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My friend drives a Citroen C6 and obtains higher mpg than that when he is going downhill or slowing and when he accelerates hard the reading drops like a stone to a relatively few. In order to obtain a sensible reading he has to press a button a few times to obtain the average mpg rather than the immediate.

I suggest you read the vehicle handbook.

Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jan 04, 2021

DTC P1638
The powertrain control module (PCM) uses the generator field duty cycle signal circuit to monitor the duty cycle of the generator. The generator field duty cycle signal circuit connects to the high side of the field winding in the generator. A pulse width modulated (PWM) high side driver in the voltage regulator turns the field winding ON and OFF. The PCM uses the PWM signal input to determine the generator load on the engine. This allows the PCM to adjust the idle speed to compensate for high electrical loads.
The PCM monitors the state of the generator field duty cycle signal circuit. When the key is in the RUN position and the engine is OFF, the PCM should detect a duty cycle near 0 percent. However, when the engine is running, the duty cycle should be between 5-100 percent. The PCM monitors the PWM signal using a key ON test and a RUN test. During the tests, if the PCM detects an out of range PWM signal, DTC P1638 will set. When the DTC sets, the PCM will send a class 2 serial data message to the IPC to illuminate the charge indicator.

Diagnostic Aids
• DTCs P1637 and P1638 may set at the same time depending on the failure.
• Use a scan tool in order to diagnosis the generator circuits. The scan tool should display Inactive for the L terminal and 10-40 percent for the F terminal when the ignition is ON. When the engine is operating, the display should indicate that the L terminal is Active and the F terminal is more than 10 percent.
• A generator fault, such as a shorted output diode, malfunctioning regulator, open or shorted rotor, or open sense lead or battery feed may cause a low battery charge. Refer to Charging System Test for further information and generator diagnosis.

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if youre replacing petrol parts make sure you replace it with a petrol part too

Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jan 03, 2021

dont know why anyone would read this one lol

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The unit is just a battery with connectors and it is only as good as the battery or batteries inside it. In the cheaper units the batteries are not going to last very long.

Batteries commonly fail and will not hold a charge and that is most likely the problem with your unit.

Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jan 03, 2021

That truck doesn't have a fuel pump driver module . Truck doesn't have fuel pressure ? Check to see if fuel pump inertia switch is tripped , check fuel pump relay .

Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jan 03, 2021

A Befana carries a basket of coal to place in the shoes of naughty children, but if she has to deal directly with especially naughty adults, particularly the outright wicked and evil, she may deliver their coal by throwing it, possibly lighting it first.


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You didn't say what sort of charger and what it is you are trying to charge - this is the cars and trucks section but it would be too easy to assume you are asking about a charger for car batteries.

The multimeter should clearly indicate the polarity of the wires or plug and verify your assumption it is incorrectly connected internally.
It isn't unusual that a discharged battery causes a spark when being connected to a charger the right way around and it isn't unusual that a completely discharged battery will demand more current than a charger can provide causing a modern intelligent charger to shut down, similarly a defective battery can spark when connected...

If the charger is really wrongly connected internally it shouldn't be very difficult to rectify with most designs and if you provide more information in the comments I can try and advise you further.

Just as a matter of diverse interest, with lead acid batteries maintaining correct polarity is very important as when completely discharged it is possible to recharge them with the wrong polarity and when attempting to reconnect such a battery, it will immediately destroy many of the electronic circuits it supplies...

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you cant start it without the key.. you should have a spare key. reality as it is youll have to see a dealer and pay dearly

Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jan 01, 2021

It has electric power steering. Check fuses and read ODB codes with a capable scanner to begin troubleshooting. Electric power steering repairs can be horribly expensive.

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Brake light and tail light are generally separate circuits so for both to fail, unless the wiring is damaged (where it passes over or under the rear mudguard is usually vulnerable) it is likely something they both have in common and that is the lamp, often the bulb and the ground or earth...

An indicator flashing faster than the other side suggests that side is consuming a different amount of current and that can be caused by fitting a bulb with a different wattage or by a poor contact somewhere including a poor ground.

Look at all the bulbs first making sure they are all clean and correct and the bulbholders are also clean and working correctly. Using a test lamp test the supply to each bulbholder using an independent ground.
If all is correct it would seem to be the ground that is defective.

Cars & Trucks | Answered on Jan 01, 2021

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