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before replacing the switch test the blower, make sure its good first, disconnect the plug and then using a batttery or cables run a power and ground to it and see if it runs,its not often the switch goes bad unless the plug at the switch melted,

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Feb 12, 2011

NO when in 2wd the front tires will not turn. I have the same truck

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Feb 12, 2011


The engine compartment fuse box #12 is a 30 amp mini. This is the main headlamp fuse. The interior fuse box #4 and #8 (10amp minis) control the left and right low beams. Fuse #33 (15 amp mini) controls the high beams.

fuses are usually located under the steering column or when you open your driver door ,inside that area.

There is a common problem on this unit for this problem and that is that you have a bad Body Security Moduale or for short they call it a BSM...

But there are two problems with replaceing this unit on your own ,, one is that it is hard to get to ,, its located behind the rear seat back ,, left rear upper corner of the rear seat back ,, and its hard to access it ,,, the second problem is that only the dealer can replace it , due to you have to **** out some programing from the old moduale and put it back into the new moduale ...

but if you want to confirm that the moduale is the problem ,, then start the truck up and turn the auto heal damps on ,,, and make sure they are activated on , you are in the shade or in the dark ,,, and then smack the seat back hard on the upper left corner and see if the headlamps pop back on ,,, if they do then you know for sure that this is your problem

I would call around to two or three dealers and tell them what you want replaced and get the best deal on having them do this

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Feb 05, 2011

this would indicate something wrong with the enguine such as a sensor or emissions control devise. take it to a mechanic and see what code pops up or try your auto parts store who may have a loaner code reader.

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 29, 2011

I have had the same problem with my 2007.
Going to the dealer, they did not found the cause and charge me for 2 hrs invstigation. ($200).

Finnaly I found the source of the problem by myself.

Water entering in the right door and falling on the speaker. + drain holes blocked at the bottom of the door by antirust compound.

Cleaning the drain holes, almost 1.5 liter of water flowing from the inside of the door. 2 days after, door interior drying, the radio start to work normally.

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 25, 2011

not starting stalling and surging.These trucks have a problem from what I was told the other day and have another pump and wirring harness to resolve it.The gentleman that told me had paid to put 3 fuel pumps in Good Luck!

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 25, 2011

remove the dash cluster there are little bulbs in it you can just replaceonetufshoppe_24.gif

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 22, 2011

Your alternator is going bad

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2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 19, 2011

Check to be 100% sure that you battery cables are tight.

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 15, 2011

Mass Air Flow Sensor

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 07, 2011

Hi, First, I would assume that the new pump was defective. After all about 1100 miles is a bit short of a life expectancy for a fuel pump.
The repair should be covered under Warranty by the Dealer if they did the work. The repair job should have at least a one year warranty on parts and labor. The part, no matter who sold it to the dealer, is covered by the supply house (which should have been the Ford Motor Company) that sold it to them.
If the service manager does not want to cover the repair, Ask to speak to the General Manager. Tell him something to the effect that you always thought a fuel pump should typically last 100,000 miles not 1100 miles which is your average usage. I would respectfully demand that this is taken care of . If he does get nasty to you about this, which he shouldn't do. But if he does you might remind him that you didn't purchase a Ranger from him so that you would have to subscribe to the "Fuel Pump a Month club" This once a month figure is based on the average mileage a person drives every month which is much more than you do.
Now that I have vented to you here is the other scenario. If you installed it yourself. Pull it out and take it back to who you bought it from and ask him to replace it under warranty.
The point I'm making here is that you should not have to put your life or any member of your family's life at risk because of this sort of thing. It isn't your personal job to be quality control test dummy for Ford. They are not paying you for this.
I hope this helps you. Let me know what happens.
Best Regards,

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 04, 2011

there are 2 things right off the bat I need you to check. first is to warm up the truck, and turn the heater on. check the hoses going to the heater core. is one getting hot? if not, then follow it back by the engine and you will see a valve with some wiring. that's the heater control valve. it may be stuck shut. try replacing that. if the line is getting hot, then you may have a clogged or damaged heater core. that is under the dash on the passenger side. also check to make sure the vent system is opening at the heater core. this works off of vacuum(little rubber lines. it may also be stuck, you should be able to hear it open and close when you turn the control to heat and back. hope this helps. let me know if this isn't it, and we'll try something else

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Jan 02, 2011

sounds like u have a bad trans. mount letting the trans hit the bottom of truck. check this to see if this is the problem . and i would check driver side motro mount to .

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Dec 26, 2010

You probably hit or pinched the switch or the wire of the left or right side.

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Dec 24, 2010

If its trying to start but won't, it sounds like a fuel problem. was it running good before? if it just turns over with no fire, then it could be a few things. could be the pump relay, pressure reg, or the pump. a relay is about$12, pressure reg @$50, and a pump @$90, in which case you'll have to drop the tank or take the bed off. hope this helps

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Dec 22, 2010

remove panel under glove box should see blower motor follow wires back to it and should be held in by 7or 8 mm. bolts

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Dec 18, 2010

The inner joint (the one in the transmission) has a retaining clip which makes it a little difficult to remove the axle. The easiest way to get it out is to place a pry bar in between the inner cv joint and the transmission (see diagram)nvannoy_1.jpg

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Dec 17, 2010

you dont,it has no connection BUT you can get a fm transmitter the fits the ipod and you just tune your radio into it......so can the guy behind......and the one in front...

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Nov 21, 2010

I would recommend you change the fuel filter and then see if it will start with at last 3 gallon of fuel in the tank. If it still will not start try using some spray starter fluid to get it going.

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Nov 08, 2010

use redexe/wynns injector cleaner (1 can to 1/2 tank fuel)saves taking it apart if it works.....

2005 Ford Ranger | Answered on Nov 04, 2010

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