a hose can fail at any time and although regular inspections can greatly reduce the chances it can't entirely eliminate the possibility. Water pumps on the other hand, often aren't accessible for inspection without removing lots of stuff but they are generally very reliable and tend not to suddenly start gushing coolant. Most often they are responsible for a minor mystery coolant loss that gradually gets worse over an extended period.

I am wondering if the previous owner could have known something about the problem.

Locating the leak would generally mean getting under the car and removing any undershield components in order to narrow the area of the leak and then remove any further components until eyes can be rested on the actual source of the leak.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Nov 04, 2015

The P1401 code could be for anything Egr related. Usually it is a defective DPFE (differential pressure feedback Exhaust) But, it can also be caused by a defective EGR valve or EVR (Exhaust Valve Regulator) solenoid/switch. --or an air leak at any part of the system including the silicone hoses that feed the DPFE/

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Oct 13, 2015

Find a web site that has a fuse panel diagram there are some here but i've had better luck using google when you find the right year make and model download pdf file you want take it out to the car so if on desktop print them its usually a pic of the panel and a list. Each location is numbered and what its for with correct fuse size. when you are looking at the fuse box some empty spots have tabs of metal in them usually thats where a fuse goes they will be numbered slide in fuse between metal tab any size pair of needle nose pliers will help with this task. check your referance sheet 2 an 3 timers to ensure the right size fuse in the right spot..with that being said if you have a fuse that is blowing every time u can put in the next size up if its a 15 try a 20 if that blows go 25 ...i have not had to use any more then 10 amp over what it called for most of the time 5 more does it ..of course the dealer wont recommend this most shop will say its ok but any thing over 10 amps you should the electrical system look at by a reputable shop

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Oct 13, 2015

Remove negative cable from battery, connect a test light to negative terminal, opposite end off light to negative battery post. ( let sit for 3 to 5 minutes). Then start pulling fuses, when the light goes out that's your bad circuit. God-Bless! Its worth a try.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Oct 02, 2015

New keys have to be programmed to the car. You cannot just buy one from somewhere and expect it will work on your car.
Contact a Ford dealer and they wil tell you what you need to do for that vehicle.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 28, 2015

Follow the spark plug wires back from the spark plug to the opposite end of the wire.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 27, 2015

That would have been an expensive exercise. Try resetting the engine management electronics. Disconnect the cars battery completely with your headlights on. Leave the battery disconnected for at least 30 minutes. Leaving the headlights in the on position will kill any residual power left in the car. Obviously, the clock, the radio etc will also lose their settings. make sure you have the Radio pin code BEFORE you disconnect the battery as you will need it to restart the radio. reconnect the battery and try the car again. Resetting the electronics will put it back to factory setting. Hopefully , this will cure your problems. Ive done it a few times on my Ford and its worked fine. If not sure, try looking online for "resetting Ford ECM" there are many videos and info showing this and how to do it.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 19, 2015

a clogged fuel filter will have a marked performance accross all rpms but especially when a high prms with open accelerator position when there is a high demand for fuel
most failed cat converters show sign at high load/ rpms situation when the speed of the exhaust gas flow is impeded and chokes the inlet gasses from entering the inlet port during the induction stroke
fix the canister problem and run the fault codes
look for problems in the EVAP system and MAP/VAP sensors

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 16, 2015

Check your catalytic converter. If its getting ready to fail this is one indicator

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 16, 2015

Check your rheostat located just left of your steering column.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 14, 2015

Only with a complete new one .

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Sep 04, 2015

The seat will remove easily enough, there will be wires to dis-connect. The doors may be held on by huge phillips screws, in really tight. You may need a large phillips bit that fits a ratchet wrench, impact wrench even better. Make marks to insure the door goes back to the same spot. on the hinge mounts to the body.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Aug 29, 2015

Make sure the ground cables are tight as they may have been disturbed during transmission installation.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Aug 26, 2015

with the light on there is code in the computer that has to be pulled to know set it. the rough running is probably related.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Aug 09, 2015

Also might be the starter solenoid.

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Aug 05, 2015

P1000 - Monitor Testing Not Complete The on board diagnostic II (OBD II) monitors are performed during the OBD II Drive Cycle. The DTC will be stored in continuous memory if any of the OBD II monitors do not complete.
  • Vehicle is new from the factory
  • Battery or PCM had recently been disconnected
  • An OBD II monitor failure had occurred before completion of an OBD II drive cycle
  • PCM DTCs have recently been cleared with a scan tool
  • PTO circuit is shorted to VPWR or B+ or PTO is on during testing
The DTC does not need to be cleared from the PCM except to pass an inspection/maintenance test

2002 Ford Taurus | Answered on Aug 04, 2015

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