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How do I reset PO633 code for 2007 Ram Dodge

The ignition key is not programmed to match that vehicle. A dealer may be your only option.
9/19/2019 9:05:54 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Sep 19, 2019

Park lights and running won't shut off

hi,try to lock and unlock your vehicle with your remote key,park light and running light is activate by alarm system,ty
5/1/2019 1:43:23 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on May 01, 2019

My 2007 Dodge cummins 6.7

Intervention Regeneration Strategy - EVIC
Message Process Flow (Catalyst Full Message)
(6.7L Diesel Engines Only)

Your new Cummins 6.7L diesel meets all EPA Heavy
Duty Diesel Engine Emissions Standards, resulting in the
lowest emitting diesel engine ever produced.
To achieve these emission standards your vehicle is
equipped with state of the art engine and exhaust system.
The engine and exhaust aftertreatment system work
together to achieve the EPA Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
Emissions Standards. These systems are seamlessly integrated
into your vehicle and managed by the Cummins
6.7L engine Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The PCM
manages engine combustion to allow the exhaust system's
catalyst to trap and burn Particulate Matter (PM)
pollutants, with no input or interaction on your part.
Additionally, the overhead console in your vehicle has
the ability to alert you to additional maintenance required
on your truck or engine. Refer to the following
messages that may be displayed on your Electronic
Vehicle Information Center (EVIC):

A hot exhaust system can start a fire if you park over
materials that can burn. Such materials might be
grass or leaves coming into contact with your exhaust
system. Do not park or operate your vehicle in areas
where your exhaust system can contact anything that
can burn.

Perform Service
The 6.7L Cummins engine utilizes a Closed Crankcase
Ventilation (CCV) system, EGR Valve and a EGR Cooler.
This system filters and recycles gasses produced in the
crankcase during the normal combustion process. Perform
Service will be displayed on the overhead console of
your vehicle if the CCV filter, EGR Valve and EGR Cooler
is due for required maintenance. The CCV filter is located
on the top of the engine valve cover. For additional
information, see your local authorized dealer.
Catalyst Full See Owner Manual
Catalyst Full See Owner Manual will be displayed on the
overhead console of your vehicle if the exhaust particulate
filter reaches 80% of its maximum storage capacity.
Under conditions of exclusive short duration and low
speed driving cycles, your Cummins engine and exhaust
aftertreatment system may never reach the conditions
required to remove the trapped PM, if this occurs Catalyst
Full See Owner Manual will be displayed on the
overhead console in your vehicle. If this message is
displayed you will hear one chime to assist in alerting
you of this condition.
Catalyst Stat::::::::::80%
Catalyst Stat::::::::::80% will replace the message Catalyst
Full See Owner Manual after it is displayed for one
minute. The engine Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
will continue to monitor the amount of particulate matter
trapped in the particulate filter. This message indicates
the percentage of the particulate filter capacity that has
been used.

By simply driving your vehicle at highway speeds for as
little as 45 minutes you can remedy the condition in the
particulate filter system and allow your Cummins engine
and exhaust Aftertreatment system to remove the
trapped PM and restore the system to normal operating
Catalyst Stat:::::::::::80%, 90%, 99%
Catalyst Stat:::::::::::80%, 90%, 99% If you are unable to
drive your vehicle under these conditions for an extended
period of time after the initial warning notification,
the Engine PCM will continue to monitor the
particulate filter and will display the progression of
particulate filter usage (80, 90, 99%) on the EVIC message

If the particulate filter reaches 99% of it's capacity the
overhead console in your vehicle will chime twice and
display the message CATALYST FULL SERVICE REQD.
At this point the engine PCM will register a fault code,
the instrument panel will display a MIL light and the
engine PCM will derate the truck reducing its horsepower
and torque output.
The PCM derates the engine in order to limit the likelihood
of permanent damage to the aftertreatment system.
If this condition is not corrected and a dealer service is
not performed, extensive exhaust aftertreatment damage
can occur. In order to correct this condition it will be
necessary to have the truck serviced by your local
authorized dealer.
2/9/2019 11:55:32 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Feb 09, 2019

Lately my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 v6 3.7 has been hard to start in the cold, have to crank several times before it will turn over, do not know if it could be a tune up is needed or not it now has 94,000 m

indicates an ambient air temp sensor or BARO sensor problem run the fault codes the ECM tunes the engine every 60 seconds from reports for sensors so the old fashioned tune up is not longer cost effective better to have the fault codes read on a regular basis an occasional can of quality injector cleaner in the tank is a good investment
1/31/2018 9:30:16 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Jan 31, 2018

Where can i find a identification diagram for a fuse box on a 2007 dodge ram 1500?

Unless I'm mistaken, there is no fuse dedicated to the trailer lights - they're wired directly to the matching truck lights - the running lights & taillights should be wired directly to your truck's taillights. Check your trailer wiring from the truck plug all the way back. I've seen lots of poor connections in the truck plug, as well as any of those squeeze splices you might have in your trailer. Look also at the ground wiring for your running lights.
9/24/2017 12:53:57 AM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Sep 24, 2017

2007 Dodge RAM 5.7 Hemi. Transmission slips when first started.

Check the obvious - fluid level up to par? If so go back to dealer (unfortunately) since their fix was not permanent.
8/22/2017 8:34:07 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Aug 22, 2017

2007 dodge truck 1500 4x4 4.7L clutch will not release?

check the pump in clutch pedal for loss of pressure
7/9/2017 7:11:32 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Jul 09, 2017

Wipers only work when they warm up?

the bushes on the motor have springs at certain temperatures the springs will shrink, can be that the bushes are near to the end of their life. when it warms up a bit the springs go back to normal and contact.
6/9/2017 9:16:30 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Jun 09, 2017

2007 Dodge Truck Fan Motor Stops and Starts

You need a new blower motor relay. Have to replace them all the time. It will eventually just burn itself out, they continually short out huge chrysler issue for years.
12/31/2016 4:33:54 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Dec 31, 2016

07 Dodge trouble code P1011

-Fuel leak -Fuel filter -Transfer pump flow -High pressure fuel pump -Leaking fuel injectors or connectors -Leaking pressure limiting valve -Fuel control actuator -Fuel pressure sensor -Restriction in fuel return lines -Cascade overflow valve -Air in the fuel system. Read more: http://www.autocodes.com/p1011_dodge.html
11/5/2016 5:12:46 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Nov 05, 2016

2007 dodge ram 1500 truck code P0522... seems common?engine shuts down disconnect battery restarts.

P0522 code means the sensor is indicating too low of an oil pressure value due to faulty sensor, low oil, or sensor circuit
11/5/2016 4:09:48 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Nov 05, 2016

What does the dionostic code p3600 mean?

Evaporative emissions systems test for a leak in the fuel tank and associated hoses. To perform the test, the computer pulls a vacuum and checks to see if the vacuum holds. Each car maker uses a different techniques to check, but most often it's some type of fuel tank pressure sensor.
11/5/2016 3:49:09 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Nov 05, 2016

It wont shift into overdrive the transmission has pressure I changed to fluids when I go to pass it wont shift into overdrive

strange as it may sound, transmissions do not shift into overdrive to pass they down shift a ratio to get extra torque from the motor and will stay down shifted until the vacuum actuator shifts it back and only then when the VSS reports to the TCM that a ratio change up is needed will the overdrive click in If you cannot get OD under any circumstances run the fault codes and check for a problem overdrive servo/ solenoid , TCM unit
4/25/2016 12:30:44 AM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Apr 25, 2016

At low speed slow take of hunts between 1-2nd gear if i take off fast shifts normal

look for a vacuum leak in the hose to the actuator run the fault codes and look for a problem servo/ solenoid
4/17/2016 1:45:07 AM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Apr 17, 2016

What causes misfire on number 1 and 4 cylnders

-Possibly bad injector or bad plug wire. -Lets check the resistance of the injector first. (Need to follow its repair manual. in Ohm) Is it's not within specification then replace it. -If it's good than check the plug wire. Possibly damage or ground some where between spark plugs and coil. Good Luck Mai
1/7/2016 9:41:37 PM • 2007 Dodge Ram... • Answered on Jan 07, 2016
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