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what year????
lost your spare, car came new with 2 keys,
never not have 2 keys, or pay the piper..
no year car stated, so that means nobody can wax accurate.
just made 3 key for my , new jeep yesterday. (proactive)
2 pods and 1 full,
my 04 (sold) GV, only one key can be programmed at a time.
but has no IMMO on car, only the door locks are dead on my spare.
the operators guide (lost that?) tells you how to get the fob programmed all by your self.
the key , any lock smith in earth can cut you a new one.
but house calls or road trips are more money. to cure that.

GV are sold all over the world. 1999 to now.
we cant guess that either and some have Immobilizers..
cant guess that either...

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Nov 13, 2015

no year vitara,, are we to guess year and the engine you have.
1988 to 2013 (chapter 11 failed here in USA sales ended)
gas or diesel?
in the USA (are you) the G16 and J20 and H25 engines top the list as most common, there are like 10 engines used world wide.
so we go to generic engine 101 answers.
The run on deal, is serious , because fuel and spark are cut
key off, on all EFI cars. then dont run on.
well if not a diesel is it a diesel?

rev'ing past 3000 on a gas engine takes 3 things.
1: a GOOD ENGINE, compression good, and cam belt not slippled.
2: On gas engines good spark. and timed right (is yours?)
3: good fueling.

an engine that that is misfiring will have limited power and thus RPM.
or if limited fuel injections same.
there are tests for each case, no engine or year stated, i pass on a guess.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Oct 20, 2015

you cant drive car?
how can you drive lacking a key.?
the windows get power from the Ignition switch.
that is first. step, turn on the key and the electric windows
do all windows fail, keyon, from all the many switches in car. left and right>?
is car 4 doors, or 2.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Sep 25, 2015

wow no year car stated.. ouch. no country either...sad..
under the thermostat housing LOL, SORRY !
on the hose that (big) that gets hot first goes right to it.
what engine
1.9-litre turbodiesel engines from PSA, built in Spain by Santana Motors

or the Peugeot.? depends or country and year what engine is used and IS and engine question.
2.0-litre HDI engines from PSA
PSA - Peugeot and Citro?n.
RHZ engine
or the F9 diesel>? Renault
i give up, lacking year or country.. impossible...

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Sep 14, 2015

no year,, now how can I get the pages for you lacking the year.
(that be the first question or VIN)
Guessing year 2000 for you.
ah the 2.5L, and you dont have the book


do i need.?
well all the steps are in the FSM and here vast times.
here we go 1 more time.
the pump on this engine the H25 it is, is not most hard of most.
really the first question is how to get to it.

page 22 answers that, (and page 4)
to remove front cover , the valve covers bolt to it so...


you can maybe take off that front cover with the VC in place bolts on front VC off,
but how would you put it back> sandwiched between pan and VC it is.TIGHT.
so then it leaks, like made. sure would.

4 lousy bucks to read the manual (wild guess on year)

read all steps.? im not typing all 50 steps. sorry.
and then ask questions, and win
its not trival doing this job at all, getting to not leak is hard.
takes planning and patience.

excerpts (key)
step 4 (fsm) water pump.section service.
remove chain cover. turn to page for that and it states.
page 1d-17 (chain access & pump)
step 4, remove throttle body, intake man. (see pages there)
step 5: remove cylinder head covers (VC) valve covers.
6: fan off
7: rad off
8: thermostat cap off,
9: displace (move) p/s pump and compressor. tie backs.
10:drain oil (water was gone back in pump section.
11:remove oil pan, some skip this step. (ask why)
the photos showing why all this is necessary?, look at each photo. in the pdf above.
12 remove crank pulley with tool
13: ckp off.
14: cover off , Chain cover off.

i have the FSM in paper, and PDF.
so... can answer all steps and more.

id say, one of the 2 things need to be off
VC or pan.
see why? (the rule of sandwich and sealing it up after)
id bet the pan off, is not in the cards,,,,,
leaving VC off x2.
but the book is clear. and many folks do leave the pan on,
but try to keep the antifreeze out of the pan, using plastic sheets or? I like to do rag stuffing here., tight.... (AF on oil are nasty when mixed)
avoid that...

see page 22 above... its very clear ...04d74641-5911-476a-9da5-456108aff118.jpg

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Sep 09, 2015

the automatic transmission? (only gear word used, means zero)
so check levels yet, of there is no dip tube, you need to get a mech to do this, (or read the FSM chapter on topic , )
i cant figure out the symptoms above. but get the car checked,
seems best. or elaborate more clearly. the symptoms.//

if IN drive, how would you use a higher gear.
this is perplexing ?

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jul 30, 2015

Check fuses first. Since it say which system pull and check them all. When you pull them, this takes care of corrosion problem. A test light doesn't.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jul 28, 2015

If it's a 2.0 it'll be on the back of the cylinder head on the intake side, sort of between the engine and the firewall - it is a single unit with two separate and independent sensors, one for the dash guage, the other for the ECU.


Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jul 28, 2015

Is the vehicle equipped with an add on alarm/door lock opener or is everything factory? If add on, suspect the remote start/alarm module as the failure. If factory, try disconnecting the battery and reconnecting

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jul 13, 2015

0101 points to the mass air flow seonsor. 0113 points to the air temp sensor. Check your air intake for blockage, check the filter and make sure it is not overly clogged. IF all those are clear, I would replace the mass airflow sensor before the air temp sensor, as the air temp sensor does not have as much bearing on whether the engine runs well or not.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jul 04, 2015

Hi, DTC P0171 / P0172 / P2195 / P2196: Fuel System Too Lean / Rich / Stuck Lean

The possible causes can be..
:Lamda sensor on the Exhaust
:Engine Temp sensor.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jun 30, 2015

there are 3 engines,
none stated.
alldata.com his this
as does (google it) suzuki pit stop plus.. bingo 4 buck on line FSM.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jun 26, 2015


Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Jun 19, 2015

bolt torque of the engine or whole car.
or Engine power torque exiting the end of cranks shaft to the transmission.
if doing a job, name it?

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Apr 24, 2015

its in the FSM book "factory service manual"
its at alldata.com
and for 4 bucks its at suzuki,.
new chain time, if chain was bad, id bet $100 the chain hydra. tensioner is bad too.
no year stated, so you pick year. here

just 4 bucks. less than starbucks, and bingo...
ok, page 422 in the FSM has many steps.
ill just show the 2 chains for yah.
it's 3 pages. (at least)
here they are.... RTM read the service, man..... and win.


Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Apr 19, 2015

2 door or 4.
most are 1000 lbs.
the door jam sticker says.
as does the operators guide.
lost it?

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Apr 16, 2015

4 buck read it like we do.


no year stated, so cant look,.for yah.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Mar 24, 2015

check out your transfer case linkage it may be bound up, other than that check your fluid in the transfer case it may be stuck in 2wd.

Suzuki Grand... | Answered on Mar 24, 2015

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