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Have your catalytic converter checked. You might have a blockage in the exhaust.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Mar 06, 2018

Hi, Look in the foot well (where you normally have you feet) you should see a return spring attached to the clutch pedal, if missing or you can see broken spring you need to buy another spring, you will see parts of broken spring where they fit not a very hard job to replace. Please leave me feedback thanks, Malcolm Campbell.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Sep 19, 2017

Hi, Recommend you clean or change the radiator thermostat this should solve the problem. Please leave me feedback thanks, Malcolm Campbell.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Sep 19, 2017

You need to replace the fuel filter. Also the age of the car warrants replacing the fuel pump too. If its drawing high amps the relay will fail. Straight wiring a fuel pump is a safety concern. A fire or explosion hazard exist due to arcing at fuel pump motor. Yes it is inside the fuel tank and is very old. Replace it.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on May 24, 2017

Look for a bad ballast resistor that applies power to all the injectors

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Mar 28, 2017

Good job, sounds like you got it going your way.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Mar 19, 2017

Hi Angela,could be a clogged fuel filter or a bad fuel pump,Here's a link showing you how to replace the fuel filter. Repair Guides Routine Maintenance Fuel Filter AutoZone com Here's another link to a new fuel filter. Duralast Fuel Filter FF651DL ReadReviews onDuralast FF651DL Here's another link on how to replace the fuel pump,change the filter first. Repair Guides Gasoline Fuel Injection System Electric Fuel Pump AutoZone...

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Oct 31, 2016

Do you have a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter ? Test an be sure what's wrong ! Find a wiring diagram for free at www.bbbind.com then check for B+ going into the switch an coming out going to the flasher unit ! With the turn signals on do you feel or hear the flasher clicking ! Wiring Diagram How To Video

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Sep 17, 2015

According to the Haynes Manual, page 25, the fuel tank capacity is 21.125 gals. Hope this helps.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jun 10, 2015

Go to the mfg's web site and enter year make and model it should have one you can download.

Col. Dana Gillespie

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Apr 13, 2015

i have a leak as well the car engine act like it going to stop several time until it do stop!!!

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jan 29, 2015

There's a vacuum leak . Start with where the hoses connect to the engine then work your way back up to the controls for the AC and heat. look for cracks or spongy hoses.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Oct 29, 2014

if this is a carby engine then the hesitation can be from a faulty power valve in the carby (Carby overhaul) or incorrect timing . It could be an indication that the turbo is not spooling up quickly enough to produce the air required on acceleration Check for any split/loose vacuum hoses that are altering the mixture

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 17, 2014

If you are sure you are having problems with the combination switch, like the headlight dimmer switch, try spraying a little "Tuner cleaner that you can buy at radio shack into the switch in the area where the switch is. The high/low beam switch (work the switch a bunch of times because if thedr is trash on them it may taake a few sprays and working them before they work right. If the switch is structured different you have to take a different approach which doesn't necessarily mean dismantling the switch. if I'm not mistaken is where it goes into the steering column. Follow the switch arm into the column cover or better if you can remove it and gain access to it. The same goes for the wiper switches. All most switches are is a set of contact points. At some point in time they eithey either get burnt, worn or dirty.
Someone who knows a little about electronics may be able to resolve the problem without you having to buy a new switch. BE CAREFUL! you can get in over you head real fast if you don't pay close attention. Do your work on a kind of cloth which small things can not roll around on. Keep a digital camera at hand and document each step of your proceedure if you are going to take a stab at it your self. After all, if the switch is bad you really only have one option . buy a replacement! If you are successful enough to get to the contact areas, a fine abrasive like 2000 grit sand paper to polish the surfaces. DO NOT BEND the arms which the points are on, they already have enough tention. If any, just tweek them a little because you don't want them to stay connected when you don't want them to be! I hope I'v been helpful.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 04, 2014

How to set a timing WHAT? Ignition or valve timing? You need to be more specific and we need to know if we are working with a turbo?

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 04, 2014

Unplug the air flow meter and carefully look at each connector.
Theese are bad about corroding between the coonctors and the air flow meters. Make up a very tiny little sharp objrct that you can munipulate with your hand it must have the capabitly of scrapeing small pins in confined areas to clean them. It is time consuming but worth the effort. very carefully, scrape each connector on both sides (if it is the female connector you will have to be patient because you can bend the the little arms that the pins slide into) Scrape them thoroughly EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!
Then scrape the surface areas (or pins which plug into the plug you just cleaned) Ideally get some diaelectric grease, you can buy a small tube at youyour local parts house. It's a white grease. (This will keep the connector from corroding again) Pack it into the plug you just cleaned and then plug it back into the air flow meter.
MAKE SURE YOU AREN'T STARTING OUT WITH FOULED PLUGS! I'm willing to bet, based on your description, if it's accurate and the air flow meter is good and has not been tampered with, you car should improve significantly. let me know.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 04, 2014

Hopefully you haven't rounded them off. They should be 12mm NUTS that you are trying to get loose, not bolts. With a good quality open end wrench and managing to fully seat the wrench on the nut (spray a little WD40 on the threads) you can put a fairly large and long screw driver or better, pry bar through the center of the "u" joint. Position the wrench so there is some room for rotation. Put the screw driver or pry bar through the ujoint of the drive shaft to keep it from allowing it to turn while youre applying force to the wrench. Turning the nut in a "counter clockwise" direction" it should come loose. In some cases, if your lucky, you can get a box end wrench on the nut, which is even better because it won't slip off or round the nut. Have fun

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 04, 2014

On thermostat housing there are three compmnents. One has a yellow wire going to it. That is the coolant temperature sending unit for the temperature guage. The second unit above it is a coolant temperature sensor which relates to the fuel injection system to tell the compueter what temperature the coolant is. The third switch is the thermal time switch and is the largest of all of the switches in the housing. This feeds information to operate the cold start injector which is operated for a "very" brief period of time (or window in which the circuit to the cold start valve wil energize) and is not quite the same as a choke. Just because the engine is cold doesn't guarantee that the cold start valve is going to energize. The sensor is more like a buackup to keep the cold start valve from opening every time you turn the key. The engine temperature just insures that this will not cause an accidental occurance flooding condition. It will not operate even it you have let your car sit for hours after having driven it. Usually it takes all day unless in a very cold climate, or over night before it will operate again. The coolant has to be stone cold.

1983 Nissan... | Answered on Jul 04, 2014

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