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GM use a particular item on one of the idlers
there will be a 1/2" square hole in the center of it
use a strong bar and lift the pulley up against a spring
install the new belt and when properly installed let the pulley back onto the belt

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fuse box are generally below the steering rack or just open the banetit is located at the right coner behind your engine

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jan 18, 2018 | 362 views

Please Google your issue for specifics, but it appears the 4x4 Actuator and/or Pump may be worn out on your Tracker. You may want to look into installing manual hubs on the front axles to bypass the auto-locking hubs, if so equipped.


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Hope this helps

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There is a circuit breaker. Usually not the problem. I have replaced two in 40 years. If you checked and have no power to the master switch. Wires for these tend to break in the boot between the drivers door and the frame. If you have one window that works, then look to the motors/ regulators in the doors.

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A seatbelt is considered a critical piece of safety equipment. If it is faulty, replace it. The least expensive option is a junkyard.

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Apr 10, 2015 | 218 views

There is a way to do this its but its a little tricky if your saying what I think your are saying.
Do you have a keyless entry system and can you open the rear hatch the glass part.
There is a manual override. Give more details and I will explain how to open it

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 05, 2015 | 280 views

alternaitor going bad

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Most likely the alarm cpu or control module. Sometimes the relay between the module and the starter interrupt goes bad, trace the wiring, find the relay, make sure all connections are secure, if so, try replacing the relay. If not the problem, have it towed and have alarm checked out. There are a few other things to check. However, me realistically diagnosing the problem the way you describe would be like someone listening to a motor over the telephone and trying to determine if a cylinder has low compression. Nearly impossible. Without an actual working knowledge of the mechanics involved with your specific auto you will be lost. I could even describe how to by-pass the alarm between starter and battery, but unless I am there I would not suggest doing it by yourself. In any event, find the alarm cpu/module, follow the wiring to the relay that operates starter/interrupt, check wiring and/or replace relay. If this doesn't work, bring it to a good alarm mechanic, shop around and check the BBB for good guys in the business. One last thing, check your battery, make sure the voltage is appropriate and battery connections are secure. Good luck!

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on May 19, 2013 | 101 views

Under the dash on the drivers side.

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Feb 15, 2011 | 47 views

This happened to my tracker also. it turned out to be the bulb for the light. Also check the engage sensor on the transfer case.

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Feb 02, 2011 | 248 views

Hi and welcome to Fixya!
As a first course of action, have the car be diagnosed. A scan tool can help, it will list the faulty codes and by then you'll know the fix.

Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa!

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215 isnt the width, its the height, and as long as it dont rub fender wells its ok

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It is either bolted in place or it has a spring that can be released with a belt tensioner tool you get at an auto parts store. You might can use a 1/2" brakeover bar.

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Oct 19, 2010 | 1,173 views

you mean serpentine belt it should be right in front of the engine right behind the fan

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Jul 29, 2010 | 98 views

First be cretin that the belt's are an exact match, sometimes it's a really tight fit, hope you are using a tensioner tool that allows full travel of the tensioner. Often times it is which pulley you are trying to slide the belt over, your best bet is to go for the idler & tensioner pulley because they are not ribbed, thus you don't have to fight with it go over an edge that has a guide.

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 20, 2010 | 351 views

My sincere apologies for the delayed response.
I am personally going back to answer your unanswered questions.
I have only been a free contributor to this site for the past 4-months.

I do not know if you still need this information, but I am going ahead and answering it anyway.

on the following LINK. It has several Belt Diagrams, one which will match your specific engine and options (AC/No AC, Power Steering, .etc) that you will need.

Regarding HOW:
Standard Rule to Removal the Serpentine Belt:
1. Find the Tensioner(s). (See the Diagrams on Link)
2. Using a Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool or Wrench or Ratchet Tool: Rotate/Move the Tensioner Pulley/Arm away from contact with the belt and towards the area where the belt is not in contact with the Tensioner Pulley. The Tensioner is spring loaded, and is hard to rotate/move.
3. Remove the loosened belt off one of the other more easily accessed Pulleys
Standard Rules for Installing the Serpentine Belt:
a. Pick a Pulley that is most easily accessed. This will usually be on top. This will be the last Pulley that the belt will go on.

b. Using the Diagram: Install the new Serpentine Belt on the remainder of the Pulleys....over, under, left right etc.
c. Using a Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool or Wrench or Ratchet Tool: Rotate/Move the Tensioner Pulley/Arm "away" from Belt contact area on the Tensioner. This spring is pretty hard and with a new belt, it will be even harder to install. Rotate/Move this to as-close to the maximum ("open") allowed inorder to have enough slack in the belt to get it up and over the last pulley.
d. While keeping the Tensioner Pulley/Arm "open" Using your other hand - Pull the Belt up and over the Last remaining Pulley.
e. Before releasing the pressure on the Tensioner, visually inspect the remainder Pulleys and the Belts' Positioning on them.
As you can see in the last Diagram on this Link: there are three (3) Bolts for the FAN Belt that must be loosened inorder to successfully remove this Belt

Let me know if this helped...
Again my apologies..


2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 14, 2010 | 904 views

replace with new bearing bolts on

2004 Chevrolet... | Answered on Mar 04, 2010 | 135 views

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