20 Most Recent 1986 Nissan Sentra 4 Door - Page 9 Questions & Answers

-Check fuel pressure. It must be within its specification.

Good Luck


Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Mar 10, 2015

Radio static can come from a number of areas. The first to check is if it is on the station properly. The next is your electrical system. Is the power supply to the radio clean? Check if there is a capacitor (a short round metal tube) mounted on the radio chassis and connected to the power wire. Make sure it is OK.
There are many other places you can pick up static noise, such as the hood (bonnet). There should be an earth cable between the hood and the body of the car. Check for a capacitor (also called a condenser) on the alternator, mounted to the alternator and the battery cable.
If a quick search does not solve your problem, take it to a professional car radio installer.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Mar 07, 2015

port side aft of stern

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Mar 04, 2015

Just standard ATF, Not type F. Actually I have heard you can use any Tranny fluid in Non Ford models but can only use Type F fluid in Ford model vehicles. I used to use type F in my MOPAR with Performance engine and Tranny with no problems. But if you are worried then use ATF or ATF+4 fluid and you should be fine.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Mar 02, 2015

If you don't have a diagnostic tool, take it into a Jiffy lube or similar place, and ask them to read the code for you. You may have a fault causing the engine light to be on. They will do it for free, and you can ask them to clear it, but write any code down and tell them you will bring it back when you can afford to have them service it.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Feb 09, 2015

First, disconnect your battery .Locate the starter and there will only be a couple of bolts holding it on, maybe three. You will have to disconnect the power leads to the starter as well. Once unbolted it will just pop out..may need to tap it lightly with a hammer to get it free. Quit often with starters you will need the steering wheel to be in the right position to drop it out.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Jan 31, 2015

It is fairly hard to diagnose from this,but I am assuming that it ran ok the last time you ran it.It may be flooded.hold the gas pedal to the floor and crank the engine.Do not be tempted to lift your foot or pump the pedal.It may have to crank for 20 seconds or more,but it should begin to fire up, first 1 cylinder,then 2 etc,again do not lift your foot until it is firing on all cylinders and revs up cleanly ,then lift but keep it revving a little until all gas is cleared and the plugs arent fouled.
hope this helps or get back with some more information

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Jan 24, 2015

Running an engine without a thermostat will allow it to run too cold. This will cause oil problems and fuel efficiency problems. The computer will make adjustments for a cold engine which will affect idle speed, timing, and pollution controls. You may have a plugged radiator or a water pump not moving enough water or a bad thermostat. The cost of a thermostat is much less than the damage you will cause running without one. If the radiator is plugged. running without a thermostat will not solve the over heating condition.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Jan 17, 2015

If the engine overheated with the loss of coolant then expect a warped head. Make sure the radiator hoses have no leaks, cracks or feel spongy. Leaking freeze plugs will cause coolant leaks on the lower part of the engine too. A worn clutch has no effect on the cooling system. Excessive engine wear has possibly happened since the coolant loss. Oil can over heat and cause bearings to fail. It would be a good idea to have the engine checked out to see what the level of internal wear actually is.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Jan 16, 2015

Take the door panel off and remove the linkage and retainer for the lock cylinder. If you just need it rekeyed take that part to locksmith, so it will match the other cylinders and work with your key

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Jan 09, 2015

is this a normal stock proceedure??? or hacks.?
or is this custom work, if the former,, the FSM covers this
factory service manual.
alldata.com, log in and read.? uSA
but this is not USA car, right
its dicktator somewhere on this planet.
go to your nissan dealer and buy the book !

my guesss? read this dialog so see how odd all this is.


if stock the FSM ALWAYS WINS, But seems no one bothers...sigh.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Jan 08, 2015

Check the cables from the battery to the engine and body(both of them). Also check the ground straps from the engine to the body.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Dec 17, 2014

Rebuild the transmission. It is old and tired.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Dec 13, 2014

Can not use a vehicle without a converter

You have no fuel control, without it

Where did the oxygen sensors go?

Sounds like you have zero vehicle experience
& need a repair shop

Head Gasket a possible

Compression test won't tell you the complete story

Need to do the proper tests for a head gasket, as well
as Cylinder Leak Down Test

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Dec 05, 2014

Who is going to do that work?

Do you have no factory manuals or cd?

Have you not looked for video to watch
on any similar vehicle repair?

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Nov 24, 2014

I recently came across a Sentra that had a blown head gasket. A head gasket can blow in a number of ways, this one was blown between number 2 and 3 cylinder, as well as between 3 and 4 cylinder, across the combustion chambers.
One would expect the car to at least misfire, but this one didn't, it ran like a clock, only had power loss and hard starting when cold.
Just try to have a compression test taken at your local service station and see what gives.
The only other suggestion I have is that your fuel pump may be dicey. The logic is that when cold, the car had stood for a while and fuel had run back from the carb through the pump valves and it takes some time for the pump to push it back to the carb. When it eventually does, the engine will start and when you switch it off and start again, the fuel is there and the engine kicks over immediately since the fuel did not have time to run back.
Someone else have a handle on this one?

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Nov 21, 2014

Sure it is. Remove the bolts from the strut, ball joint and the stabilizer bar. If AWD, remove the nut from the axle. Use a hammer to release the ball/ stabilizers, joints. Dont hit the threads.

Nissan Sentra... | Answered on Nov 09, 2014

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