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Under passenger side front seat and carpet

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on May 12, 2021


'''P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction'''(this type of codes are usually caused when you put gas in your vehicle with the engine running. if that was the case it would go away on its own,other wise its a bit technical to explain.

There is a valve, usually located on the charcoal canister at the rear of the vehicle, that opens to allow fresh air to enter the evaporative emissions system as the engine vacuum purges the fuel vapors from the charcoal canister and closes when purge is not needed to prevent leakage of those fuel vapors to the atmosphere (HC is a greenhouse gas and is regulated as such by the fed gov't).

Given that you have the incorrect purge flow code and the control valve code together, my bet is that the vent control valve has failed (causing the P0446) and is not opening to allow fresh air into the system to displace the air from within the system that is being pulled to the engine.

Try tightening, or replacing the gas cap, and look for holes in the filler neck to the gas tank.

Please do accept this solution and revert for further assistance.


2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Feb 12, 2021

Ok, The other day I had a "service Engine Soon" light. The car was shifting really hard, and slamming into each gear. I have found that if I pull over, take my code reader and plug it in, I get a PO742 code. Torque converter circuit stuck on. I proceed to erase that code from the computer, and restart the car and it will run and drive totally fine, as if nothing is wrong. I have been doing it this way for 3 years and the car is running fine to this day. It hasn't cost me a dime in repairs, and I commute 500 miles/week. It's worth a try, because I have heard that if you spend 800-900 bucks to get it "fixed", the problem WILL return some day.

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Oct 04, 2019

Hi there's this website something like reliable-store and it is very amazing for manual for repairing servicing anything someone on fixya recommended it to me and I thank him even today They have full manuals a nd it's verrrrry cheap and mine I got free in offers 3rd time I also had an issue with the file so the girl replaced it in 30 mins there is one more but i don't remember its name it was 2 years back bitman something link this Try it out brother

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Feb 21, 2019

HI. your Buick has actually has 4 fuse boxes two under the hood near the batery one will be quite larger then the other next to it and have a start shaped fastener in the middle of the cover this unscrews to get access to the fuses. there will be a listing on the back of where the fuses go. The other will have a snap on cover and hold up to 8 maxi fuses. Again the cover should have a listing of these. You will find another under the drivers side of the dash towards the center of the car. The 4th is under the rear seat. you will need to remover the lower seat cushion to gain access to it. If there is a specif fuse you are trying to locate just ask and i will help you find it. good luck

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Oct 23, 2018

Sending unit is bad. but as said check the wiring first. sending units in chrysler vehicles are part of the whole pump unit that is inside the tank. The whole assembly must be replaced. The unit does not cost too much, but the labor can be intensive...Good Luck

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Dec 12, 2017

A flashing check engine light is a very bad thing. You are not supposed to drive it when that light flashes because engine damage will occur. You may have a bad head gasket and now it is severe.

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Nov 13, 2017

Generally they are located on top of the fuel tank. On some modles you have to replace the whole inlet/access assembly. On others you can replace just the sensor. Check it over in a repair manual for your make/modle. Also, replace your gas cap, if it leaks it can give a false sensor reading if the cap can't hold pressure. If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/christian_c5476d1ba82a9050

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Aug 31, 2017

It is fuse number 11 in the fuse center under the rear seat cushion.

To Remove the Rear Seat Cushion

1. Pull up on the front of the cushion to release the

front hooks.

2. Pull the cushion up and out toward the front of the vehicle. To reinstall the rear seat cushion (PLEASE READ CAUTION) CAUTION:

A safety belt that isn't properly routed through

the seat cushion or is twisted won't provide the

protection needed in a crash. If the safety belt

hasn't been routed through the seat cushion at

all, it won't be there to work for the next

passenger. The person sitting in that position

could be badly injured. After reinstalling the seat

cushion, always check to be sure that the safety

belts are properly routed and are not twisted.

1. Buckle the center passenger position safety belt, then

route the safety belts through the proper slots in the

seat cushion. Don't let the safety belts get twisted.

2. Slide the rear of the cushion up and under the

seatback so the rear locating guides hook into the

wire loops on the back frame.

3. With the seat cushion lowered, push rearward and

then press down on the seat cushion until the spring

locks on both ends engage.

4. Check to make sure the safety belts are properly routed

and that no portion of any safety belt is trapped under the seat. Also make sure the seat cushion is secured.

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Nov 23, 2016

Could be a bad relay ! The rear defogger circuit is protected by a 40A fuse. Voltage is supplied through the fuse to the rear defogger relay. When you press the rear defogger switch, the heater and A/C programmer sends a class 2 message to the body control module (BCM), to ground the rear defogger relay coil output circuit. This in turn closes the relay contacts allowing current to the rear window grid. Do you know what a class 2 message is ? What a BCM is ? HTD BK relay in rear fuse box ,location In the center right rear of the passenger compartment, under the rear seat cushion Watch this video on testing from relay base ( where it plug's into ) Do VEHICLE RELAYS Testing from the relay base

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Oct 05, 2016

There is a rubber boot that goes from the body of the vehicle to the door , with that door open . There are wires inside that boot that supply B+ voltage an a ground an other wires . They break sometimes an they need to be repaired , soldered , connectors or what ever you can do or afford . First off you need to take the inside door panel off , an pull the switch an test for power an ground . There are videos on you tube showing how to do it . Videos on basic automotive electrical testing , how to read a wiring diagram . Go to http://bbbind.com/free_tsb.html free wiring diagrams . Power Windows The vehicle is equipped with power windows controlled by the door modules. The DDM receives a window switch request, over the SBI serial data, from either the passenger door module wired to the window switch pressed or from the driver door switch assembly. The DDM checks the Class 2 serial data to see if the status information is correct (i.e. ignition switch position) to permit window operation. If the status information to permit window operation is correct, the DDM sends the command to the door module controlling the window to move the window as requested. Windows Power and Ground The windows are powered by discreet power and ground circuits. These circuits are in the same dedicated connector as the window motor drive circuits. 2
  1. Install a scan tool.
  2. Observe the power window switch parameters in the driver door module (DDM) data display, Inputs data, using the scan tool.
  3. Activate each power window switch.
Do all parameters change to the up, down, and for the front door window switches the express states? Go to Step 10 Go to Step 3 3 Does the driver door window switch parameter indicate all four states (Idle, Up, Down, Express Down.)? After reading this I'm sorry to say, but this is over your head an I'd say your best bet is to take your vehicle to a qualified repair shop .

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Jul 22, 2016

Greetings & salutations Becky Buerkle, In my very (less than) humble opinion... always get THREE estimates... no mater who you're talking to... There are only a couple of things that might make sense... Your car is old enough to have aged/used your exhaust system... where there might be some loose AND rusty parts flopping around in there... In my BUNCHES of decades on your planet... I have been burned twice by this (quite odd) anomaly... 1. Catalytic Converter, 2. Rotten Muffler. If the exhaust can't get out ... the AIR/FUEL can't get in = simple: You get stranded (there are baffles inside which can react to inertial changes (stranded)). But BEFORE wandering into the vast vacuum of idle speculation... it would be seriously productive to BEG, Borrow or Buy an DIAGNOSTIC reader... (see Autel: below). Many parts houses & muffler shops offer these OBD (on board diagnostics) services for FREE... In the hope they can scare you into dropping big BUCKS on EMERGENCY parts... not realizing these ISSUES have been plaguing you for months... More likely: Water on the bottom of the fuel tank... It is heavier than gas and will move to the front (in mass) and get picked up by the fuel intake. Some water can be GRADUALLY (any OCTANE booster, cleaner Techron, alcohol based fuel additive like Gunk... or even STP) absorbed by using fuel additives... but WATER can cause issues... The best advise would be to get the gas checked (possibly) drained & separated from the water... Hey... alcohol works... You resisted so far... add a couple more "injector cleaners" until your car behaves SMOOTHLY. Alcohol really does ABSORB water. BBB Industries... posts TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins)

2000 Buick Park... • Answered on Jul 14, 2016

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