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Go to your local Best Buy or other consumer electronics store and buy a CD cleaning disk. Insert it into your CD player and let it run its cycle. The try a music CD. Good luck.

2005 Ford... • Answered on Oct 19, 2019

It will be in a fuse panel, there are usually 2 fuse panel /boxes under the steering wheel kick panel to the left, down underneath the steering wheel, or in the glove box area and then of course under the hood next to the battery usually, whatever you do look at te lid on the box of the one under the hood it should have a diagram of the correct location of the interior lights./ they are called courtesy lights sometimes, only replace that blown fuse with the same amperage as the one in there do not put a higher one in there, hope this helps

2005 Ford... • Answered on May 06, 2019

Change your fuses your fusebox probably got wet when you had the water leak or if your unlucky it could be a problem with the cars computer but i think they are usually on the passenger side so probably not

2005 Ford... • Answered on Apr 25, 2019

I had got its manual from online store www.reliable-store.com. Here's the site link I am sure they will help you

2005 Ford... • Answered on Mar 12, 2018

This is pretty common on the 2005 Mustangs, it's caused by failing stepper motors in the instrument cluster, they control the movement of the gauges. There's a guide on how to fix them here - <a href="http://2005-mustang-speedometer-problem.com/">2005 Mustang speedometer problem</a>

2005 Ford... • Answered on Feb 12, 2018

Try the lower help section on the Autozone web page. It can be a little difficult to stay on the FREE side of the help topics but if you only look up 12 times in a year for free then it is no cost. Otherwise there is a member fee. That said, be prepared to print the results for each search. You can get wiring diagrams that are either in color or identified by print stating the color of the wire, depending on source. You would ask in the search for say wiring diagrams for your year and make, model of vehicle and then sort through the results. Some results are clustered with other makes or models of the same make. But investigate for the area of the car that you need and be careful it is the correct vehicle for each print. Now you can also try the normal internet for your search. Also there are signal tracing tools for under $40 which throw a signal into a wire and have a second component which identifies the signal. Do not use through the gauges as they could burn out, just use it on the wires. These devices are at Lowes etc. and can be used for house wiring. Finally remember that it is almost impossible to have identical wiring unless you visit a Salvage yard and get the wiring harness. For instance, orange with dotted blue or blue stripe, etc. Hope this helps.

2005 Ford... • Answered on Jan 26, 2018

Take it to your local dealer or authorized mechanic and have the vehicle scanned to determine potential fault.

2005 Ford... • Answered on Jan 20, 2018

HI. The code and its respective definition will be located below:

P0108 --- Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit High

Here are a few possible causes for the high signal transfer of the circuit:

  • Leaking EGR valve
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Dirty fuel injectors
  • Wrong fuel pressure
  • Low engine compression
  • Ignition miss
  • Carbon deposits on the intake valves
  • Valve problems
Check the engine for the above faults. If all the points above check out Ok; Replace the MAP sensor.

2005 Ford... • Answered on Nov 29, 2017

get the original company service and repair manual from the given link it will help you to fix all the facing problem along with diagram

2005 Ford... • Answered on Nov 01, 2017

Is it over heating ? Hooking up a scan tool that can view sensor data to see what the PCM - engine computer see's as far as what the temp is . The PCM turns on the the fans . The fact that when you use the A/C an the fans come on ,tells me the PCM is controlling the fans .. The PCM will turn on the fans when engine temp.reaches 213 degress .

2005 Ford... • Answered on Oct 30, 2017

You're not committing any ***** by replacing a cluster with one that shows less miles. However, you WOULD be committing a ***** if you sold the car knowing that it had covered more miles than was indicated. If you sell the car, tell the new owner about the mileage. Other than that, you're doing nothing wrong

2005 Ford... • Answered on Sep 26, 2017

The fluid may be low enough to cause the slippage after coming to a quick stop and then taking off again . Have it checked

2005 Ford... • Answered on Aug 20, 2017

Yes, this is usually caused by a failed pedal position sensor. A new one is about $120, so I would test before replacing. There are two pins tbat should have a linear change in resistance as the input is rotated.

2005 Ford... • Answered on Jul 24, 2017

The problem may be due to poor grounds between the negative battery post and the alternator. The floating ground will cause the field voltage to be too low at times which will then not charge the battery and at times will also cause the voltage output to high (18 to 20 volts) which will damage the battery check the voltage between the negative battery post and the alternator. if this is not close to zero you will be in the same position shortly. by adding a ground strap between the battery post and the alternator bracket Poor grounds can lead to early failure of other things such as wheel bearings which are damaged by small arcing from the voltage differences between the drive train and the body while you are at it check all the grounds for poor connections remove clean and refit

2005 Ford... • Answered on May 24, 2017

Don't think it is the computer , wiring issue more then likely ! P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction P0340 - Camshaft Position Sensor 'A' Circuit Malfunction Do you know anything about testing automotive electronics , an electrical circuits ? ECM Inputs and Outputs Diagnosis Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know Do you have an know how to use a digital volt ohm meter ? How to use a wiring diagram to pin point testing areas in a wiring harness . http://www.bbbind.com/free_tsb.html free wiring diagrams ! CAM or Camshaft Position Sensor Testing

2005 Ford... • Answered on Apr 30, 2017

                Hi Before Battery Change
                • When was/or when did you notice alarm green light illuminated?
                • When after alarm was disarmed, did green light shine?
                First thing to check would be electrical connections starting from the battery.
                1. Follow positive wire lead from battery to fuse box connections. (Should be along driver side frame rail, or near battery.)
                2. Follow wrie harness to Relay Center. (Find Alarm Relay/Fuse)
                3. Also to Power Distribution Center. (upper driver corner engine bay)
                Relay Switch and Fuse to Alarm should be okay, given the alarm green light illumination. The Cars Brain, ECM Engine Control Module, manages messeges between power BattV and Alarm, also other modules and various sensors throughout the vehicle. When Battery Supply was disconnected, something happened, that stunned the memory in the ECM. Yes, the alarm does need resetting, its actually the memory messages saved in ECM need to be Refreshed. (saying "alarm needs resetting") sounds like alarm is broken, when that is not the case. Similar scenario is, when smart phone screen webpage freezes(alarm memory info in ECU). No buttons work, not even power button (Key Fob control). Only way to gain access is to remove battery. Lets try an experiment, this will be to loose still/saved frozen information, stuck in computer memory. How to Reset Vehicle Computer.
                1. Remove Neggative Post connection.
                2. Remove Positive Post connection.
                3. Let vehicle sit over Two Minutes, this time allows capacitors in vehicle Modules (ECM/PCM, TCM), to release any/all stored voltage, also any voltage in Vehicles ground circuit will be released.
                  • (I would typically wait 15 minutes) Capacitors with out constant Voltage input, will disipate rather quickly, depending on capacity size.
                4. With Battery Still Disconnected. Open Driver Car door, and turn Ignition to RUN Position.
                5. Reconnect Positive Post.
                6. Reconnect Negative Post.
                  • IGNITION is in RUN Position, when reconnecting Battery. Driver Door Is Open.
                  7. Turn Ignition to Off.
                  • Notice if alarm green light is illuminated.
                  8. Hit LOCK Button On Driver Door Switch to Reinitialize Alarm.
                  • Be SURE Key Fob not locked in car.

2005 Ford... • Answered on Mar 26, 2017

EVAP (Evaporative Emission control system),canister vent solenoid or control circuit malfunction. Make sure your connections,vacuum and electrical are good on the lines to evap canister. Don't keep filling the tank when the gas nozzle kicks off the first or second time if you have been. don-ohio

2005 Ford... • Answered on Mar 18, 2017

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