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The craziest thing happened to a sunbird I once had it had electronic Speedometer. The speedometer would show anywhere from 20 to 30 MPH sitting still. I will always remember it because it turned out to be a bad voltage regulator. I had to change the alternator. It could be other things but it should be cheep to have your alternator checked. Most Auto supply places will check for free. My car did not do it till you drove it around a while. If you can have it checked after it starts acting up I think it would be a better test. Just a thought which came from my past.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Feb 13, 2018

Check your clutch pedal switch,may be loose or bad,I have a 85 nissan 720,replaced my switch their years ago.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Mar 04, 2017

WRONG! Leave the radio on for 1 hour using the key and accessories to reset then enter the pin. You get the pin from nissan customer service in your area but you need to supply your vin/chassis number.

To enter the pin you press buttons 1-4 corresponding to the number of the pin eg. pin is 1023, press button 1 once, 2 ten times, 3 two times, 4 three times

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Jul 18, 2016

That compression is pretty low, you should be seeing around 140+ per cylinder. I would try a squirt of 90 weight in each hole and see if it will start.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Aug 12, 2015

Did you inspect and clean the connection fitting? You should also use a bulb connector fitting lubricant...did you touch the new bulb with finger grease or any dirt? These headlight bulbs are extremely sensitive to hand oil...the connection sounds serviceable...Hope this helps.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on May 14, 2015

Timing marks are off. Get access to the crank mark and cam marks. Make sure they are in the right position. Reset them , turn the crank two revolutions by hand and make sure they are still lined up. Not close, but lined up. If off a bit, use a pry bar on the tensioner, tighten up and recheck.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on May 03, 2015

all PCV valves are located in valve cover

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Feb 25, 2015

The diesel fuel is not a good lubricant for the pump and plugged the sock inside the tank replace the fuel pump and sock also pull spark plugs and clean I am sure it is running like ******* the diesel coats the plugs so they won't fire without being cleaned. Gas is much thinner than diesel and the gas lubricates the pump once the diesel washed off the bearings in the pump if most likely finished off a pump about to go anyway.17 years is a long time for new pump to last and in 92 they were not putting in the junk they are now in our fuels. If you need more help or want a price on the pump let me know.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Jan 28, 2015

I can't remember if the j21 has a single or twin cams, but here is a solution if you haven't taken the old timing chain off yet. Take off the timing cover and the camshaft cover. Remove all spark plugs. Place a wire (welding rod or a piece of an old wire coat hanger) into the n;umber one plug hole - this is the plug for no. 1 cylinder, the cylinder nearest the radiator. Turn the engine until the exhaust valve just closes and the intake valve just opens. This is referred to as the valves "rocking". At this point the wire should be right at the top of the piston stroke, and the number one piston is timed to take in gas on the down stroke, that is, the intake stroke. At this point you should see the timing marks on the timing gears and their relationship to one another. The marks are either dots on the gear teeth, or marks on the camshaft which line up with marks on the cylinder head. These marks line up when the crankshaft is at top dead center, which is the position you turned the crank to while feeling the position of the piston with the wire. I wish you well, good luck.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Dec 21, 2014

If it has a carburetor you probably need change the float and needle and seat.go to utube and look

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Nov 10, 2014

you will have to check fuel pressure and volume. can you hear the pump run, when was the fuel filter last changed. are the injectors working.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Sep 29, 2014

Could be anything. Vacuum, valves, rings, tune up. Check vacuum lines. Then check compression before you do a tune up. If you have bad compression in a cylinder, tuneups don't help. In that case, either drive it till it dies or replace/rebuild the engine.

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Aug 31, 2014

Are all 4 of your tires the same size?

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Aug 04, 2014

they must be there once oppened

1992 Nissan... • Answered on Jul 12, 2014

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