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I have dealt with similar issues in a couple of other vehicles, most recently in my own wifes car. Inside the dashboard of most late model cars, in the general vicinity of the stereo/nav system, or computerized components is the electronic brain of the vehicle, and there a a series of power relays, regulating the distribution of power to components inside and on the exterior of your vehicle. So imagine this part, under constant use for a number of components on and in your vehicle being used just as much if not more than anything else in the vehicle. With that said, many manufactuers have different names for the part, but the part name I have dealt with over the past 2 repairs is " Computerized electronic control module". Hands down the smallest, most delicate part I have ever had the joy of replacing in both vehicles. The part in both repairs were not cheap, I found 1 for a 2007 V.W. Jetta at a scrap yard, luckily, for $380.00, but it retailed at a dealership here for just under $1000...Holy S%^#!!! And the second was on an 2009 Acura TL, both were tricky to get to, mainly because so much has to be removed to access this part, and they both sat nesstled in the tiniest of cradles.

If you do not have much experience in dealing with tiny, delicate electronic components, or do not feel comfortable working on vehicles and tight places with the chance of smashing knuckles, ect. I would recommend you pay the cost of having a repitable, accredited mechanic, one who may even specialize in foriegn makes and models, and may have electrical work somewhere in their title, do the work under warranty.

There is know price or cost on the value of "Peace of Mind"

If these are the only 2 symptoms you have as of now, consider yourself lucky, and it can and will get worse as the problem persists without repair. I.E. Window power failure, stereo/audio, nav failure, wiper failure, display light failure, dome lights, power locks....and so on.

Good Luck,

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Mathew have al the power off and used a smoothed of clotheslinetry /////////gently to pul it out, once your sure you have it loght up the sterio and maintain a steay pull, can u tell me ow that worked out? 3min to 5 hours screaming:)

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usually it's a kill switch fr an add on alarm system.

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It is not uncommon for us to think a shop had something to do with a car problem. Most of the time they do a really goo job without causing any damage to other parts of your car. For a simple oil change there's nothing in your car near the AC components that can be affected. If your AC is discharged then just pickup a can of R134 refrigerant with the gauge and hose included and charge the AC. It should be simple as the connector will tipically only fit the Low Pressure port of your AC. if it needs refrigerant just add it until you reach the green area of the gauge. If it does not need it then you should have it check as t could be one of many parts that could need replacement.

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I would first check the fuse, if you look in your owners manual it will tell you where the fuse box is. On he fuse box cover it will tell you the radio/cd fuse log a tion.

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Newer cars with catalytic converters will burn oil/smoke that is leaking, so bad piston rings/valves will not show blue smoke.

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here is how to replace the headlight?:

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find the loose tappet cover and replace the gasket. Check that the PCV valve is working and relieving the sump pressure.

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Check sensors in the wheel hubs. Usually have to replace front bearings.

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Sounds like either a bad connection, or something is draining the battery when it's turned off. Maybe you already did, but the first step is to make sure that the terminals are clean and tight, and wipe down the top of the battery. Dirt on the surface of the battery can connect the terminals and drain the battery.

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AutoZone has free repair manuals online. Should be able to find fuse locations.

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  • Well there are a couple things that could be going on. And the year and model of Subaru would help but I can give some things that will help for any vehicle in this situation. Try those and if they do not work I will need the year and model of Subaru so I can instruct how to get to the cable and door.

  • You can try having someone hold the gas lever while you go try to manually pull the gas door open. Sometimes the plastic ring from the cap gets caught in the door and wedges it closed. Also sometimes that little metal tab gets bent a bit and and a simple pull on the gas door release handle will not pop the door open.
  • Check to make sure the latch is not broke where it connects to the cable. The gas door release tabs are made of plastic and often break. Should this be the case often times you can take a pair of needle nose pliers in there and grab the wire going to the door and pull out and up a tad releasing the door.

  • On some vehicle you can take the panel off that surrounds the gas cap door and removing a screw and housing and remove a couple more screws and then you can see the screw that sets the tension to the door.

  • Sometimes the cable runs under the seat and the carpet has to be pulled up to get to the cable.

  • You can take a really small Flathead screwdriver and take a handkerchief over the tio or it (to prevent scratching) and try to gently pop the door open while someone is holding the door latch open. Many times it will pop open and adjusting that little metal tab or the spring on the gas door fixes this issue.

  • Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa

Regards, Tony

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Try taking off the headlights and remove the bulbs. When you remove the bulbs, there is a gasket. If there is moisture, you will notice that the outside and inside of the gasket is wet. Use a hair dryer and silicone sealant to seal the gasket and the moisture problem shall go away.

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you have either a broken latch or solenoid release causing this problem
A coat hanger with open the fuel door if you need to get gas in it until fixed

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most likely a faulty bulb or a loose connection

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Hi Kradigan,
Have it serviced and maintained at the correct times and you won't have to worry
Regards Johngee10

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the switch will have become loose, that make the brake lights work, check up by the brake pedal, make sure the wires are conected and is corectly adjusted,

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With the key in the ignition turned enough to engage the system and turn on the navigation system's control panel in the center of the console. Hit the "menu" button, go to the navigation part of the menu like you were going to input a trip, and there you will see the "clock" button.

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