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injectors don t click you might want look for relays in that area. if fuel pump relay is clicking look at fuel pressure. To low or to high can cause this to

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I would have to say, you are do for a rebuild for the transmission. Could be the valve body also. You may need both.

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You may just want to replace the cluster. The back of the cluster is actually a circuit board, so replacing it, even with a salvage yard cluster, will more than likely fix your issue. Not too hard to replace, either, as long as you are patient!!

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The injectors have constant voltage to them with key on. It is a fused circuit. The computer internally grounds the injector ground wire to cause injector circuit on- to pulse the injector, and fuel is then sprayed out. It is a separate circuit from the pump circuit.

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Hi Callie, as I don't know your vehicle as such, by rule of thumb there is a number of large fuses that are approx. 15mm square right next to the battery, they are in the same location as the relays, some push in but most in this block bolt in because they are such hi capacity, between 40 amp to 160 amp these supply power to the relays, actually everything in the car go through these fuses

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Check the oil level in the transmission. Check that it is cherry red and not dark brown indicating internal failure. Have a pressure test done on the transmission . have a clutch and brake band adjustment done. change filter in the transmission.

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The warning for the transmission program indicates an issue with the transmission. Usually it is due to mechanical problems, but sometimes it can be due to an electrical issue. I recommend having the vehicle scanned and diagnosed.

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Michael Moore? Woot, I get to talk to a celebrity!

Sorry, couldn't help myself, falling over.
You add fluid through the dipstick tube. Use a small funnel. Don't overfill. Check level with engine at normal operating temperature, idling, in park, and on level surface.
Good luck.

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I had the same exact thing happen to me. First I disconnected the hateful and that reset it for a few months but ended up rebuilding my grant

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Yes you do have to remove the intake, there is a video of this on YouTube,

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Hi, what you feel is your anti-lock brake actuator pumping the brakes. This is probably due to dirty/dusty or improperly adjusted brake shoes causing the rear brakes to lock. It is also possible that you have a leak in one or both rear brake cylinders. Have your rear brakes checked, cleaned, and adjusted. If you would like to do it yourself, I can provide instructions--just let me know.

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Pull the radio and give me the serial #. I'll get you the code for free.

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I had that happen with an Acura. The dealer can give you that info...but...some of them charge a fee for the info.

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You will have to take that serial number to a BMW dealer. They may ask for proof of ownership.
If they want to charge you for looking this up, try another dealer, but the service writer should be able to look it up in about one minute given your serial number.

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There are latches at the right and the left sides of the front of the rear seat, kneel down and look at the bottom of the rear seat and you will see the attachment, there is a latch that you have you move to lift the seat out of the clasp once one the left and then on the right,front of the seat lifts up and then pull forward to remove.

The front edge of the rear seat bottom will pop up when lifted. Pop up one side first, then the other side. Now you can just slide the seat bottom forward, and remove from the vehicle.


Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!!

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warm engine up then raise/jack up front of vehicle there is a 17mm nut/oil plug on the bottom of the aluminum oil pan that you will need to remove and drain into oil pan that can hold at least 7qt of oil. then from the top there is a round aluminum cover with a 13mm bolt near the front of the engine that will need to removed and the oil filter is inside that will need to be replaced dont forget to replace the seals on the cap and screw that come with the oil filter. then after oil is finished draining re-install drain plug with new seal lower car back on grond and then install new oil filter and seals then add oil 6qt. to start then start engine and run for 30 sec. wait 10sec. then check oil level and add as needed

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The starter solenoid is not getting engaged with the flywheel.The solenoid is got weak/ worn out. Replacing the starter is advisable.To replace starter there is a proper procedure. Please click the link below and get exact procedure:---- ---------- In this link there is all proper instructions mentioned with proper diagrams to be followed.--------- this will help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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Headlights pulsate as well?
This generally means that the brushes in the alternator are worn out.
If you are handy with a soldering iron, and willing to hunt till you find brushes that fit, you can replace just the brushes for less than $5.
Or you can buy a new voltage regulator. It comes with the new brushes in it. It attaches to the back of your alternator with two screws. It costs $30 to $80 on line depending on which alternator you have.

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