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I would say between 5-6 quarts.
I would add at least 4 qts. Then check the oil dip stick. Then add the rest of the oil accordingly till full.

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rkgaynor i recomend checking your drivers side front door latch adjustment-the striker on the B-pillar may need to be loosened and adjusted inwards which will make the door close tighter-sounds like at higher speeds your body may lean against the door and cause the door switch to illuminate the interior lights-before looseing the bolts i recomend tracing the striker with a pencil so if any large adjustments occur and door doesnt close or open properly you will know where the original position was and can change it back.

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kavtrom to reset the clock you use the instrument cluster by navigating the steering wheel multi function keys untill cluster states settings-after you have set the time while the instrument cluster multi function screen is still at the clock settings you have to press the the reset button/dimmer knob on left side of instrument cluster and the clock will go backwards until 9-10 oclock and then will forward itself to the correct time

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Mercedes brakes are setup with a pad wear indicator on the pads, one of the four pads in the front should have had a wire attached to it ( as well as in the rear brakes if 4 wheel disc). If this wire is broken or was't re-installed on the new pads, this will trigger the light on your vehicle, if all the wirs are connected properly and in place i would suggest taking it to the dealer to have them take care of the light. Hope this helps

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If your vehicle has an armrest that folds down in the back seat (and doubles as a place to jam your snow skis through when you don't have a roof rack), put that down, get a flashlight and look back in the trunk for a safety release. It is usually made of white translucent plastic.

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Hello, You probably have brake pads that are worn down to the sensors. You will need to take it to whomever does your repairs. It could be either the front or rear pads or both.

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your remote has a key on it, the bit u connect to a keyring comes off, that is the key

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There is a valve that is located between engine and firewall. I fixed it myself with help from benzworld.org. It seems to be a common problem with this model and the new valve has a slightly different part number and is supposed to be better. It took about 1 hr. you have to take a few parts off to get to the valve, but if you can handle basic tools, it should be ok. there are great step by step pics on the benz site. part is about $40 at dealer. good luck!

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i got to admitt thats alot of things to go wrong at once. i am no expert here, but there is a chance you got a loose or broken ground somewhere. chk. battery cables make sure there clean and tight, and any other ground straps you can find. with todays computered cars and trucks grounds are a big thing and just one not making contact can make the whole system go haywire. GOOD LUCK.

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at a dealership $300USD
At a tire place - under $100USD

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parktronic no switch to turn it off what do i do

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it means the tire is in danger of contacting the inner fender, is it low in front on the right side? if not the ride height sensor is most likely defective.

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I had a similar problem on my e270 cdi and fixed this by earthing the 3rd brake light . This has solved the problem . No more errors like : 3dr brake light and numbret plate light malfunction ...

[email protected]

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You will need access to an OBD II Code reader,this will determine what engine sensors are faulty by providing you with a fault code,once you have the code and determine what sensor is at fault you can them replace the sensor and using the OBD clear the fault code/s

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sounds like crank sensor buy a hella brand, not a cheap one

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A possibility can be a bad wire or plug that is breaking down under a load. It might be time for a tune up.

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Mercedes-Benz W211 Models are equipped with two batteries. The batteries in your w211 are an absorbed glass mat (AGM) type, which is different from the older style lead acid batteries. AGM batteries house the battery acid in glass mats. Lead acid batteries house the fluid between lead plates. AGM batteries are made of very thin glass fibers woven into a mat. This increases the surface area enough to hold sufficient electrolytes on the cells for their lifetime. Lead tends to absorb some of the acid, shortening battery life. There are positives and negatives when using AGM over lead acid batteries. For example, an AGM may charge faster, but is more susceptible to damage from overcharging. They produce less gas than a lead acid battery, can be mounted in any position (do not leak) and are safer for the environment because of this. One downside is the increased cost. Also, charging systems have evolved along with the battery type, allowing greater control of charging current via sensors and computer controlled adaptation.
The main battery in W211 models is located in the center of the trunk, mounted in a well, below the trunk carpet. The auxiliary battery is located in the right side of the engine compartment, near the HVAC intake. When replacing your battery, be sure to use a high quality unit. Replacing the battery can be done in a short amount of time. Read the battery connection notes before disconnecting the battery. Before disconnecting your battery, remove the key from the vehicle and store it in a safe place and note the radio presets. When the battery is reconnected or loses its charge, the following items may need attention (depending on vehicle equipment). You may have to reset your clock, enter the radio presets, initialize power windows, initialize the sunroof and normalize the steering angle sensor. See our tech article on battery replacing, for info on the main battery and jump-starting.
The auxiliary battery supplies power for a limited time if system charging or battery voltage drops. The battery control module monitors system voltage. If voltage reaches a low point, the auxiliary battery relay closes to connect the battery to the vehicle fuse blocks.
Remember that your car may have been serviced before and had parts replaced with different size fasteners used in the replacement. The sizes of the nuts and bolts we give may be different from what you have so be prepared with different size sockets and wrenches.
Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle. If you're working with the electrical system, disconnect the battery before beginning. Always catch fluids in appropriate containers and properly dispose of any fluid waste. Recycle parts, packaging and fluids when possible. Never work on your vehicle if you feel the task is beyond your ability.

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Have you tried both fobs? sounds to me like the button itself on the fob above the MBZ symbol for locking isn't working. You can take the key fob apart, and check the little buttons on the PCB / board itself for function. Sometimes they get stuck with dirt / grime to the point where the button itself under the plastic shell is not engaging.

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You may be overfilling and allowing excess gas go into canisters sensor "smells" excess fuel. Always stop at first bowser click-off and proceed slowly.

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