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The sliding door ajar switch has a tan/yellow and black wire going to the switch. Chrysler has issued a service bulletin for this problem and issue a bumper pad to prevent inadvertent door ajar warning. Try to find bulletin 08-21-94

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for a belt to run off the pulleys , one of the pulleys will not be mounted parallel to all the other pulleys
check alternator pulley for alignment, power steering for alignment and tensioner pulleys for alignment
place a long straight edge across the faces of the pulleys to another pulley and see if it touches both side of the pulleys
check the idler pulley for failing bearings that will not allow that pulley to run in line under tension

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If you don't have the equipment to check the system take it to Auto Zone, etc, and have them check the system. Just because it is a new part doesn't insure it is good. They can also run a check for the codes. Both checks should be without charge.

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The check engine light could relate to something else - not your battery or alternator.

If your battery isn't charging from the alternator an illuminated battery symbol would appear.

It could be many things - low oil level, low coolant level, low windscreen washer fluid level. It could even be an electronic 'fault' - which a computerised diagnostic check would identify.

If the battery warning light is illuminated the first thing you should do is to check the tension of the alternator belt. You say that a new battery and alternator have been fitted? Take it to an auto electrician - he should identify any fault within minutes.

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most likely a manual gear box is it
jumping out of gear indicates the the gear is
not properly engaged --adjust linkages
check gear lever for obstructions in mounted on the tunnel
loose /incorrectly tensionedd bell housing bolts
failed rear engine mounts
drive line vibrations
or possible badly worn gear teeth
jumping out of gear is when the mating gears are not exactly in line and the slight angle makes one gear walk out of mesh with the other.

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Either the wheel bearing is bad or you do not have the axle all the way into the transmission

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If you are saying the front axle is having issues with a vibration while driving then you should take it back to the mechanic that did the work. The other things that need to be checked are the bearings and the cv joints. Also don't forget the tires, they could bee out of balance too.

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Sounds like a fuel issue. Hook a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail and start the van. You should have at least 40lbs of pressure. Unfortunately for you, Dodge put everything in the fuel tank as a unit, so if it is just a plugged fuel filter you are still looking at a high repair bill.

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Check answer to other post with the same question.

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Oil level may be low. Check your oil.

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Make sure the battery is disconnected and the airbag.

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depending how bad the head is on it if it is a star head get a Philips screw driver tap it down on screw with hammer just to shock it spray some WD40 on it let it sink in see if you can turn the screw a fraction just to get it up a bit if head then buggers up get a mole grips grip it onto screw and turn it slowly that way i have done many like that hope info is usefull

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old car. If you want simple guessing , just wait it will com.e...
on new cars, it be lack of engine power (or DTCs stored showing bad problems, with LEAN fuel, or EGR stuck open or throttle motor sticking) but back WHEN its vastly more crude and simple and problematic.
I'll answer for USA cars. and stock systems,
all the above same but not throttle elect. motor. no throttle by wire then/.
there are 2 systems, vacuum mech. or electro mech.
one yanks the throttle , the other adds metered air to control speed.
just one glance at it and bingo , post a photo.?

caravan ,not grand caravan
which enigne, of the many, cruise parts can vary by engine type.
my online shows 5 engines and not one PCM has cruise pin(s)
its a separate system then, found in the last chapters in the FSM.
2 possibles.
  • (engine running lean, at cruise, or misfiring) (tune up time>?)
  • or the cruise parts are bad.

id say the cruised servo motor is bad or its valve. sticks.
if parts are sticking clean it , lube it and it might correct.
I do not have access to the servo data. at all.
join a real dodge forum and get that.

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Look at a Factory Wiring Diagram

No other way

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What engine?

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Got fuel? Sounds crazy but you'd be surprised how many times I have poured a gallon of gasoline into someones car to get it to start.

No start condition is the most frustrating problem. More information on what happens when you turn the key would help......but basicaly you need 4 things to make a car start. Fuel. Air. Spark. Timing. - Fuel, Air, Spark and Timing are needed to start/run. Asked about fuel, but is the fuel getting to the cylinder? Do you have fuel pressure at the fuel rail(s)? When you turn the key to the "On" or "Run" position, do you hear a whining sound coming from the rear (fuel tank area)? That is your fuel pump priming the system. No sound? Check fuses and relays associated with the fuel system. Air. You need air to the cylinder to make it start and run. Check your air intake and filter. Really clogged and dirty filter? Pull it out and try to start. No go? Put it back (change ASAP) and look for Spark. Spark includes battery. Are there any loose connections to/from your battery? Really corroded terminals? Clean and tighten the connections. Try to start. No go? Pull the spark plug wire off an easily accessible spark plug (grasp the "boot" as close to the plug as possible and wiggle back and forth easily while pulling - these boots and wire connectors are fairly delicate). Remove the spark plug (be careful and dont break it or cross thread it when putting back in) and pop the wire back on it and set the plug on top of your engine (away from the spark plug hole). Have someone try to start the engine. You should see the spark plug fire its tiny bright blue spark. If not, you have found your problem. The problem is likely a bad coil, bad coil wire, distributor cap, rotor or a combination of these. If you have spark, then it has come down to timing. There are lots of things that affect timing in modern cars. There are a couple of sensors that jump out - Crankshaft and Camshaft position sensors. These will generally quit working while driving and you will likely notice the problem beforehand with it running really rough and getting crappy mileage, and the check engine light will come on and give you all kinds of hints. IF you turn the key and nothing happens, it might be a broken timing belt, but again, those usually fail under working conditions. It is possible (rare) the timing belt slipped/broke when you last shut off the engine, but I would point at the other 3 things first (Fuel, Air & Spark). Hope this helps. Good luck.

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check for fuel leaks if there is none then replace the fuel filter if you have not changed it in a long time. check the fuel pressure as if its not in spec then this symptom is a result, and the fuel pump will have to be replaced. if these things are good then you may need to clean the throttle body. this is the area that the throttle cable connects to but the inside section. remove the air box so you can see inside the throttle body and see the throttle valve. using a tooth brush and throttle cleaner, that you can buy at any parts store, and spray the throttle valve and clean it with the brush until there is no more dirt.

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Make sure the plastic shield is not missing below the pulleys which keeps road debris and excess water off belt and pulleys. Also check that the alternator or power steering pump are not slightly out of alignment.

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