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Is this a touch screen system?

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Your post really contains no useful information, like why the dealer says it checks ok is key here. That said if you fell the recall has created issues with the car that did not exist before the recall was done then you MUST do the following, contact the service department manager and request that a factory field service engineer be brought out to the dealer to check the problems you now claim to exist since the recall was done. If you don't go by this procedure to resolve this issue you will never get this taken care of, I speak from 35 years as a factory trained dealer tech, I know how it works.

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hope this solve your problem

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Grnd should be in mounting. One wire may be marker lamp, the other turn signal. ck bulb for two elements. thick short filiment is turn flash and thin filiment is marker lamp. Good Luck

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There is a plastic tab that a screw goes through. Into the top corner of the headlight, closest to the front marker light. If the screw and or tab is missing, it was broken off at some point. There are three points on the backside of the marker light lens. That hold and secure the fixture. With firm pressure you must pull the marker light lens straight forward, out of its fixed position. Plastic trim removal tools make removal easier. You can pry on the rear edge of the lens without damaging the paint on the fender or the lens itself. I could not find a video for your specific model but I found a similar model with the same removal procedure.

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run the fault codes to check for sensor and wiring faults. The ABS and the stability system use the same sensors at the wheels so it could be an air gap problem at a sensor or a loose/ broken wire /connection. Check wheel bearings for condition and adjustment as that will affect the air gap on the front wheels ( especially on turns when the hub is allowed to move out of alignment from the side load of the turn)

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yes it is a common problem no real easy fix but you can try a trans additive that i have used lucus trans additive auto zone sells it i might buy you some time

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you did not post the year so i will give you the most common way to raise the car with the most common system.

1st, find the DLC1 test conector under the hood on the right inner finder it will look like this.

using a jumper wire jump termanals Ts and E1

then push the "DOWN" button on the height select switch 5 times or more within 5 seconds after starting the engine.

if you have done every thing right up to this point the height control OFF light will start flashing at a .25 second interval.

now with the light flashing and the engine runing and the car in park turn the damping mode select switch to "COMFORT" mode ----- push "UP" and the front will come up and if you push and hold the height control switch and the "UP" button the rear will come up.

make sure you do not raise the vehicle height higer then the "HI" position when raising it with this test.

good luck

let me know if there is any thing else you need.

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Variable Gear Ratio Steering (Makes it easier to turn when stationary or moving slow)

Not knowing your model or year, I can't investigate any further with what you have provided.

Looking in other forums, the most useful comment that I can see says that a guy had this same problem after installing a Sat TV system, somehow that process fried the VGRS computer He called Lexus of Honolulu, who informed him that the car was both safe and driveable in the current state. A local dealer fixed the problem for him. The only effect of the light was that the steering did not become more sensitive for parking maneuvers. the job discussed was fixed under warranty, It is not a cheap fix.

The Lexus LS has a recall on it for VGRS issues. You can read more at:

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the spiral cable or also called the clock spring will break and cause this problem and it is also part of the air bag system.......i hope advice will help you and if there is anything else i can help with let me know......let me and fixya know if i was able to help in any way and a thumbs up would be appreciated..........thanks and have a good day..........

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yes a new lock cylinder is needed

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Hello and welcome to FixYa!
Can you please give me your location so I can provide you a dealer for the carrier.
Thank you. I'll be waiting.

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You didn't mention YEAR or MODEL, but if it is like most Lexus vehicles, the spare tire winch has a square "nipple" on the end of it, not a "slot". You slide the jacking extension square-end first into the tube and onto the nipple. (This usually requires connecting two or more jacking extension pieces together) You then use the lug wrench (which has a square hole in it) to turn the jacking extension to lower the tire.

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the cable from the door handle to the door lock has either broke or the plastic retaining clip has snapped ,either way take the door panel off and have a look to verify exactly what is wrong

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There is NO button to turn off. You need to have the codes scanned and reset, Something triggered a fault and lights came on. Lexus can do it and any good shop can read the codes and reset your lights.

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The VSC light.VSC stands for "Vehicle Stability Control". disconnect the negative battery terminal for few minutes then reconnect it again then check out if the VSC light is still coming On. ------------ But if this does not help you to solve the problem then this "VSC light On" problem is related to loose vacuum hose.Properly check the air filter the vacuum hose thats behind the air box ,if this vacuum hose is loose then you will get the VSC light. -------------- Also check the gas cap,if the gas cap gets loose then this can cause the problem. ----------- but if all this possibilities checked ok and still the VSc light stays on,then this problem has to be checked by retrieving codes at diagnosis center.You can get your car scanned at absolutely free to get car scanned at auto zone service center.Once the error codes are retrieved the exact faulty part can be replaced as per the codes. ---------------] Keep updated for any more queries.Thanks.

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This problem could be something major. But it could be something simple and safe to drive. But I would suggest towing it to be safe. Usually when the check engine light blinks it is something that is dangerous to drive. But not always. But I would suggest having the car towed to be on the safe side.

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Don't have a diagram.

Remove drain plug from oil pan. This is the lowest part of the engine. Looks like a pan. There is a drain screw. Remove the screw and let all the oil drips out unitl it completely stops dripping. Then put the plug back in.

Then grab the oil filter. Usually orange, whilte, blue, or black. Turn it counter-clockwise until it comes off. Once it is off, let it completely drain. Put the new filter on.

Put in 5 quarts of oil. Let it sit for 5 minutes and check it. See if oil needs to be added. 5 or 5 1/2 quarts. Owners manual will tell you how much for your car. 5 - 5 1/2 quarts is most common.
Now drive away!

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