Top 20 1987 Dodge Ram Maxivan - Page 8 Questions & Answers

Have it put on a flat bed & taken to repair shop

Or have someone come & check it out first

What else can you do, if you don't work on your
own vehicles?

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The battery light is not reset able. If it is on, it means there is a problem with the charging system..

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Here are the specs you're looking for:
• Font axle to hub nut torque 185 ft-lbs
• Front hub bearing bolts 60 ft-lbs
• Caliper housing bolts 125 ft-lbs
• Caliper guide bolts 26 ft-lbs
• front spindle hub nut 97 ft-lbs
• lug nuts 100 ft-lbs.

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For the past 10 yrs or so, they have used a sensor inside the door latch.

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Tire pressure, Dirty Air filter element, needs tune up, misfire, fuel leak, bad sending unit, etc... you need to troubleshoot logically. Are there any trouble codes? When was the last tune up? How big are your tires? What does it normally get for gas mileage? Etc..

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airbag sensor is normally in the bumper / on the frame
depending on your car. looks like a little box with a bolt throu it

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You now know trouble codes are for guiding you on what to test, rather than what to replace.
The code probably said the O2 sensors were reading rich which was correct. The computer tries to lean out the injectors when the sensors stay on the rich side of the scale. If it can't the code is set.
Your real problem may be a sticking injector or a faulty fuel pressure regulator.
You may have to have a shop use a 4 gas analyzer to check for excess fuel in the exhaust.

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Should be on the back of the engine block, above the transmission bell housing.

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1, Find the negative ground connection. clean it and reattach.

2. Headlights don't blow out like home lightbulbs, they start to die, they start to get dim. If yu are working with a two bulb system (one only comes on when you put high beams on) possibly the regular bulb is dimming because it is being used most.

3 try cleaning the globe to the headlight. Check to see if out of adustment. park car about 10-12 feet away form a blank wall. Turn lights on dim. Check to see if the "spot" created by the light is equal on both side. Older cars can lose their headlight "reach" making the bulb APPEAR to be dim when really, they need to be adusted.
it is very easy to adjust headlights.

With no further info, that's the best I can offer.

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door switch no good ,check driver side.

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Check all of the fuses in the engine bay and drivers side, under the dash. when you turn the ignition on without turning it over, you should hear a whirring noise from the rear of the vehicle for about 2-5 seconds and then it stops. this is the fuel pump turning on and reaching pressure.

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necesito el diagrama de tiempo de un attitude 1.6 2009

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may be the switch up above the steering column..or a loose ground at each light..

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The only way to stop power coming from your battery is to manually unhook it, it is always sending power if not dead.

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vacume leak most common is gas cap not sealing

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Is it automatic...?
If so. Check transmission fluid it could be too low.

Mai Lor

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In general you as a vehicle owner & driver do not get
involved with that

Most drive cycles on most cars run by themselves
& adjust after work has been done

Monitors you know nothing about run when you start it,
drive it & when your sleeping

If you had work done that required the rare drive cycle
only a repair shop or dealer would run them

They even have to look it up & write it down & take
on the road test

When ever work has not been done correctly or
the main issues addressed & corrected this question
comes up.

Lack of communication between the vehicle owner
& shop personal & the desire to sell you something
vs: just gain your confidence & diagnose the driveability
issue is where all the problems are

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have you checked for any air locks in the fuel lines these can be caused when new parts are installed or fuel tank is ran dry. i had this problem on my golf and originally thought the cause was dirty fuel. i bought a bleeder pump that attached to the filter and bled the air out. priming if you like.

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Need a bit more info. If it's the front bearing, it's fairly straight forward. Jack up the front, remove the tire, remove the caliper and caliper bracket, and front disk. You'll then see the bearing hub. Depending on if you have antilock brakes, there will be a wire attached to the hub as well. Remove the bolts holding the hub on and install the replacement. Install the rest in revese order. If it's the rear, pretty much the same except it will probably have the axle extending through the hub and secured with a large nut on the outside. This has to be removed as well as the other items listed. Can try one of the internet companies like Rock Auto. Have used their stuff successfully. Good luck!

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