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This sounds like your starter is getting stuck which is not that uncommon , sometimes giving it a tap with the hammer can free it up .... thats a tap not a smash ! is your car a manual or automatic ? if it is a manual i would clutch start the car just to get it running and after it has warmed up turn it off and try to restart it again just to eliminate other problems , you dont need a computer program for this fix but you might have to replace the starter .

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Sep 26, 2017 | 41 views

look in the engine bay against the firewall to the right under below air filter box to throttle pipe usually cylindrical shape made of metal silver or black in colour

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Feb 22, 2016 | 245 views

doubt it --- for sudden problems check items like fan operation if electric, viscous fan hub if fitted, blocked radiator fins / corroded fins, failed cat converter blocking exhaust.
run the fault codes to check for any sensor failure.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Jan 14, 2015 | 238 views

Could be a bad oil level sensor or possibly a wire problem going to the oil level sensor.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Aug 30, 2014 | 234 views

If so it should say blower motor.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Jun 23, 2014 | 112 views

Are you talking about engine radiator cooling fan?
If yes there is no switch per say, the fan is connected to a relay and gets activated by the temperature sensor of the coolant, if it is not coming on check for a blown fuse or a bad relay.
If you want to test the fan, connect the fan straight to the car 12V battery and see if it is working.
Make sure that your hands are not close at any time to the fan blades, and don't wear any kind of loose clothing and jewelery.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on May 31, 2014 | 296 views

Did you have the battery load tested? do that first. Remember just because you charged it that doesn't mean the battery is any good.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on May 03, 2014 | 173 views

Does the central locking still work when you open with the key. First place to start is a new battery in ur fob even if the lights still coming on

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Apr 30, 2014 | 720 views

Black is ground red is battery yellow is accessory as far as if you are installing a new stereo the best and cleanest way is to buy an install kit since they include wiring diagrams otherwise pick up a repair manual from your local parts shop they're around $25

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Apr 12, 2014 | 222 views

A P0130 fault is typical, and represents "02 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank I Sensor 1)" It will NOT go away until fixed. This is not a safety issue, but an emissions related issue. Fuel economy and performance can be impacted and if allowed to persist for a long time, damage to the catalytic converter may result. Replacing a cat converter can be expensive repair. If your state does emissions testing as part of regular vehicle inspection, you will probably fail.

Read more at: http://www.obd-codes.com/p0130

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Apr 11, 2014 | 215 views

one switch will do the job

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Mar 02, 2014 | 317 views

Try to replace your fuel pump relay. If that doesn\'t work, replace the spark plugs. If that doesn\'t work, replace your high tension leads with boogie cords.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on May 27, 2013 | 204 views

You do it from behind. Pull the handles on the LEFT and RIGHT and push up

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Apr 09, 2013 | 650 views

Hey Derek,
When did the light first come on? Was the car Driving OKay before and after the light came on? How many miles on the car? When did you change the oil last? Has your car just reached a 100,000 mile mark or 150,000 mile mark? Your ECM has detected a fault somewhere or it just BURPED and needs to be reset. I need the answers to the questions from you. In order to help you find the problem. BUT, iF THE CAR RAN FINE BEFORE AND AFTER, IT MOST LIKELY JUST BURPED & ONLY NEEDS TO RESET OF FAULT CODES.


2001 Nissan... | Answered on Oct 19, 2012 | 209 views

That noise is the heater and AC air temperature control electric blend door motor trying to move a duct door that is sticking due to heat warping. You will need to remove the entire dash assembly and replace the blend door. This door is located between the AC core and the heater core and "blends" the air from each (hot from heater core and cold from AC core) to give the desired air temperature,.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on Oct 11, 2012 | 629 views

You must get the system scanned for fault codes first. I doubt it is plugs.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on May 27, 2013 | 521 views

This O.D. light flashing means that a fault has been detected in the transmission by the Transmission control module (TCM). What must be done now is to have the system scanned to see what fault codes are in the memory of the TCM. The most common cause of this to happen is slight slippage of the transmission, you may not even fell it but the computer senses it through the input and output turbine speed sensors.

2001 Nissan... | Answered on May 16, 2012 | 689 views

Spray some starter fluid into the throttle body and if it starts, you have a fuel problem. Pump,relay or fuse.

Nissan Almera... | Answered on Oct 03, 2019 | 29 views

I got this free Pdf manual from reliable-store. com for free and I don't think Ive visited a mechanic or fixya for help for more than 3-4 times out of the 20 times I fixed the chipper in these 4 years

Nissan Almera... | Answered on Jul 23, 2019 | 23 views

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