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Check the transmission fluid level with the vehicle idling in park. If you do not see fluid on the dipstick then add one half quart at a time until it is in the hash marks on the dip stick. be sure to let the transmission (DexIII or mercon) completely drain down the dipstick tube or you will get a false reading. Shut off engine to avoid having to warm up the transmission to get an accurate reading and possibly causing (more) damage then may already have been done.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Sep 25, 2019

I would need to look at this. but one thing are the hoses new?

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Feb 13, 2018

That's often a sign of a failing check valve in the fuel pump. Try this. When you turn the key to RUN, the fuel pump activates for 2-seconds to boost any lost pressure. Try turning the key to RUN, then OFF and repeat three times. If the engine starts right up, you probably need a new fuel pump. The real test is called a leakdown test where the shop throws a pressure gauge on it and leaves it overnight. If it loses more than 5-10-psi, the check valve is shot. Can't be replaced separately .

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Oct 10, 2017

when you say it wont start will the engine turn over?
if it wont turn over i think you should check your battery connections
if the engine turns over then you need to check your fuel pressure and spark and let me lknow

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Oct 06, 2017

Make sure that the starter solenoid is being activated and getting power to the starter. All battery connections and starter motor connection must be squeaky clean since any resistance in a 12 volt system may have a serious impact on power flow to device. Ignore the radio, heater etc during startup - the car is designed to turn them off when you turn the key to start so all power goes to the starter motor only.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Sep 12, 2017

There is a problem with the torque converter or transmission. Sometimes cleaning out the transmission with new fluid and filter will solve such issues, but no such luck this time. Take it to a reputable transmission repair shop for an estimate. In the meantime, shift to "N" when you must apply the brakes, then shift to "D" when you want to go again.

You may be able to save money by removing the transmission yourself and taking it to the shop, but let them see the vehicle first to confirm the diagnosis. On front-wheel drive cars, pulling the transmission is a major job; you will probably need to hoist the engine and transmission out together, or disassemble most of the front suspension.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Jul 02, 2017

Your best bet take it to a qualified repair shop that can do the diagnostics for the codes, no code tells you to replace a sensor . Viewing scan data on a professional scan tool an doing diagnostics
CatalystSystem Efficiency Below Threshold(bank2) ! This means you need to have a catalytic converter replaced .
080 EGR and Catalytic Converter Tests EGR Test

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Jun 28, 2017

Power Door Locks Circuit Description
The power door lock system incorporates door lock switches on both front doors and on the RH D-pillar, door lock motors in all passenger doors and in the RR cargo door, a door lock relay and a door lock control module.
Power for the door lock switches and the door lock control module is supplied from the CIG LTR fuse 13 through CKT 640 (ORN). Power for the door lock relay is supplied from the PWR ACCY circuit breaker through CKT 540 (ORN). Ground for the door lock relay is supplied from G202 through CKT 150 (BLK) and ground for the door lock control module is supplied from G400 through CKT 150 (BLK).
The door lock motors are reversible and both sides are connected to the normally closed contacts of the door lock relay. Those contacts of the relay are connected to G202. When any of the door lock switches are placed in the lock position, voltage is supplied through CKT 195 (LT BLU) to the relay lock coil. Since the other side of the lock coil is connected to ground, the coil is energized and it pulls the lock contacts closed. Voltage is then supplied through CKT 295 (GRY) to all the door lock motors and the doors lock. The unlock function operates in much the same manner except that when any of the switches are placed in the unlock position, voltage is supplied through CKT 194 (WHT) to the unlock coil of the relay and CKT 294 (TAN) supplies voltage to the apposite side of the door lock motor and the doors unlock.
Door Lock Control Module Description
The door lock control module is used on vehicles equipped with cargo doors. The purpose of the module is to lock the cargo doors after a lock cycle has been commanded from any of the door lock switches with the cargo doors open. When the RH cargo door is open, the module receives a ground signal from the closed contacts of the rear door jamb switch on CKT 1897 (ORN/BLK) to G400. When a lock command is received, the module retains this input until it receives an open input from the rear door jamb switch. Then the module sends a lock command through CKT 194 (WHT) to the door lock relay and the doors lock.
Rear Cargo Doors Description
The power door lock motor will not operate unless the rear cargo doors are fully closed. The power door lock motor is in the right cargo door. The contactors are on the rear cargo door opening on the body and on the right cargo door.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on May 23, 2017

Your Yukon has only one O2 sensor. If black smoke is present at exhaust pipe while at hi-way speed, it is probably staying in open loop (fuel mapping). most likely a coolant temp sensor. Before changing any parts, perform an OBDII diagnostic test to see the stored fault history. Replace cheapest components first (ie air filter, every 40,000 miles)

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on May 09, 2017

I would also suspect the ignition module. They tend to work ok for a few minutes when they are cold, then fail once they warm up. If you wait awhile for the ICM to cool down, it will work as well as it can until it warms up again. A code scanner is your best friend to know where to start looking, and to perform tests and log data.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Feb 16, 2016

Step by Step Troubleshooting 4wd 4x4 88-98 Chevy GMC ...

? 21:32
Jan 20, 2014 - Uploaded by rwdelling
Step by Step Troubleshooting 4wd 4x4 88-98 Chevy GMC Truck ... flashing indicator lights and then would not shift from 2-4wd atall. .... 1997 2dr Tahoe in Nov and I've been having the same problems all winter. I was getting worried thinking I would have to pay a lot of money to get my 4WD working again.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Jan 04, 2016

You need a scan tool to retrieve the diagnostic trouble codes and repair the fault and clear the code.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Jul 20, 2015

Most fuel injected vehicles no longer experience vapor lock, since fuel circulates continuously thru the fuel rail and back to the tank. More likely, you have an electrical part which gets hot once you shut the truck off. You need to test for spark to the plugs, and also correct fuel pressure when it fails to start and see which is lacking.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Jun 19, 2015

here is a video on where it is and how to install it :)

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Mar 22, 2015

If not On the starter
Then the fuse box under the hood
Should be the location of the alternater fuse

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Feb 12, 2015

Usually if the cable is bad enough to click, the speedo will jump a little with each click. Get passenger to lie on floor with section of rubber hose. Stick one end in ear and poke other end around under dash to try to locate sound.

1997 GMC Yukon | Answered on Dec 30, 2014

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