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Glad to help...sometimes even the book needs a bit of translation!!!

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Jul 14, 2018

( ! ) if it looks like this it is tire pressure sensor
these are the dash lights2013-jeep-grand-cherokee-owners-manual-courtesy-of-the-jeep-store-9-638.jpg?cb=1406553077

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Nov 10, 2017

asked 2 times
and again, no symptoms stated,

post the problem first
so the helper can be on the SAME PAGE.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 24, 2017

why not tell the problem first
then ask for help. and not guess on the solution
you reset it every time you key on.!
what is wrong?, for sure we'd never guess.
RKE key fob dead. lost one?
doors locks fail?
alarms go off for no reasons?
engine only runs 3 seconds with the SKIM lamp glowing>?
it is a very complex car, do say what's up doc, first.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 24, 2017

charge lamp is telling what its sick.
why ignore that?
my guess, is battery is now discharged and all electronics no nuts
when the battery goes dead. dash V meter drops below 12v ....that is battery discharging..
so fix the charge system.
you can even go to walfart and they have charge system test box.
but id bet they are closed today like everything,

take that lamp serious. (it means change system or battery faults)

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 16, 2017

Hello Rene Figueroa,

50 is the perfect speed to get wheel shimmy from unbalanced tires & wheels... (even loose wheel nuts).

Mere wear, a lost wheel weigh or even foreign material in or in the wheels can cause balance... and some pretty good shaking...

Less likely but certainly more PROBLEMATIC...
(when these get loose enough to cause "SHAKING" you are on the verge of a SERIOUS FAILURE...

(URGENT life-safety issues to yourself & others + $$$$$).

Any of your flex couplings in your front drive line...

Check the drive shafts first... EASIEST & most OBVIOUS...

Next check for any cracked or open boots (dust covers) at both ends of your "half shafts" (see parts below).

ANY free-play (bad thing)...
and possibly chocolate looking (iron-oxide) anywhee means you are looking at a U-joint or CV-joint replacement...

Not a tough job... just heavy & dirty.

The parts a suprisingly in-expensive (see below).

Hope this helps.

2008 JEEP COMMANDER 5 7L V8 CV Half Shaft Assembly RockAuto

More Information for 1 CARDONE 653007


2008 Jeep... | Answered on Sep 03, 2016

no (and yes) the car has ABS.
if zero fluid there, then the ABS modulator is real bad.
or its input bad called the master cylinder.
the MC has 2 parts inside, one can fail and other ok.
to finds this is easy, learn to crack lines.
means loosen the flared fittings. or the bleeds where found.
my guess you mean that both rear bleeds are dead.
so move forward and crack (loosen the fittings so they can leak)
person to pressure brake, key off is ok, brakes work with no key on.(manual brakes if no blockages)
so if the lines are dead on ABS MOD but good in front
the ABD mod is toast (rusted inside)
when did the brake work right, list week .last year, or?
the modulator is called in jeep the HCU
see those fittings? ccw is loose.

the fsm is free, read it yet,?
WK is same car.


posted over 300 times this free fsm link.

i only have questions.
1: did you remove any parts.?
2: did you attempt to bleed the brakes and not read the words in the FSM on how to do that first>
3: or say car was parked for 1 year.
then you found brakes in rear bad. or have ABS or Brake failure lamps glowing??????
or the scan tools show errors?
then decided to check for fluid pressure on rear of car using , stand methods.,
4: were both rear caliper lacking pressure, or just 1 side.
the post implies both..."brakes". but>>>>?????

as you can see , us knowing the full story,
is a win/win... the context of your work.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 15, 2016

Make sure the wires that are connected to your battery are so if not by u disconnecting the battery u reset it the system check ur alarm installer..

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 16, 2016

post what you are attempting?
is this an ABS question?
or park sense system? ( repair, or a hack?)_
or reverse lights failing/
why do you wish disconnect something?


2008 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 24, 2016

good question. (am i to assume all others work perfectly
and assume the driver window is dead going up and down
and is silent and there is no ICE on said window?
did you scan the PCM first to see if there are door controller errors? (that is always first. if not, then hard way below)
some cars have fuses. others hidden circuit breakers.
or is something else.
i have the 2010 WK (less your extra seats) grand cherokee
and full documents on it,
so what can cause this,
well sure..
1: power to the system lost.
2: controls bad.
3: motor dead in door. bad.
4 window just jammed for any reasons.

now what your car actually has
the power starts at the battery and goes
to the Run accessory relay , this must work then the CB. next
must be ok. but if it is open(or bad) all doors fail. so.......????
got 12vdc at pin 1 C3 below, sure you do...

25929456-hetu3otge4ewu0eo3szpgk2x-2-1.jpg this power runs the door window driver board.(and locks)
the power and ground must be ok to said board of lots of other things fail, locks and other windows.
if you press driver window up or down?
the motor below, receives, 12vdc across pins 1 and 2.
does it? if yes, then the problem is step 3 or 4 above
bad motor , or jammed, to solve jam we operate the window by hand (door cards (skins) off, motor removed)

25929456-hetu3otge4ewu0eo3szpgk2x-2-6.jpg the controller sees you do that. and then
operates the motor. with 12vdc.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Oct 31, 2015

it has to be fixed as it determines when the gears are selected against engine rpms
it is a sensor so it should drive but be prepared for selection problems while driving
check for wires and clean connections at the transmission

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Jun 20, 2015

The transmission would have to be dropped to correct this problem. However, if the car is driving and the transmission isn't slipping, you could have a bad sensor in the transmission but noting wrong with the mechanical part of the transmission. If money is tight and it isn't slipping, I would drive it until it has a further failure.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 24, 2015

Check the fuses if they are good check the wiring in back of radio should have one wire that has 12v all the time and another with 12v only when you turn the car on the on position and a ground wire the rest should be for the speakers and normally the speaker wires have two of the same color wires going to each speaker also so radios have fuses on the back of the radio by the plug

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 12, 2015

its on the handle of most cars made.
after all the cables go rear and putting switches under car
is problematic.

xk jeep
the FSM book covers this fully, as does all things,unique to your jeep. get one?

gain access to lever. (console removed)
see lever ,see switch and wires, there, bingo.

best i can do, no commander fsm , here.

2008 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 11, 2015

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