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This model is only found in South Africa. Here are trouble shooting tips.


Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 14, 2020

Doesn't start how ? Crank no start or no crank no start When turning the key to start what happens ? Does the starter engage an spin the engine or not . What do you mean timing in check .

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 14, 2020

Difficult to do with a common rail diesel without diagnostic equipment and some expertise.

The main problem is the electronics will not allow fuel injection to begin until from the start of cranking a minimum fuel rail pressure to be achieved in a certain time - so if nothing else is found; battery, starter, good cranking speed, blocked fuel filter, air leak in fuel line, etc., check electrical pulses are being sent to the injectors with noid lights. If there is a pulse the injectors should be removed for testing but if there is no pulse it would be better to call in a specialist to test the electronics and the high pressure pump.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 12, 2020

If a change point is specified it will be found in the vehicle service literature supplied with the vehicle when new - or give the dealer a call.

Timing chains are more durable and longer lasting than timing belts - as long as the maintenance intervals are observed and good quality engine oil is used. Mostly replacement is required when the chain becomes noisy though some installations are so efficiently guided and tensioned a noisy chain, even when badly worn, is unlikely and so it is wise to remove the top cover periodically after a high mileage to check the chain for wear over the cam sprockets.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 12, 2020

I am not familiar with the model. The fuel pump is generally found in the fuel tank and access is often via a cover under the rear seat but sometimes the fuel tank must be removed.

I really wanted to inject a note of caution. Plastic fuel tanks aren't unusual and the fuel pump and fuel gauge sensor are often retained by a screwed plastic collar, like the lid of a coffee jar. Beware of plastic fuel tanks that have been in service for a while - once the collar is removed the neck of the fuel tank tends to grow and in the matter of a few minutes it can be impossible to refit the collar.

Speed is the key to success - get the pump out and refit the collar immediately until it is time to put the pump back. I know people who have failed to take this precaution who have needed to replace the fuel tank.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 12, 2020

If locking (using the plip) and unlocking after waiting 15/20 minutes doesn't work you can try disconnecting the battery again, leaving it several hours and then opening the door and switching on the ignition and finally reconnecting the battery.

If that doesn't work I suggest you take advice from the dealer or try an internet search.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 11, 2020

If your Dualis is fitted with the 2 litre engine it will be a Chain. You can do a basic check by looking at the belts and pulleys on the end of the engine. A chain engine will only have one belt with grooves on it running like train tracks around the belt.
Timing belts have grooves going across the belt. these hook into the cog teeth of the crank and cam pulleys.

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Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 09, 2020

your cooling system has many parts and can overheat for any number of reasons. your radiator could be clogged, the thermostat could have failed or not opened. the water is leaking and that is a whole problem to fix also. the fan or switch that controls the fan has stopped working. the relay that turns the fan on stopped working. could be a bad fuse. you could have something blocking the air into where the air goes to the radiator. so you see there is many issues that could be the problem. your first set is to check and see if you have enough liquid in the system after that if its full you need to check the fan and make sure it works and if not. then start there and may need to investigate more or replace bad parts. but replacing parts not knowing they are bad is a bad idea. most things can be tested and checked first. even a broken belt can stop the water pump turning and make it over heat. good luck

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 08, 2020

Generally it is lack of power. Switches are generally sturdy and if the battery is good then what we can doubt is module only.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 06, 2020

There is something wrong in the fuel or air supply side. This could be due to various reasons but the most probable one is the improper mixing of air with fuel. So, one has to check the air filter may be it requires cleaning. Next is fuel and air mixer and injector part which of course calls for a mechanic as it might require tuning also.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 06, 2020

The starter has a solenoid connected to the starter. Check to see if power is at the small wire when the key is in the start position. Check to see if 12 volts is at the large wire. If not, check the battery. If voltage is not at the small wire with the key in the start position, check for a neutral safety switch problem.

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Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 02, 2020

The code means that the Engine Control Unit (ECU) has detected an out of range or abnormal reading of low operation in the turbocharger or supercharger boost control solenoid circuit. This code is related to circuit A as an area of the boost solenoid system circuit, as opposed to a particular malfunction or component.Mar 25, 2016

P0047 OBD-II Trouble Code: Turbo/Super Charger Boost ...

www.autoblog.com > 2016/03/25 > p0047-obd-ii-trouble-code-turbo-...Featured Snippets

Nissan Primera P0047 Engine Trouble Code

p0047.enginetroublecode.com > nissan-primeraNissan Primera P0047 OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code Information Page. Reason for Nissan Primera P0047 and find the solution for the code ...

Nissan P0047 Turbocharger/Supercharger Boost Control A ...

www.carobdcodes.com > nissan-p0047-turbochargersupercharger-bo...
OBD-II Trouble Code Description for P0047 Nissan ... Nismo,2013 Nissan GT-R,2013 Nissan Altima Sedan,2013 Nissan Almera,2013 Nissan 370Z,2012 Nissan ...

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There are several places that you could start, but I would check the fuse first. If it is good and there is 12V to the fuse I would then check the horn button under the air bag and make sure that there is voltage there. You can then check to make sure that if you pass 12V across the switch that the horn sounds. If not check to make sure that the horn is getting the 12V when the horn switch is made. If you are getting 12V at the horn but it isn't sounding, replace the horn. Just make sure to be careful working around the air bag. If you do not know what you are doing, find a competent mechanic.

Nissan Cars &... | Answered on Sep 02, 2020

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