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Possible problem is expansion valve freezes up, the compressor is failing or air conditioning electrical problem Source: Why is my car air conditioner not blowing cold air?

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Nov 24, 2017

You got lose control lever cable on the transmission side

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Nov 18, 2017

Sounds like it is having trouble getting to first gear. You really should have a transmission shop look at it. Could be the linkage or range sensor, but seems more like a shift solenoid to me.

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Sep 21, 2017

It is standard practice with lots of modern cars to leave the ignition key in and turned to the on position when connecting a battery as this helps prevent alarms sounding, immobilisers engaging and all sorts of inconvenient stuff happening. It is even better to use a memory saver while changing a battery so not even the radio code and stations are lost. You didn't say how long you have owned the car. If it was a recent purchase it should have been returned to the dealer as soon as you realised the battery was faulty. There is such a thing as warranty and consumer rights. The dealer certainly should not have sold the car with a defective seatbelt. It certainly seems like the security system is activated though the presence of the key in the ignition should deactivate it if it is working ok so maybe it is broken or maybe it has forgotten the correct code and needs reprogramming. It is possibly a coincidence and there is a fault, perhaps caused by the first mechanic. Before towing the car to the Suzuki dealer or calling for an autolocksmith it would be a good idea to physically check voltages, wiring, the presence of fuel and injection pulses, spark and suchlike. If all seems well under the bonnet the chances of an immobiliser malfunction are quite high. Reading the vehicle handbook is always a good place to begin.

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Apr 01, 2017

Check your owners manual. Usually maintenance

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Feb 15, 2017

old posts. asked vast times here again. J20b engine, is 4 banger, the knock sensors on most 4 bangers are on the center of the block between #2 and #3 water jackets, (best sonic location) now ill post a photo of this. btw the 4 buck service manual covers this>?? a fact. you ask how to unscrew a sensor? really? why not look first and see it. the sensor, if you bought one, is a donut shape with center hold down screw, we just unscrew it. 6mm bolt. i think it is. its on the starter side, see ST? and is there, aka, as the fire wall side of the engine. its in the best spot too, sonic-ally, best. jacking up car on stands does wonders to find things here. 24534363-z5przjt5apveussryj2qq3m0-4-0.jpg

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Jan 02, 2017

old post, . but same as all cars, in the engine the J20B engine. see that large radiator hose. there are 2, one gets hot first, that hose. is it. ill answer for USA cars. only. (unless you tell yours) on this car its the upper hose. and goes to the thermostat housing. J20 24538734-z5przjt5apveussryj2qq3m0-4-0.jpg real... j20b. see X? its there. 24538734-z5przjt5apveussryj2qq3m0-4-1.jpg

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Jan 02, 2017

service engine soon the operators guide, lost> here read it. ours has no wrench, its called CEL, SES or MIL check engine light. or service engine soon. out or the 2007 USA operators guide this car. 24566405-z5przjt5apveussryj2qq3m0-4-0.jpg it means, get car serviced, buy the book and read it? and not get stranded for simple things?

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Jan 02, 2017

Owner's Manual says "You can select this mode to drive with some characteristics of a manual transmission. With the HOLD mode turned on, the automatic transmission will stay in a specific gear range.

Press the HOLD button on the shift lever to turn on the HOLD mode.

While on, the HOLD indicator light on the instrument panel will light up..."

The button is on the console, next to the shift lever, and the HOLD indicator light is in the lower left hand corner of the instrument panel

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on May 31, 2016

forename? 07 forenza (seems all posts are for this 1 suzuki) a problematic car for sure....? in what country, car has 6 engines, but 1 in USA> so cant help you lacking where you are, (name a country,not your IPaddress) we have the 2.0L engine, in USA< this is a USA forum so......?? ok the computers in your car are way smarter than say 1988 Samurai. the PCM that runs the engine, for SURE cuts AC to keep engine from self destructing!! AC can do that,,,,,, want a cracked or warped engine head ? no. the PCM cuts the a/c, and if engine is overloaded. or overheated so forget the A/C fix engine overheating (primary issues) and guess wha?t , that gets worse, so delaying the fix a $5 part compounds to $3000 new engine. why not just get car fixed.??? "we cant teach you 50 years of engine problems in 5min time." best post ever that.. here. 1: fuses good? check them it means. 2: water leaks? 3: levels wrong? (in actual rad, cold tested) 4: fan belts loose? 5: bad thermostat 6: bad water pump, impeller rusted to zip, do to abuse. 7: over heats parked only or moving fast or only up hills,? key facts if only parked the fan is dead. 8; lots more, but i end here

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on May 29, 2016

canada or USA, (diffr. laws, different wiring, even DRL up there) station wagon or NOT? THE TURNS FUSE BLEW OUT. 2nd time, 3rd,,,????? that means the circuit is overloaded or shorted.! (prevents fire) but did it blow a 2nd time, why not say so??? all 4 lamps dead. or stuck on, or flash odd. or what? dim? does the cluster lamp flash, , in blink or emerg. mode? wont work , means what, (dead or stuck on or dim)????? do emergency flashers work? ,dead, stuck on what? does car drive perfect day or night? are any other things on car dead, of odd acting? we see all this , 1st 5 min in a shop, zero here. ive answered Forenza blinks here, many times. ever search? ill now answer by guessing USA non stationwagon and no DRL. dash box fuse 4 kills blinkers EF1 (engine fuse) 1 good? dash fuse 14 and EF1 can kills emerg. flasher so of Emergancy flash lamps blows fuse 14,(smaller of 2) then the blinkers are in fact shorted. does it? if yes, then find out which side blows the fuse 3. turns left blow or turns right blows. so if say turns right blows, F4 fuse. if true ?remove all bulbs front rear right bulbs. does the fuse hold now,(means not blown) then buy new lamps there. problem solved bulbs can in fact short. not just blow open.Tell the full story and all this gets easy.For sure emergency flash, 26123255-vhg5j1pxaeih5p05yacvrs2p-1-0.jpg

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Mar 17, 2016

sounds like a weak fuel pump, or in need of a major tune up. is the engine light on are there any codes.

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Jan 31, 2016

no starts have 50 causesno tuneup tops listthere are 1 to 15 tests to find it, using tools and meters/gaugesscan it yetcheck fuses yet?does CEL lamp glow key on, (it must)_2.0L engine? J20a?no spark?if spark is ok, try test fuel? yet?if test fuel fails, engine or spark are bad.15min work, this,,,, and no more guessing what part of system failed.

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Jan 24, 2016

lots of causes for that. which engine the 2.0L? (8 used world wide) takes me 1 to 10 tests to find most failures. first is to scan it, to see if there serious, problems with the throttle by wire system (motor driven throttle) this new tech, prevents grandma from running over things, when idle controls are bad. (read, toyota 1billion suit loss....) cant fix cars today with out a scan too. its not going to happen. unless you win at slot machines every pull. (magic luck at guessing) you might check to see if the throttle valve is packed junk and clean that off. (blocked open it might be) vacuum hoses fell off. cracked vacuum servo diaphragms. cracked brake booster diaphragms, ( all cause vacuum leaks) there are lots of other causes. mechical in engine, EFI sensors Injectors and more. and lots of tests. to prove them out. but why not scan it ,first. (check fuses too)

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Oct 21, 2015

check for an over full brake reservoir as some vehicle clutch cylinders get their oil from the brake master cylinder and if the oil was not bled out when pushing the pistons back in , there is a possibility that the clutch operation has been affected

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Oct 19, 2015

I'm surprised they did not try to sell you an alternator. Code 562 is for battery voltage below spec, and code 700 is a generic code for a problem with the transmission. Based on the two codes, you would need to first have the alternator tested, and then have someone check out the performance of the transmission. Code 562 could cause code 700.

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Sep 07, 2015

its on the cam. end. is car in USA. is car 2.0L (vast engines used world wide, ) aka: (by GM/Suz) he L34 also known as the U20SED is a 2.0 L if yes, then we have answer that here like 10 times?now here goes 1 more time. here ill type for you in the top left box , search. http://www.fixya.com/search.aspx?ref=ser&s=forenza%20cam%20sensor& see that>? post 2 , by me has photos. seen here. http://www.fixya.com/cars/t25788465-install_crankshaft_position_senser_2005 there you go, a photo of it. getting it off ,is a total other matter. i bet its good. 99% are. when suspected. if the scan tool says its ok, it is OK. why not post the symptoms and end gue$$ing.....

2007 Suzuki... • Answered on Aug 25, 2015

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