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You have a short in the switch or resistor pack. replace the switch

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Sep 30, 2018

Do you know how to test automotive electrical circuits ? Viewing wiring diagrams an using a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter to test the circuit's ? Voltage drop testing , this is how to trouble shoot electrical problems . Mastering Voltage Drop Testing with Pete Meier and Jerry Truglia Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know Free wiring diagrams here http://www.bbbind.com/free-tsb Enter vehicle info. year , make , model an engine . Under system click on lighting ,then under subsystem click on headlamps . Click the search button ,then on the blue link . Does the vehicle have DRL - daytime running lamps ?

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Feb 27, 2018

Without testing the electrical circuit's we'd only be guessing . Looking at wiring diagrams to see if the instrument cluster & fog lamps share a common ground or power supply would be a good first step. Do you know how to use a DVOM - digital volt ohmmeter to test electrical circuit's ? Do you know how electrical circuits work ? Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know Free wiring diagrams here http://www.bbbind.com/free-tsb Enter vehicle info. Year , make , model an engine . Under system click on lighting ,then under subsystem click fog lamps . Check power an ground supply . Then under subsystem click instrument cluster ,check where it's power an ground is . Use voltmeter an test the circuit's . Looking at the wiring diagrams i don't see anything these too have in common , power or ground . All you can do is test the circuit's . Find what's missing .

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Jan 28, 2018

For a 3.5L Remove Cross braces above battery and air box remove battery remove battery tray disassemble air box remove engine computer remove air box remove radiator fans drain coolant remove coolant resevoir remove serpentine belt remove thermostat remove alternator out hole that battery was covering. Install new thermostat seal.

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Dec 21, 2017

You have not indicated whether you live in the "rust belt" of the northern United States, or in the south. Up north, salt damage can cause all this, because it can get into the harness sockets and short out all things electric. Another consideration. When your car was made, at various times in the assembly, wire harnesses were plugged in to one another. If you car was ever in a wreck, the connections could loosen, causing this. And, last but no least, sometimes people have to add a bunch of extra "ground wires" to their car, because some get unhooked by various persons working on the car, and do not get reconnected. Sometimes these are in areas of the car you cannot see, they are hidden. God bless your efforts.

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Sep 25, 2017

Use a voltmeter to check the DC voltage to the maf by probing the back of the connector on the pink and black wires. Have someone start the car while you watch the meter. It should show the alternator voltage of 13.5-14.5 vdc, and it should stay constant. Watch it until the engine dies. If the car passes this test, switch from the pink wire to the yellow wire and do the same thing. The voltage on the yellow wire will be lower, but it should not change much until the engine dies. If the car fails either of these tests, there is some problem with the wiring. If the car passes these tests, the circuit is probably ok. That means something is probably blocking airflow. Remove the air filter and look/feel upstream. Check the inlet duct on the front of the car for blockage. Maybe a plastic bag got stuck in there... 0900c15280217ed5-j1axptdruxmkgupulmd503d3-1-0.gif

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Aug 17, 2017

if the starter motor click but does not engage, the engine will not turn over failing solenoid in the starter motor is usually the fault.

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Aug 10, 2017

You have posted this in the wrong section (Oldsmobile) and no one will be able to find your posting to help.

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Jul 03, 2017

You must hook up a scanner that can read the ABS system to the diagnostic connector under the dash and see what faults codes are present in memory.

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Jun 20, 2017

Try changing the fuel filter.the fuel pump may be going bad also. Is the check engine light on?

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on May 14, 2017

one thing you can try is to get one of those magnetic pick up tools at a parts store.......prefferably one with a large magnet...and put a cloth around the end of it so you dont scratch the plastic on you gauges and try to pull it back to where it belongs,i have done this a few times with good results,hope this helps

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on May 04, 2017

the air feels hot ( compressed) because the ac compressor is not working you say that occasionally it kicks in and then the air is cold that could be either a climate control module , thermostat compressor relay problem but which ever way you look at it it will cost cash the best way is to have the problem properly diagnosed by an accredited ac specialist shop and get a quote and then decide on the fix

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Apr 21, 2017

could be a good candidate for the overheating problem it is probably the oil line that goes to the oil cooler in the radiator and if it doesn't have sufficient flow then the oil in the transmission gets progressively hotter before replacing it consider this transmission oil coolers that are in the radiator tank keep the oil at coolant temps which is around 95 C if you spend a bit of cash and fit an air to air transmission cooler , it brings the operating temp of the oil down to 1/2 ambient temp besides the fact that your are now removing an added heat source from the coolant of the engine the results are --cooler running engine and cooler running transmission worth talking to an accredited transmission specialist shop

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Apr 03, 2017

Try the cheapest Fixes first 1) change the air filter. 2) change the fuel filter. Add 1 can of B&G44K to a full tank of 91 octane fuel. This additive is the best on the market and only available through dealerships(Do not substitute). It will condition the fuel pump and injectors. Try this first, Then redo the ODBII test. Erase all stored faults after reading. Put a dab of RTV on the bare wires at the crank sensor to insulate wires.

1999 Oldsmobile... • Answered on Mar 20, 2017

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