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dead fob chirp
dead alarm sound
dead horn button or all 3? must we guess?

double posted and still no clear symptoms
last post said only broken word, then now not working.
is horn dead? I push the horn button and my horn is silent.?
If you scan the PCM with any scan tool there are 5 horn errors.
called DTCs'
we use this amazing device called a voltmeter to find bad horns.
but most folks today never hear of one... so.... ask guess'ers to guess.
that it it?
Dead horn 101: (generic)
check fuses first,scan pcm for errors, 2nd, after all it may know why?horn is bad.wiring to horn bad.bad horn relay (there is none ) "has electronic drivers "BCM bad./PCM (or MTIP)horn switch bad.horn connections in steering coil spring bad.
the car has 2 horns.
so both most likely not bad.
the horn operates via 2 computer brains
1: pcm
THE TIPM ACUTALLY honks the horn,
the pcm sees you push the button(digital inputs)
and the PCM then sends a can-buss communication to the
TIPM brain under hood. (aka, MTIP)
the TIPM then honks the 2 horns.
Module totally integrated power , drives the horns.

why not scan it first
or get car serviced.?????
if not, its hopeless. (sure check horn grounds for rust)
lacking tools
or lacking how not to get injured playing with AIR BAD parts.
RTM first, jeep FSM book , factory service manual and see page on horn and use the advice on page to not get hurt.

26144678-4dw03abheqagcnugpkxx10ue-1-0.jpga driver is magic electronic device that replaces relays
some call them electronic relays,
but can be just power transistors on the motherboard
of the MTIP, (non user replaceable inside)
cars are catching up to industry finally.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 23, 2019

Patrick J Farone wants answers to this question 2017
5 different engines, which one?>
USA car? why skip that,?
ever seen a starter ever,
ever do work on one ever? be key fact to know, right?
Patrick. most engines are the same, 99%
the only real question is it top or bottom access
but no engine stated so that cant be answered, the 2.4 is top

why piggy-back? generic>
1: pull neg. battery lug or boom eat acid and go blind.
2: jackup car, to stands, on jack stands,
3: see starter there, any shelds off now. gain access is NOW.
4: remove all wires to it now.
5: remove all base bolts, it falls and hits your head, duck please.
6: reverse above, should not have to be said but there.

watch 100s do it on Utube yet? no lack of examples there.
all cars same once seen with eyes have you?

now ill do 2.0/2.4L jeeps (from the SM, usa issue)
  1. Open hood.
  2. Remove air cleaner box and air tube.
  3. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable
  4. Remove starter motor mounting bolt.
  5. Disconnect the electrical connector at throttle body.
  6. Remove Throttle body bolts and remove throttle body.
  7. push starter under intake manifold.
  8. Tip starter nose toward cooling module.
  9. Pull starter up and out.
  10. Disconnect starter motor wiring.
  11. Remove starter motor from vehicle.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 20, 2017

with engine running and not.?
front or rear wiper,?????
toss dice, land on front......( 50/50 odds)
it's a network now, no more old style, point to point one wire for every thing on car and a ton of copper to match.
first test all fuses, then scan it.
or it will get expensive fast guessing.
the Switch bank brain under the wiper stalk
sends what you did, on to the LIN bus network,
The switch there does not actually drive lamps.
its just a digital switch, (some are 3 level logic)
The switches on some use a bank of internal resistors to tell the switch bank what you did.

this LIN data stream, is sent to the cluster brain
and also to the TIPM brain.(Allen Turing brains)
the cluster responds for many actions, taken and shows you what you did (EG) for blinkers, flashes the cluster TURN lamp. in same.
Wipers front.
the command for wipers are sent to the TIPM
this device, runs (DRIVES) a huge number of things on the car. (ask for schematics, I have it in pdf forum now,)
Totally Integrated power module. or TIPM
It drives the wiper motor using internal high powered electronics. Direct drive,..
It also senses the wipers location called the sense wire.
The TIPM brain, has complex logic to do all that
it gets many commands to do, (fast ,slow, intermittent wipe) and via TIPM computer memory instructions,
does the job.with pure software. inside.
the wipers can fail for many reasons besides simple mechanical jam or a cut wire.
1: fuse blown to any of those module. check them all if you are SAVVY!
2: TIPM bad,
3: TIPM power supply pin too low, say car battery is 10v ( are head lamps dim,, hummmmmmmmmm)
4: TIPM programming bad. (scrambled brain, needs re-flash)
5: CAN bus or LIN bus, noise, or gross collisions of data on that vital bus. (only scans work here)

IF all fuses are good we scan it .
as always , we check battery voltage first.
with out fail, and listening to the starter motor.
if the starter is dead or weak , we want a strong battery to make all this complex electronics in the car work.
A $10 voltmeter and you know know, battery is above 12.6vdc rested, key on, engine off.
start engine and it goes above, 13.3vdc.
That same tool i can test all fuse. ask.
end comments.

FSM page:
the first page states (QUOTE)
The most reliable, efficient, and accurate means to diagnose the front wiper motor or the electronic controls and communication related to front wiper motor operation requires the use of a diagnostic scan tool. Refer to the appropriate diagnostic information.
NOTE The front wiper and washer switches are integral to the right multi-function switch. The right multi-function switch is hard wired to the left multi-function switch/Steering Control Module (SCM), which communicates with the ElectroMechanical Instrument Cluster (EMIC)/Cab Compartment Node (CCN) over the Local Interface Network (LIN) data bus.
Before performing any of the following tests, determine whether the other functions of the right and left multi-function switch/SCM are operational. If only the right multi-function switch functions are inoperative, test and repair the right multi-function switch or the jumper harness between the right and left multi-function switches before attempting to repair the Front Wiper and Washer System. If both the right and left multi-function switch/SCM functions are ineffective, diagnose and repair that problem before attempting to repair the Front Wiper and Washer System. end quotes.

what's MORE?
what is missing is a block diagram, here ill make one so we can all learn....

Binary switch stalk. via 7 pin connector.
SCM module (steering control module)
to: (i guess the SCM is the Bank switch brain)
the LIN>CAN network, (the SCM sends digital commands to)

if you scan it and see errors from SCM to TIPM
that needs to be corrected first.
garbled bus data will make the TIPM go nuts.

That ground bad theory fails. because...
the motor uses Ground G112
if that wire fails you get vast numbers of failure from 10 majors. including oxygen sensor 1/2
so it;'s not G112 bad.
the motor has fast winding and low speed.
and a common ground. and a sense wire.

never skip scanning the car, or its all like a dog chasing his tail.
Battery not discharged, (you never said car runs)
fuses all good, (means tested)
scanned and not DTC errors. (i bet yes errors)
there 7 pages for the whole can/lin bus.

but this one is switch banks.
one tricky aspect of this, is the cluster
I think translates this wiper data commands from the LIN bus and then rebroadcasts to to the CAN-BUS. that he TIPM uses.that means.
so error are both buses are important.
this is the LIN-bus, the cluster retransmites the commands do the CAN-BUS. so if cluster is dead
that kills those commands,... out.bound. see?
tricky, i told you.


2007 Jeep... | Answered on May 15, 2016

Most fuel filters are inside the gas tank.
Removing the gas tank is pretty easy if you have a fllor jack and 2 floor stands and a wretch set.
Go to YOUTUBE to find video on how to remove the gas tank.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on May 01, 2016

are you saying the horn is dead.
that it?
or is some physical part is fracture damage (broken)
if visible damage, post a photo.

i answered in the other post.

first why not say whats not working?
the horn on cars are used for 3 things
all dead.?
and door lock chirp
or the horn button dead.

must we guess, symptoms....why not just say so...

btw, some features are programmable.
but i cant help lacking clear, symptoms. 2times.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Mar 29, 2016

scan it yet,
you cant fix cars lacking tool #1
as OBd2 scan tool.
no way jose'

and ATF levels.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Feb 21, 2016

525 USD

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 22, 2016

no crank, is basic starter path failure
the lamps are useless here,
ill guess automatic trans.....
forget pump, just starter.

does it crank in neutral as instructed in the oper,guide?
if yes, park switch
no, the jumper cable crank engine, does it crank now.?
yes, battery was dead, or lugs corroded green
no? then clean lugs, rpeat
no? the starter bad or key line bad
HOT WIRE THE STARTER At solenoid(keys in pocket)
no crank with good battery,starter is bad. (or possible cables)
yes, crank well now you know your starters good in 5min.work
this means the KEY line is dead.
id scan the pcm now or first,is better.
some cars have starter relay
what happens is the PRNDL switch in the trans
in P or N , energizes said relay allowing the key line 12v reach said starter small lug.
only $10 voltmeter i see the cause fast.
easy .
the key in must be 11v or more. cranking.
if 0 or real low bad line, 8v the solenoid chatters.so....
ending my secrets now..

no tools? nor meter?

charge your battery?> have some one charge it and test it.?
jumper cable crank it(call AAA TOW?)
USE a known good battery from other car yet.
all fail check key line
hit starter on side with hammer? (sorry a tool)

btw dead batteries fail all tests. so charge it first then test it or be out $130 for nuttn.
(makes car stores rich, not now..)

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 19, 2016

scan it,yet>?
check fuse
or get it serviced

the Check engine light (MIL) means, get it serviced
to a tech,vastly more.
check fluid levels, first. don't run it until oil levels are ok.
then fuses and scans it.
if PCM shows errors.we check those, carefully.
using tools'
got tools?gauges an meters?
bet no.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Jan 14, 2016

ABS problem may be related to the axle work...either a sensor was left unplugged, got damaged or is obstructed by rust. Reverse lights are on a separate system and likely, they weren't working and you just noticed. I'd have the shop that did the work check it over. If for any reason you don't want them doing that, have another shop do that and document what they found.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Sep 25, 2015

The port is located on the larger of the two a/c lines (suction } just off the top of the compressor

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Aug 18, 2015

Check and see if you have brake lights. If not replace the brake switch down by the brake pedal arm. If you do have lights, then you need to check wires first, then replace the shifter. Most solenoids in the shifter can't be replaced with out replace the whole shifter.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Jul 15, 2015

  1. check fuses 1st.
  2. scan it next !
do tell DTC errors, do not skip this step or its impossible......
if the ABS is not showing abs parts bad, then the brakes are bad.

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 24, 2015

P0707 - Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Low Input Possible causes
- Faulty Park/neutral position switch
- Misadjusted park/neutral position switch
- Park/neutral position switch harness is open or shorted
- Park/neutral position switch circuit poor electrical connection

2007 Jeep... | Answered on Apr 07, 2015

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