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I don't think you can on that model. Alot of JDM does not support ENGLISH. even if you do the navigation may not be usable or up datable for outside Japan and if you are in N. America the radio station stepping is different. Probably be easier to replace with a unti designed for your market and sell that unit back to someone in japan.

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You Peugeot dealer can supply the code based on the VIN number of your car. Each car is different hence you wont be able to find one on the internet. You may need to visit them to prove you own the car, and they may charge a small fee, but many will provide it for nothing. Then write it down for next time.

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Crankshaft position sensor bad.

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From outside or inside?

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What does this sensor do because I can find no reference to such a part.

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Most likely near the thermostat if it has one, but also they can be located on the cylinder head.

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spark or fuel problem with motor
needs a service first
if no better needs more investigation under the hood

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Economy mode usually comes on when the computer senses a low charge on the battery and conserves power to start the vehicle.
1. If you can start the car by jump starting from another vehicle with its engine running then you know your battery is the problem. In some cases when you completely drain a battery you have issues with them ever after until they fail completely.

2. If you cannot jump start from another vehicle then turn everything off and disconnect the negative and then the positive lead on the battery terminals and leave it for 10 minutes. Then connect it back up again (positive lead first and then negative lead last) and put the key in the ignition and turn on the ignition but do not start the car. Leave it there for 5 minutes and then turn the ignition it off. Then try starting again.

3. You have not mentioned if there are any other warning lights being displayed on the dash which you have not mentioned in your question. Please check this carefully because it is also relevant to this problem if there are other warning lights displayed.

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That means the battery in your remote key fob is almost dead.

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It does not matter because the engine can run on either and if you need to top up the oil level you can use either as you can mix the oils. If changing the oil use full synthetic.

Preferably only use fully synthetic and only use the grade specified by the manufacturer. There are various oils of the same grade formulated for different engines so check before buying and only use the one suitable for the Renault engine in your car.

The important issue with your engine oil is to have it changed regularly. Whatever the manufacturer states as the change interval (such as every 10000) half it and do it at 5000. Manufacturer recommended change intervals assume absolutely ideal operating conditions for the engine which few owners will ever run there cars at. Most owners are running there cars in severe conditions with lots of cold starts, short runs, stop /start in traffic and so on. These are sever conditions for engine lubrication, the oil deteriorates faster, is more contaminated and needs to be changed more frequently.

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I had that problem when turning.
Finally found the cause to be a damaged carburetor float which caused flooding under lateral acceleration.

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Did you reset computer if yes likely a bad sensor

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The reason for the high biting point is simple. The clutch is made of 3 main components.
The pressure plate friction plate and the release bearing.
The more times clutch is depressed the concentric spring fingers wear in 2 ways . Firstly by good old metal to metal rubbing and secondly the concentric spring fingers don't return as far as a new one causing the release bearing or csc to adjust .
When the pressure plate concentric spring gingers wear they don't sit proud and require more pedal effort to depress. .
When they loose there spring like feature they require a greater distance from the release bearing. Or it has to travel further to depress them to lift The pressure plate and fee the friction plate from the lay shaft on which it is splined onto to give you drive once released.
The further back the bearing has to travel to allow the fingers to clamp the pressure plate to the friction plate . The more the clutch has become worn and unserviceable.
Self adjustment on hydraulic clutches are a hard one to gauge as you have no idea how far the piston has moved out to compensate for this wear . With a cable you can physically see the wear and adjust .
High biting points on any car are useless. You want a biting point to be 2 to 3 inches from the top and not nearly level with the brake pedal.
Anyway it seems apparent that Peugeot and Citroen both have high to almost no point at which they bite .
I myself would modify this as an engineer.
But it seems to be normal on these cats to have absolutely no biting point worth talking about.
My sisters 2012 206 1.4 is a very high biting point and I myself would not be happy with it . It gives u no indication of a worn clutch if its self adjusting.
Alll hydraulic clutches are self adjusting. So why are Peugeot and Citroens sooo high. Its ridiculous.
A very idiotic idea and I'm taking it back with her and I'm complaining. Hopefully I should get somewhere and ill update you all

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If it has an uprated turbo the turbo timer runs until it gets to a set temp or length of time

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run the fault codes and look for a problem torque converter clutch solenoid / servo
check for TCM fault

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you would need to open the unit, and remove the outer top of the cd player and you should be able to remove disc,

must only be done when the power is disconected

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There s/b a finite resistance between pins 1 and 2. Even if this is so, the sensor can still be defective. I suggest that, if the dipstick shows full, and you're getting a Low Oil message, merely replace the sensor. It's a known, but rare, failure. You'll need to drain the oil, and replace the O-ring.

Continuity is used to check that a circuit is continuous, and not broken. It does not measure resistance. Example: an electrical fuse to see if it is truly blown.

Resistance is a measure of the impeding of current flow. In the case of the level sensor, the resistance element heats the sensor.

Diode test is to determine if a diode is defective; one polarity actually measures the junction voltage, and the other polarity shows nothing, which indicates that the diode is working.

If you want to know more, visit your local Radio Shack and ask for a book http://www.hella.com/MicroSite/soe/sites/default/files/downloads/J00137_Oelniveausensoren_GB_TT_korr1.pdf An Overview of Oil Level Sensors and How They Work

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