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I take the air conditioner compressor out of the way and set it aside with all the lines still connected. the fuel filter and it's bracket has to be unbolted and moved up and towards the driver side I don't disconnect any lines from it either, I just raise it a few inches and hold it with a rubber cord. I use a ball ended allen wrench to take the two bolts out and as thier easy to drop I use a magnet touching the wrench to keep from dropping the bolt. I've been luckly with the washers as thier stainless and the magnet hardly picks them. I've got long long nosed pliers and I pick the stuff out as if you drop them thier going to the bottom of the valley and all kinds of parts have to be removed to get them out. with the bolts put up you can grab the senser with long nosed ring ended pliers, other wise you've got to remove the brackets on the front of the motor that hold the belt tensioner and the air conditioner compresser. Insertthe new senser with the pliers that you removed the senser with and have the bolts and washers in it, as you set the senser in use the ball ended allen to start the bolts before you set the senser all the way in. If this sounds hard to do with out dropping someting and those that watch me do it, say they know that their not steady enough do do this. So you might be looking for someone to hire to change it. Get a price first I do it for $100. In Lexington Ky.

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Dec 27, 2010


Regarding the exact part number for your truck, you need to take the VIN number to the dealer and he would be able to decode the same for you. You could use radio for other ford models, but the main problem would be harness as you might find it tough to get harness. There could be few options you could consider :-

1. Contact the below. They used to repair and exchange the old radio for a refurbished one :-


They would make sure that you would get all accessories/ harness that is required to fit your vehicle.

2. Contact the below as they offer best price for a new radio :-


3. If you are looking for a used radio, either search ebay or salvage yard. You could get good deals. I would avoid using other year radio as in the past there were certain reports regarding problem getting harness or compatibility.

Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

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Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Dec 07, 2010

If this problem solves after 30 min - 60 min drive most Probably it is because of the drained lubrication from the Gears inside gearbox ...

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Nov 18, 2010

Your blower motor is not working. You must check it out first. Lets start with the fuse then the relay and last the resistor. If all these check out ok you have a bad fan blower motor. Good Luck!!!

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Nov 10, 2010

Sounds like either the engine timing was not set properly when the new engine was installed. (Improper timing will cause the engine to backfire and shutdown) or there's an ignition short that causes the engine to shutdown. Do any of the 'check engine' lights come on just before it shuts down?

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Oct 05, 2010


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Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Aug 24, 2010

Your fuse diagram is usually printed under the fuse pannel cover if you have lost the manual which it is also printed......Hope this helps.

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Aug 21, 2010

if yours is like our 03 f250, the fuel filter is inside the fuel pump assembly and so is the water separator/reservoir. when ours leaked it was because we had just replaced the filter and didn't have the lid on the filter screwed all the way in. (1/8 turn made all the difference)

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Aug 12, 2010

P1212 = Injector Control Pressure not detected during crank - the pressure at the injectors is lower than the minimum acceptable for functioning.Possible causes:
high-pressure oil system leak 
empty/low oil reservoir at crank
low engine oil level or incorrect viscosity
IPR circuit fault
damaged low-pressure oil pump
damaged IPR valve
damaged ICP sensor
damaged high-pressure oil pump
Its not anything you will be able to fix yourself at home and is best repaired by a shop specialized with Ford diesel PowerStroke engines..

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Jul 25, 2010

Your engine is known for this kind of problems. The major problem with the Navistar diesel engines is due to damage resulting from defective fuel injectors - exactly what you have now. There were also minor problems resulting from the unreliable factory variable-vane turbocharger, EGR valve carbon deposit clogging/sticking, defective Exhaust Pressure (EP) sensor/connector, extensive PCM recalibrations, fuel injector harness chafing/crushing and a lot of other smaller problems. 
There's nothing you can do, the engine must be bench tested and the pump and injectors inspected. Take the truck to a dealer, this kind of failure is (or it should be) covered by the general warranty of the car. 

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Jul 24, 2010

Hi there,

Well there must be some high pressure oil leak than some of the others guesses, normally a dummy plug in the high pressure oil rail, when engine reaches operating temp. the o-rings in the hight pressure oil system become more limber when hot and will not seal as well if they are torn, melted or have a problem. Or the problem was in the fuel filter the fuel heat sensor mounted on top of the filter assembly would leak it was hard to see but it leaked enough that truck would start and only run for minute or so and stall. Tapped to the hole and put a plug in and it remind the problem, also check the injectors as there plastic tops leak. 

Good Luck!!


Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Jul 24, 2010

The car starts and run but after short period of time it dies .This problem indicates problem in the fuel pump or clogged fuel filter.But in your case you have replaced this both possibilities .In your car their is CPS sensor.Did you got this sensor checked. A common problem with the diesel cars is that the CPS or crank position sensor goes out due to vibration. If the computer isn't getting a signal from the CPS, it won't allow any fuel to flow from the injection pump. Check the sensor.The sensor runs about $50. Thanks. keep updated for any more query.you can rate this solution and show your appreciation.

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Jun 05, 2010

You stated sand balanced was done on these tires. If sitting for sometime the flat spots on these tires doe go away alothough the areas where they sat for awhile will cause creases in the belts that flex as you drive faster. This will make the unbalance feel at certain speeds. It should go away in a month or so if driven if the tires are two years or less old

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Apr 22, 2010

It is a sign that the ecm has a transmission code stored in the computer's memory. You need to have the truck scanned for codes.

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Apr 22, 2010

First make sure you have the filter cap ( located along frame rail on properly ,they can be a bit tricky, and if not will **** air) then remove filler cap located on top of engine, with off turn key run position ,BUT do not start and obseve fuel bowl to see if it fills with fuel, if it does put cap back on. NOW turn key to run position for a sec. or 2 then back off, REPEAT this 2 or 3 times then try to start. GOOD LUCK

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Apr 22, 2010

This code refers to the "internal control module keep alive memeory (KAM) error. What this usually indivates is that you have done some reprogramming. Are you running any reflashes or on board perfromance chips? This will trigger that code and doesn't necessarily mean you have a problem.

Ford F-350 Super... | Answered on Feb 27, 2010

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