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https://s10.postimg.org/x9j45b595/learn_procedure.jpg Click on the link, found this learn procedure. You may have already tried it? What about the horn chirps? anything?

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Dec 24, 2017 • 93 views

This is a very common problem on Fords. The interior light switch is located at the bottom of the door latch assembly. Great design-because that's where all the dirt accumulates--at the bottom. So the plunger switch gets stuck. Some have had luck by spraying WD-40 into the latch and opening and closing the door to work it in and free up the plunger.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jul 01, 2017 • 421 views

The BCM - body control module controls turn signals . There is no flasher unit . Your best bet would be to take your vehicle to the dealer ! Turn Signal Lamps The BCM 3, BCM 5, and BCM 6 fuses located in the underhood fuse block supply battery voltage to the body control module (BCM) for turn signal, hazard lamp, and stop lamp operation. Voltage from the BCM 5 fuse used for the front and rear left turn signals, voltage from the BCM 3 for the right front turn signal, while voltage from the BCM 6 fuse is used for the right rear turn signal. When the turn signal switch is place in either the LEFT or RIGHT position, ground from G303 is applied through the turn signal switch signal circuit to the BCM indicating the turn signal request. In response to this signal, the BCM applies a pulsating voltage to the front and rear turn signal lamps supply voltage circuits cycling the lamps ON and OFF. The BCM also sends a message via GMLAN to the instrument panel cluster (IPC) to cycle the turn signal indicator ON and OFF depending on the position of the turn signal switch. Ignition ON, observe the scan tool Left Turn Signal Switch parameter while using the turn signal/multifunction switch to turn the left turn signal ON and OFF. The reading should change between Active and Inactive.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Apr 08, 2017 • 3,072 views

Engine cranking, did you check for spark at the plugs, also, check fuel injector pulse. Any applicable trouble codes? When you first turn on the key, no crank, can you hear the pump run for a couple seconds? If only a fuel issue, jump the relay to see if pump will run. Unplug relay, use jumper wire between terminals 30 and 87, the pump should run, don't need to use your key. As you can see, terminal 30 is hot all the time. Also, check that fuse. Let us know what you find? express fuel pump relay-whhyjzqjjp5evwrxcrtcuanz-2-0.jpg

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Feb 25, 2017 • 1,694 views

just add a tranny cooler,if your tranny gives you problems like not shifting etc,then it needs a rebuild,,,,the tranny fluid running hot is normal and can be fixed with a tranny cooler kit, Derale Series 8000 Plate Fin Transmission Cooler Kit Barb Inlets Class III... ,its a van,it is going to get hot,get a kit and hook it up,and see the difference,replace all o2 sensors while you are at it,they are cheap and if 1 goes then the others will go,and then you only have to be under it one time,not a couple times,here is info i found; Transmission coolers are not vehicle specific, but there are ones that are recommended for certain engine sizes. What I did was look up the recommended coolers for the 4.8 liter engine for the 2008 Silverado to get an idea of what we recommend for that engine size. The most popular cooler for the 4.8 is the Derale Transmission Cooler, # D13502, and GM fitting, # D13035. The cooler is listed for a load of up to 3,500 pounds. Before deciding on a cooler though it will be a good idea to look at the dimensions, listed on the product page below the description, to determine the best place to mount the cooler in the engine compartment. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation and a link to our FAQ article on transmission coolers for you to view. Engine oil coolers would also be beneficial to extend the life of oil lubricated parts. The kits work well and from the information that I have received from Derale in the past, any restricted flow is so minute that it may not even be able to be detected. I recommend the Derale Tube-Fin Engine Oil Cooler Kit, # D15501. The adapter has a 2-3/4 inch o-ring diameter which is used on the vast majority of GM applications. It also has multiple threads to ensure proper thread size. Again, you will want to check the dimensions of the cooler and compare that to the space under the hood of your 2008 Chevy Express Van ahead of time. Both the transmission cooler and oil cooler come with all the necessary hardware and parts for installation. Current pricing information is available on each of the product pages.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on May 27, 2015 • 136 views

Behind the glove box. 25345155-bvf5z53wdkj2tdmfqo4f2rfz-3-0.jpg

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Feb 02, 2015 • 3,277 views

body control module is on the passenger side of the dash - remove the passenger lower knee bolster and its directly behind it.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 04, 2015 • 408 views

It is tucked up under the dash on the passenger side. You will have to remove the passenger knee bolster which is retained with 2 screws along the bottom and a few clips at top.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 13, 2018 • 1,082 views

Body Control Module (BCM) is located in the Lower right side of the instrument panel behind the knee bolster !

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 06, 2015 • 7,770 views

Disconnect your battery for a few minutes. This should reset the engine computer and let you get going again.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Sep 29, 2014 • 5,299 views

There is no scan tool or test that will tell you a module is bad. It requires a highly knowledgeable look at all the inputs and outputs and analyzing of the data to determine if the module is responding correctly

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Aug 21, 2013 • 530 views

There should be an actual wire harness for radio back in there somewhere, maybe tied up or bundled up, just have to find it, then buy from stereo or automotive supply place, an adapter that will go from factory plug to your other stereo, and it will make installation much, much easier.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Nov 13, 2012 • 349 views

You have to remove the upper applique to remove the tail lamp, it is the trim panel above the lamp. I think it is held in place by two nuts/bolts but not sure. You have to have the rear doors open to remove it

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Oct 23, 2011 • 1,978 views

Your dimmer switch (lever you pull to switch lights) is probably bad. Before you replace pull and visually insect all your fuses. Some late model GMs have separate fuses for hi beams and lo beams.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Feb 23, 2011 • 641 views

Try looking under the hood most cars have 2 fuse boxes and if what your looking for isnt in 1 its in the other. If you cant find it you might need to get a fuse tester and try all the fuses it could be with another fuse ie: radio, wipers, etc...

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Feb 09, 2011 • 307 views

Sensors are rf transmiters and the door lock module is the reciever this information is the sent to the body control module and then to the display on dash. Is only tire pressure monitor having a problem?
most comon problwmis damage to sensors during tire changing

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 12, 2011 • 623 views

the wire at your temp sending unit is likely to be loose. temp senders can work intermittent but not likely.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on May 27, 2012 • 805 views

so change the bulb

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Apr 19, 2013 • 198 views

I would agree with your diagnosis,It should be located on the driver side cylinder head should be located between cylinders 3 and 5 and accessible through wheel well.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Jan 04, 2011 • 163 views

Sounds like a bad Earth connection to the lamp fitting. Check for a poor/loose Earth wire bolt inside the body near the light. If possible disconnect, clean thoroughly both the terminal and where it connects to the bolt and reconnect.

2008 Chevrolet... • Answered on Sep 21, 2010 • 154 views

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