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You are right on to keep an eye on this...the bearings in the compressor or water pump can come and go at first...throwing the belt is usually the first symptom...your adjustment may have fixed a stretched belt. Hope this helps.

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either you have an air lock in the heater core or is leaking. first off pull the carpet around the floor and see if its wet or damp, also look for water marks to indicate water leakage, if the floor is wet then you have a leak.If its an air lock you need to raise the front of the vehicle so that the radiator cap is the highest point in the car, jacking it up usually works.start the car and turn the heater on to hot, warm the car up to normal operating temp then just fill the radiator and the air bubbles should come out.If you do this and you see a heap of small bubbles continually coming up really fast, then you have either a cracked head or a blown head gasket

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The Engine Control Module (ECM) receives two vehicle speed sensor signals via the Control Area Network (CAN) communication line. One is sent from Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) / Traction Control System (TCS) / Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) control unit, and the other is from Transmission Control Module (TCM). ECMuses these two signals for engine control. Possible Causes: - VDC/TCS/ABS to ECM circuit harness is open or shorted
- TCM to ECM circuit harness is open or shorted
- VDC/TCS/ABS to ECM circuit connectors
- TCM to ECM circuit connectors
- Faulty revolution sensor

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any grade of 5w-30w will work fine in your vehicle, if you've done the required oil changes ( with filter) then the oil called for on your car should still be fine to use, I have 297k on my honda , and 289k on my toyota , and I still use the oil thats suggested in the owners manual on both of them

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Generally, the minimum requirement is 5w-30, so 5w-50 simply provides additional protection for higher temperatures.

However, the fact you have chosen a SYNTHETIC oil, means you are providing the BEST protection possible.

So, by all use this oil, if you can afford to.


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p1400- is Your MDP (Manifold Differential Pressure) Sensor is toast. It's not going to effect your drive ability. It's really only there to make sure your EGR valve is working properly (it helps display the readiness code for it). these are over $100.00 best bet is to see if you can get one at a local junk yard. good-day! this is for mitsubishi vehicles. you maybe able to find a cheap one on E-bay.

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there could many different problems. do you have any check engine codes? if so have them checked out, because a sensor may have failed causing the engine not to start. then you need to check the fuel pump. stand by the fuel tank and have someone turn the key on, but dont start the car. listen very closely you should hear a small electric motor run for about 5 sec. if you dont hear anything, check the fuse and the relay. when you turn the key on the relay should make a fairly loud click. if no sound is heard the relay needs to be replaced. if you still dont hear the motor your fuel pump has failed.

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Hi, the relays are integrated into the ETACS, which is plugged into the fuse box at D212 as shown circled in the picture below. If replacing the ETACS does not solve the problem, please get back to me.



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What kind of hill are you going up when it gets hotter? When going up hill you are putting more of a work load on the engine so it is possible for the temperature to rise. Is it getting hot to where it is over heating?

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sounds like your head light switch took a ......go to napa and buy another one and change it out if you can't do it yourself i live in chicagoland area good luck

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1997 - 1999 should all be the same. the fuse you need is located in the fuse panel inside the vehicle. Below is a diagram of the fuse panel layout. The fuse for the turn signals will be the one in the number 6 position and should be a 10 amp fuse (red). I hope this helps and good luck.


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More than likely both units will use atf, but will run as separate units. There should be drain and fill plugs on the transfer case. Plug towards the bottom of the case would be the drain, plug about halfway up would be the fill. Add fluid untill it runs out of this mid-position plug and replace the plug.

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The fuse for your tail and dash lamps is "dedicated fuse" #2 in the engine compartment fuse and relay box. It is a 10 Amp fuse. (see picture)

Please also review this article:
Where's The Fuse?


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if your sure the cooling system is full than i wouldn't be surprised if you had a head gasket that has failed.

This would explain the water noise, and overheating.

With the engine cold remove the radiator cap, start the vehicle and let it idle. continue to monitor the coolant level in the radiator. top it off if it gets low. If you see a constant perculation of air bubbles coming out of the radiator than the head gasket is bad.

Sometimes you can also smell the radiator or the overflow. If it smells like exhaust than the head gasket is leaking.

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

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Where do you live?
This has been a hot summer, bit hotter than usual due to the solar flares going on...
as long as the pointer stays within normal operating range, you must not worry... especially since you changed the thermostat and did a flush, did you make sure you got the right temperature range thermostat installed, rarely but few times that seems to be the problem, hotter thermostat gets installed by mistake.

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the purge valve is part of the EVAP system. p0441 is usually set when the ECM can not monitor the purge valve performance. the EVAP system takes the gas fumes out of the tank and purges them into your intake system while you drive the car. if the ECM doesn't see a drop in fuel tank pressure then it sets the code. most common failure is the purge valve malfunctions or loss of power or ground signal to the purge valve.

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Here is a picture of the cylinder layout and firing order for your Montero V6 is 1 2 3 4 5 6.


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two things to check, One the belt itself, if its worn or loose,, then the clutch won't turn properly which will keep the AC from working correctly,, and second is the clutch itself, if your not sure of how to do this , you might want to just pop into a service mechanic, they usually will do a quick inspect for next to nothing

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It is the brakes , they are locked up. To find which one when you drive it a short distance feel the wheel for heat. The hottest one in the one locked up. Be careful they can get really hot fast. Probably the brake hoses. I would replace them all. Could also be a caliper. To check for this raise the tire, take it off and release the pressure on the caliper. either the bleeder valve or brake hose. if the rotor can then be turned by hand then the caliper is ok.

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105k if its not a Turbo, heres the maintenance link it says 2011 , but thats the time of printing, its for all Mitsubishi vehicles except the 4B1 motor,, which I don't know if you have or not

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