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there are codes but the scanner in use does not have the correct protocol for Ford systems
check for the ground wire from te battery is clean and tight both ends

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Here's a repair manual.Your problem may be your PVC valve is clogged up, causing the oil to back up and go out the exhaust.The part is only 6.99 at Autozone,easy to replace,just remove hose from valve,get wrench and remove. Haynes 72032 Service Repair Manual Nissan Frontier Xterra 2005 thru 2011... Here's a link on how to to replace valve,to see if it is bad,shake,if it rattles,then it's good,it's a one way valve. Nissan Frontier PCV Valve Replacement Guide VQ40DE 4 0L V6 Engine 2005 To...

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You have a mechanical failure in the transmission, it will need to be rebuilt.

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What is the question?

Why remove them?

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Hi Kim,

I can feel your frustration. It sounds like you've done all the logical stuff already. The "donut hole" in your process would seem to be not changing the water pump. The water pump as you might imagine, is responsible for circulating (pumping) the relatively cool water in the radiator into the running engine that contains the hot water. Hoses connect the two together. A thermostat is between the radiator and the engine. Once the water in the running engine gets to a certain temperature, the thermostat opens allowing the water pump to send cool water into the engine and hot water out to the radiator to be cooled. The heater core is usually on the passenger side firewall area.

It sounds like the water pump is the only thing left to change - if it isn't working - it can't circulate the water - and will result in overheating. Lastly, a clogged heater core shouldn't cause the engine to overheat - in fact, if the engine begins to overheat, you should turn the heat to HIGH fan and HIGH temperature to help remove some of the heat in the coolant.

Good luck!

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Remove 4 screws from glove box, remove glove box and as you
look up and behind the centre console there will be a 10mm bolt
remove the bolt and there is one on the other side too, but you
might have to remove the cig lighter to get to it, then pull up and
back the silver trim in the middle centre console (where the gear knob is) and then you can pull the whole radio fascia towards you,
its a but tight but it will come off! You should be able to see from there what to do next! Good luck!

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Click on link or copy and paste in your browser:

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if you have an O2 sensor faliure you will have a code for it. in fact youe exterra doesnt have O2 sensors. it has A/F sensor or "air/fuel sensor" if it went bad, than you will have a code for that sensor. What is the code number that you have?? need to start there.

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Safety first!--Make sure you're in park & brake on-- Try shorting across the starter terminals with a screwdriver,if the bendix kicks in & nothing spins,remove the starter & put in bench vice ,(or hold down securely), & jump with cables.--REMEMBER POLARITY--If the starter spins you are in deep *******---something in the motor is probably locked up.(If the starter doesn't spin get a new one.)

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You are replaced the starter, so, I'm assuming that you disconnected the battery and its possible that your THEFT system or PASSLOCK system is armed; check in the owners manual the disarm procedure.

Some aftermark alarm system there? Check some fuse blow underhood fuse box.

Keep us updated.

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If the noise started after the new belt was installed then chances are the timing belt is too tight. This "singing" would be noticeable immediately and will change pitch with rpm's. If this is not the case then it could be a bearing on one of the timing belt idler pullies.

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All dashes have bezels that cover up the screws and bolts, most of these are held in by clips, they just pop out. Be careful though, around the thin area, ie radio, a/c controls, they can break take your time. There are two screws above the instrument panel , that have to come out. also if you have the bezel that extends all the way across the dash, you will have a screw on each end to remove. Again be careful. You will have to tilt the steering wheel down as far as possible and if you have the shifter on the colimn, you will have to put it in first gear. Some of these bezels act like they wont come out, but they will. just bend them alittle. Look at what you have. take your time. Once you get the bezel off, then you can get to the component that your going after.

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your coolant level is low in the overflow tank/pressure tank. the pressure tank is right by the washer fluid fill cap. its the white tank right behind the washer fill cap, which is blue. make sure you dont open the overflow tank when vehicle is hot. add coonalt into the white tank. you can seethrough the tank. the tank is glued together from 2 sections. lower and upper. you can see the seam when you look at it. fill coolant so its above the seam. that will do it.

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There is a tool under the carpet in the back. It is a long metal rod that you insert into a square hole near the license plate. You rotate the rod and this unlocks the tire.

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Could be a number of problems...first I would check to see if there is a vacuum controlled valve to allow water to flow through the heater core...if you rev the engine, your vacuum would increase and therefore the valve would open more...this type of trouble would also possibly indicate that there is a vacuum leak somewhere...check ALL your vacuum lines for leaks...that was the cheap fix, now going further...the water pump may be going bad..or the belt driving the pump may be slipping or bad.

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it could mean any number of things including that it's time to change your oil, or it could be something more serious. with it being a 2007 i would have to say take it in and have a diagnostic done on it at a jiffy lube or another ASE certified mechanic.

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if this is the case. then the vent in the cap is not working properly. replace cap !

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