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It could be a bad headgasket or a stuck thermostat.

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Apr 02, 2015

Get a manual- that is the safest way to find these specs. Some libraries have Chilton Manuals that you can use at the library. Just photocopy the information.

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Mar 05, 2015

Change your throttle position sensor

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Nov 21, 2014

Where does the "roaring" sound like it is coming from? Can you feel any vibrations anywhere in the car? Under the seat? At your feet?

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Jul 28, 2014

expensive guessing there ,wow !

why not find out why ,by using diagnosis, its far cheaper, i promise.
engine stalls:
A: can you save the stall>? with a fast right foot action????
yes, then its not 12vdc power lost to EFI system.
no, then it must be lost spark or lost fueling or flooding.
did you do the full 60k mile tune up yet? and the 90k? ever interval?
your mech. can't find this? is that what you are asking.???

stalls list, near impossible to answer not knowing, test A: above !
but here goes.
1: lost 12vdc power, EFI dies. engine dies. volt meter saves day.
2: lost spark, (cant save stall, test A, for this or lost 12vdc)
3: lost fuel pressure , stall can be proven with using test fuel at stall point. (spray fuel into intake) below 30PSI fuel, on all cars is bad.
4; flooding, from too much fuel pressure, say over 60psi, causes flooding, leaking injectors, so an injector leak down and balance test shown in the FSM.
See soaking wet spark plug tips (free easy check)??? flooding.
fast foot easy prevent stall, ? yes, ISC stuck closed. clean it
harder fast foot save is EGR stuck open. clean it.
impossible fast foot save is , #1,2,3 above.

all above can be tested easy and with cheap tools.
the engine runs by order. "classic list"
do the tune up.
1: 12vdc to EFI ,key on, all the time.
2: engine compression at spec, or 150psi. 90k timing belt ignored?
3: good spark and timed right. (strobe light test)
4: good fueling (not lost , or flooding)
5: EGR not stuck open, ISC not stuck closed.

this gets most stalls.
if fuel pressure is at bad shunt levels, +60psi , due to the fuelpressue
regulators stuck closed. (in side tank it is so is fuel filter.)
the engine will flood , i check fuel pressure. way before any ECU swaps. infact i check all ECU inputs first. and fuel pressure must be in spec range too.
good luck.

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Mar 03, 2014

The coil is a lifetime item. You would only change it because of failure.

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Feb 13, 2014

automatic transmission blues?
if yes, that is called FLARE. gross transmission slip but
stalling is one more non related, issue, so this is 2 problems.
why not check for spark first. x4 cylinders
then check spark plug tips for dry or wet. if wet and spark is good
use WOT magic secret unflood mode stated in the operators guide.
if not flooding and is dry plugs, and spark is good
you lost fueling, dead dead fuel pump or 12vdc dont reach it.

trans,is 2nd cant drive with dead engine.

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Jan 26, 2014

If you can't remove the filter by hand just use a common oil filter wrench. The filter is easy to access and remove. When you buy your new filter you can find the correct size filter cap wrench which is most likely a 64 mm.

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Dec 25, 2013

google finds this 1 second, did you try?
idle controls failures.
idle controls fail for many reasons.
ISC unplugged, is my wild and useless guess.....
the ECU only knows what tests (monitors fail)
in this case IDLE speed is out of control
the scan tool shows you (freeze frame) when and how it failed.
1: ISC sat for 1 weak and the nasty gum in it went solid, causing t
the valve to stick, (very common)
and not connected? the wire connector to it?
2: you left off vacuum hoses or put them back wrong?
and now there is an air leak, making the ISC out of control/?

old post. doing 60day, zero posts

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Nov 15, 2013

i bet its fix already , thanks for post back. that you did.
did you google this?
its a bad speed sensor.
511 is idle too high.
vacuum leak?
is idle too high......

lots of things can cause this.
but first is it too high, expecially hot.
or the ISC is unpluged or sticky , (air valves sticking idle air control valves)

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Oct 18, 2013

What happened before, nizam ? Was the old belt still together, it didn't break with the engine running, did it? Most, but not all, 4 cylinder engines are "interference" engines, meaning if not in perfect time by the timing belt, then piston tops and valves can strike each other and cause major internal damage, bent or broken valves, sometimes even pokes a hole in the piston. Big trouble, you see. That's why I ask if you were just replacing an old belt with a new one.
If that's the case, go back over your procedure, think carefully if you did everything right. Personally, I would never attempt any such job without a repair manual to refer to. Every manufacturer has their own unique way for removal and installation, and it's a very handy checklist to go back over and be certain everything is done-down to the last screw and electrical connection...and so on.
If you appreciate all that, and you think you got the timing spot on, and you rechecked all electrical connections for sure connected, then it's back to basics: gas, air, spark, and compression-that's all the cylinders need to burn the mixture, and zap ! engine running. Listen for the pump, injectors have to be working, check for spark, etc, etc. Always good to know your engine compression figures, anyway, how good the internal workings are. So if you got gas and spark, do a quick compression test. A decent compression tester will cost about $30-$40. Good compression will tell you the valves and piston rings are good, doing their job, and the timing is within range of being right.
Good luck. Let me know what you find.

2004 Honda Civic... | Answered on Jul 05, 2013

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