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Hi. Check if the dimmer for the dash lights has not failed.

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run fault codes and look for EVAP solenoid /sensor / valve as you may be developing a vacuum lock in the fuel line that is starving the fuel system.

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you might have hit hard to close the door. open door pad n try to open the gate

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Job was not done properly, Allso there could be a internal crack in the engine block,

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use the car key itself from outside the vehicle with everything closed: use key in drivers door outside door lock and manually lock and unlock the door. check if fixed, may have to do a few times. i do believe the vehicle is in theft mode.

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The wiper motor on a Volkswagen is an electric motor connected through a drive linkage to the wiper arms. Windshield wipers are an integral feature for operating a motor vehicle safely. If your wipers are not functioning, or seem to lack the speed or power they used to have, the wiper motor should be removed and replaced immediately

  • The wiper motor on a Volkswagen is located directly underneath the plastic cowl cover. The cowl cover is located directly below the windshield.

  • Begin by removing the wiper arms by prying off the covers at the base of the arms and removing the nuts that secure the arms to the drive shafts. Label the passenger and driver arms so they can be installed in the same positions. They are not interchangeable. Remove the rubber hood to cowl weather seal. Unscrew the plastic fasteners from the driver's side of the cowl cover, then remove this half of the cover. Remove the fasteners from the passenger's side cowl cover and remove this half of the cover. Disconnect the windshield wiper motor wiring harness by separating the plastic wiring connector. Remove the three bolts that secure the wiper motor to the vehicle's body. Pull the motor slightly away from the body, then remove the nut that connects the motor shaft to wiper linkage. Remove the motor.

  • Place the new wiper motor into position in the cowl and reconnect it to the wiper arm linkage. Then reinstall the three retaining bolts. Reconnect the plastic wiring connector to the wiper motor wiring harness. Place the cowl covers into position below the windshield and reinstall the plastic fasteners that retain them. Reinstall the rubber hood to the cowl weather seal. Reinstall the wiper arms in the same position you removed them from, along with the wiper arm retaining nuts and lower wiper arm covers. Turn the windshield wipers on and test for proper operation. If the wiper blades slap against the bodywork surrounding the windshield, loosen the nuts that connect the wiper arms to the shafts and adjust.

More Read: OBD2 car diagnostic tool

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then the switch is damabed itself you wil have 2 buy a new 1 n replace it

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see if it is attached at the transmission or if it has come off on the back side of the speedometer if end of cable is broken then you need to buy a new on at the auto parts store.

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You need to check that the alternator is charging the battery.

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  • Are you backing strait up when this noise happens? Or are you turning the wheel also? Also is a definite knock of perhaps a more click click click click.? Does this even happen when going forward? When the car is in drive and you put your foot on the brake and go into reverse, do you hear a profound clunk? Please answer the questions posed to help me help you a little better.
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Hi there,

I suggest you do a fuel pressure and volume test also.

But first, you need to ensure you have good spark. Make a spark tester by gapping an old spark plug to 0.200" and sticking it on a plug wire. Lay it on a metal ground and crank the engine over and see if there is spark. If no spark, then the problem may lie in the ignition system.

Check for battery voltage at the positive side (15) of the coil with the key on. If there is no voltage check the yellow wire from the ignition switch. If there is power there you have a break in the wire somewhere in between.

If you have power to the coil, stick your spark tester in the end of the coil wire.

Then, with the key on, hook a jumper wire to the negative (1) side of the coil and MOMENTARILY ground it. If you get a spark, then the Hall Effect sensor in the distributor is either bad or not getting power.

At this point I would recommend getting a Car Service Manual from the reference section of your local public library. It has a more detailed testing procedure for the testing the Hall Effect sensor and ignition module. It is much too long for me to describe here in this forum.

Good luck...

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dealer only for the clip iam afraid ,also these cables are auto adjusting ,in the middle of the cable is a spring loaded afair that needs compressing and tieing in with a length or thick fence wire .refit it all tne release the wire tie .

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the temp seems to be fine. 80degrees celsius or less in stop and go traffic is normal,especially since the cooling fans are working and coming on at the proper time. the what seems to be running rough is another problem that doesn't seem to related to the cooling system temp. may want to check the spark plugs for worn electrodes.

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Here is a very helpful link to a wiring diagram for your VW's fuse box.

Wiring Diagram for CE2 vehicles

I hope that this helps!

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I have the same problem few days ago, and still didn't find any solution. Can any one please help?????3

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The injectors are fired by the engine controller, check the ECM power supply and make sure the relay is good. Also make sure you have a good clean ground. I hope this helps.

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Most times that i have dealt with that problem fixing cars it was the ignition control module. You might want to start there.

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Sounds like the ignition switch has gone kaput. The ignition switch come in two pieces, an electrical switch and a mechanical switch.

The switch electrical portion can be replaced separatly from the mechanical portion (tumbler that the key engages). It is not a real difficult repair but requires some mechanical knowlege of how the column is assembled.

This can be verified with electrical test equipment prior to buying a new electrical switch.

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You sure can, it is easy as pie buy you have to kinda know what you are doing.... and where the alarm is installed.

First, you take the negative side of the battery off as you will be working on the electrical system of the car.

Then locate the alarm. It will be a small black box usually mounted under the steering wheel somewhere.

Unplug all of the wires from the alarm. There should be wires in a pin block plugged into the alarm box. just unplug the white connectors from the black alarm block.

Cover the pins with electrical tape and make sure that you do this good, you dont want to have an accidental short.

Tape or zip tie the plugs up and out of the way, Leaving these in the car will make it easier when you or the next owner wants to put another alarm in the car. Furthermore, with you taping the ends of the wires up real good, there is relatively low risk in leaving them in there. Out of sight, out of mind... as long as you do a good job :)


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